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  1. Did you just do the Amsterdam stores or did you travel to Almere as well? Some special treats in there.
  2. Booyaa

    fyre festival

    Haha, tongue firmly in cheek there I expect! 😂
  3. Worst coffee I have encountered is in France and the USA. Both abominations. Would like to go back to the USA and try some more "real" coffeeshops and see how good they can be. Everywhere I've been in Italy I've been provide excellent coffee.
  4. Pre heating the mug 🤣 Favourite cup is probably this one, got loads to choose from though,
  5. Booyaa

    Question About Popularity of LCDH Cigars

    Bolivar Gold Medals. A wonderful smoke, the LCDH re-release were excellent and I adored them. Another cigar I wished I had stocked up on. I think they are much better than the Libertadores, although I do love them, the size is perfect for me, but flavour wise the Gold Medal wins hands down.
  6. Booyaa

    small world, anyone?

    Two times come to mind. First was walking down the road in Lanzarote in the mid 90's and walked past an Irish lad I had met in Menorca the year before and had gone out boozing with. Carried on that holiday and ended up smashed every night on the free tequilas they would offer up. As a 15 year old meeting someone from a different country in a sidfferent country two years in a row was amazing, particularly when they liked a drink as much as I did at that age. The other was a few years after that, was at a Jeru the Damaja gig in a dive club in Edinburgh when a group of girls pushed in front of at near the front. The one at the back was stunning, lovely short black hair and a tiny vest top on that she filled very well. As a great opening I though putting my ice cold bottle of beer onto her bare back would work wonders. She screamed, told me to fiuck off and turned back around. After that she kept turning round staring at me. About 20 minutes later she turned round and asked if I was David Hay. I was tunned, turns out we used to know each other when we were 6 years old. I moved away around the time and hadn't been back since and not seen her for about 18 or 19 years. No idea how she recognised me. She used to have really long curly brown hair and was a skinny wee runt.
  7. I have a few dozen espresso cups picked up from points around the world.
  8. I'm Scottish, no point in paying for something when you don't have to. He didn't need it where he was going.
  9. I prised mine from my Dads cold dead hand.
  10. Booyaa

    durian. yes? no?

    No. Maybe I've only had bad ones.
  11. Just read a bunch of reviews on here. It must be possible as so many can do it.
  12. Booyaa

    Unethical Pricing

    [emoji3] some priceless comments on here.
  13. All safe in Anchorage @cfc1016 ?? Hopefully your "disaster area" of a bedroom is not too badly affected.
  14. A Caravaggio book or the history of Factory Records artwork.
  15. Akinyele, Put it in your mouth.
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