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  1. In fact it really depend on the marca, for example dannemann it's darker in flavour, drier in mouth, could be compared to a really good Nicaraguan, in Cubans remind a little the Bolivar rc, then you have Alonso Menendez that is milder more to a Dominican, and you have Monte Pascal that is sweeter and I never had a sweeter cigar, some people say it's like smoking a mango leaf 😂
  2. The first one is a Dannemann Artist Line, imo the best brazilian, much better than most NC I've smoked and on par with some cubans. It's a truly great cigar, but it's very expensive. The second one is a Dona Flor, a good cigar but nothing special, it's cheap. The green label I've never seen...
  3. like I said in the other topic, ANVISA can't tell the difference between an outlet and a pig noose
  4. If only this was our biggest problem.... it's been prohibited for a long time, who can pay U$ 1000 for a box of coro can afford a trip to Argentina and buy it for half the price. ANVISA which is our FDA is a mess with so many dumbasses that they probably don't even known that the cigar is Cuban.
  5. I bet these guys would be more then happy with your wage offer, probably would double their monthly income.
  6. Of course you don't want to play this game you already throwed the fascist card, there's nothing left for you. it's the good people slavery, so it's ok. what a shame. These people wanted the country to be lead by a jailed man so we can expect honesty. sorry to inform but in the last 15 years the Amazon had the biggest increase in deforestation ever, the last government would go as far as accepting bribes from black market to let it cut tree's, so don't believethe ones that now are acusing, they are the same ones who made profits with this
  7. The program is called "mais médicos" wich means more doctors, was planned by Cuba dictatorship so that Brazil would basically give then money for something we don't need. In 10 days 97%of the Cubans already have replacement doctors for their jobs. The doctors needed to come alone and 70% of the salary would go straight to Cuba, another 10% would go to another organization that were the mediator of the agreement and they weren't allowed to bring their families. They were pretty much modern slaves working for the party. the new president never asked the Cubans to leave, he said the program needed to change and the Cubans should keep their full salary, be able to bring their families and take a test to prove that they were able to perform their duty as physicians. But this was immediately rejected by Cuba that determined the immediately return of the doctors, many of which said that wanna stay in brazil and the new government already said Will grant asylum. Unfortunately many still defend a dictatorship that treat the people as merchandise.
  8. you guys should try living in Brazil, four months of work just to pay taxes, lousy public services in every area, health, roads, education, public transport, public security, lots of corruption...
  9. go to the davidoff at r. normandia, moema stay away from the game the brother above mentioned, the fans of those clubs makes the hooligans looks like a bunch of kids fighting.

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