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    Cigars, soccer, my children.

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  1. Booyaa

    For 2019

    The red acrylic one is lovely.
  2. Booyaa

    the left field.

    He didn't smoke for two years so no matter what he smoked it was going to taste amazing?
  3. 2000 RyJ Corona (or #2) HdM Epi #2 2010 AF 858 HdM Epi #2 Today Punch Punch (or Partagas Mille Fleur) HdM Epi #2
  4. Booyaa

    Your favourite Ashtray

    Much better looking than the Hotel Nacional ones to me. Love it!
  5. No idea, but would guess a higher percentage in the 48+ categories.
  6. Why did you offer security officers stogies?
  7. 46 - 56 is ideal for me.
  8. Here you go.
  9. Agreed re the Multipla, awful car and was terrible to drive. Used to have a few Bravos, Punto before and a Panda before that, this thing drove like a tractor and was just the ugliest car I saw.
  10. Golf. No free drops. Play the ball where it lies, as the sport was intended. Too much messing about if it is on a walkway etc...

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