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  1. Love at First Feel Love Hungry Man Shoot to Thrill Anything Bon Scott is great!
  2. If you got a Trinidad Robust Extra box with a 2016 code it is fake! Discontinued in 2012
  3. So far: '13 Trinidad Reyes '14 RyJ Short Churchill '14 Partagas 898
  4. I rarely plan. Usually what I buy is a result of what pops up for sale and a combination of the following : How good is the pricing, available funds, and quantity of alcoholic beverages consumed. The more alcohol that is consumed it seems the pricing and available funds get less important. LOL
  5. At the top you will see the current 24:24
  6. Is the LCDH you're talking about Hamburg by any chance?

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    2. stinkhead


      I truly don't know why he even accepts US orders since it appears he would prefer to not be bothered with them. I normally get a response every three inquires which is beyond infuriating 

    3. cooper669


      Looking at my records, I've placed 3 orders there. I received 1 in 10 days, the other 2 took a month and a half. I think he sells boxes he doesn't have in stock. Keep the pressure on him or just call your CC company and dispute the charges.

    4. stinkhead


      Yeah the fact that he didn't give me a valid tracking number is a big red flag lol. After several inquiries into this he said he would look into it with deutsche post.

      I think you are right about selling stock he does not have. Granted prior to this last order it has been about 6 years since my previous order but I remember that even though the timeline was a little slower, I still received everything in an acceptable time period.

  7. No boxes, From rollers at the LCDH's tobacco farms. Do a search here for custom rolls,lots of info.
  8. Mike, I got my hands on a few 22oz bottles of Noble ale works Citra Showers.  :ph34r:

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    2. SofaKing



      Arrived safe and sound. Cant wait to try them. Thank you very much for keeping in mind, very nice surprise.



    3. SofaKing


      Unfortunately not on here much these days but I belong to a smaller private forum which you may like. I will send you a link to join, a few FOH members there also.

    4. cooper669


      I'm glad I was able to return the favor. Hope you enjoy them, I haven't tried mine yet. I did receive your add to havanajacks and am a member now. Looks like a cool forum. Thanks

  9. Not that there is anything wrong with it.......................................
  10. cooper669


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