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  1. Those pics just make me smile. Nice work all!
  2. Just returned home after a frustrating day to say the least. Popped open the coolador and dug down to the PLPC cabs. First one out was a box of EML May 14s. It has hit the oft promised caramel notes and even delivered what to me smacks of a wonderful marzipan. Burn has been razor sharp with a simply perfect draw with just a small punch. The day has been salvaged!
  3. One evening a press brake operator in the shop pinched his fingers between work piece and press bed while bending a joggle. Instead of having someone back the press up he cycled it. Snap went three fingers. Luckily they were just broken. Same shop, different brake, different operator, fingers on the floor. Plucked a young kid out of a grinder one evening. He got his finger caught in a feed roller drive chain. That was pretty. He passed out when he saw it. Had to take an older woman (mid 60s) to the hospital one evening. She lost a bunch of finger bits to a centerless grinder. Tough old gal though, she cursed that damn machine the whole way! Then, weeks later when her finger nail was growing back in sideways and irritating her she groused a bit about it, grasped it with her teeth and proceeded to rip it clean off!! Saw a 500 gal tank of 1.1.1 trichloroethane come unzipped. That got all the alphabet agencies to the shop!! I could go on and on....
  4. Agreed! They also have a 41 qt version which is half the height and slides nicely out of sight under the bed. Very cheap, zero maintenance. Yes, 62% Bovedas last forever in these things. My house stays at 65° pretty much year round.
  5. #3 and then #4. Love the #5s as a crappy weather quick smoke.
  6. Beautiful pup! I'm waiting for the right time to get my next GSP and must admit a certain level of envy. Enjoy her!
  7. Been on a Magnolia Electric Co. kick this morning.
  8. I started out storing at 65rh/65t and after a couple years went to 62rh/65t. The upside seemingly has been better tasting cigars with fewer burn issues. I can pull almost anything out of the cooler and smoke it immediately with no dry boxing. Downside is the wife still hates that I keep the house at 65 year round.
  9. I have one of these as expansion for my stack of tupperdores. I use the large 62% Bovedas in it and have had zero issues. No muss, no fuss.
  10. No lounges here within an hour and a half. Those available are small b&ms with minimal seating. Fine for a quick smoke when I go to pick up a few new things to try. The best around is still the front porch.

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