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  1. I would be jealous, but I've been in Spain all week stocking up ? Would love to meet up with some fellow Minnesotans sometime soon tho!
  2. I stopped drinking 14 years ago or so. I usually prefer coffee with the sweeter cigars water (mostly mineral sparkling) for almost everything and for some reason I love mexican cokes with cohibas I've never really tried tea with cigars as I'm not a big tea drinker anyway, but this thread is giving me some ideas.
  3. I'm sorry if I missed this, but have these rules changed? I'm now at 100 posts and more than 6 months of membership and I can't access the forum. Thanks for any help! Edit: haha looks like that post put me at 101 posts and the forum opened up, so question answered.
  4. stealing my dad monte #2 when i was a teenager and not being able to finish them haha, oh how things have changed. I really enjoy a lot of the culture around it as well. I've always been a collector of sorts so the idea of having a cigar collection that I can actually smoke too is very satisfying.
  5. I recently picked up a 5x5 cardboard package of cohiba lanceros from 03/04, they were amazing to me. That being said I've never had any that age from a wooden box. My mouth is watering thinking of them right now haha.
  6. 1. 03 Cohiba Lancero 2. 03 Vegueros Especial No 1 3. 07 Partagas Short 4. 14 RyJ Petit Corona 5. 14 Connie A
  7. I'm with both of you. This was my first time on the west coast of Mexico and it was amazing. A place in PV would be so awesome. I also edited my original post with info about the LCDH.
  8. I kind of agree with this. All of us on this board are very concerned with CCs so I think we are assuming that the rest of the population is as concerned with them as well. I think there is a small % of the public in the US that can't wait to buy CCs but most people don't even smoke cigars. I see there being some parallels in CCs being available in the US and Colorado's legalization of another product. Some people will be very excited and go out of there way to purchase it, others don't really care. With this I would argue that marketing is king within that demographic. We've already seen
  9. I was in Chicago on Friday for business and I wanted to check this place out more than anything. Of course it didn't happen because of scheduling, but I really want to hit this place up at some point.
  10. I'm surprised by how many home roasters are on here! I starting roasting at home about a year ago and while it's been fun I don't know that I can reach the flavor profiles that my fav roasters can achieve. I looooove ethiopians, but I had a costa rican this past week that blew my socks off. It tasted like I was just drinking raspberries, just very well done. I'd be curious to know where you are ordering your green beans and what kind of roasters you are using. Can we talk about green coffee vendors on here? As for a roaster I've been using a Behmor 1600, I've got the plus faceplate but j
  11. I do this too and just thought I was weird. There are some cigars that I do this a lot with haha. They all smell good but some just smell AMAZING.
  12. Wow thanks for all this, it looks like we both agree on a lot of these. Haha you are 100% right about his predilection toward Montecristo, it's really all I've ever known him to buy. I put all of his #2s into one humidor when we were doing all this and they completely filled it. I would have guessed around 150 random age and unbanded #2s were in there
  13. Yeah thats exactly what I wasn't sure of. I knew that he just very recently left, so I wasn't sure if there was someone that took that over for him.

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