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    Cigars, soccer, my children.

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  1. Booyaa


    Your laptop weighs 2kg!!! Proper vintage that.
  2. Booyaa

    durian. yes? no?

    No. Maybe I've only had bad ones.
  3. Just read a bunch of reviews on here. It must be possible as so many can do it.
  4. Booyaa

    Unethical Pricing

    [emoji3] some priceless comments on here.
  5. All safe in Anchorage @cfc1016 ?? Hopefully your "disaster area" of a bedroom is not too badly affected.
  6. A Caravaggio book or the history of Factory Records artwork.
  7. Akinyele, Put it in your mouth.
  8. Booyaa

    Tupperdor Help and Advice

    This. Just chill out.
  9. Booyaa

    NC to CC Converts

    Never really distinguished between the two in all honesty. Grew up smoking both so have never had a preference on something so varied (thankfully).
  10. Booyaa

    Cut to the chase....

    HdM Epi#2 RyJ Mille Fleur
  11. Booyaa

    For 2019

    The red acrylic one is lovely.
  12. Booyaa

    the left field.

    He didn't smoke for two years so no matter what he smoked it was going to taste amazing?
  13. 2000 RyJ Corona (or #2) HdM Epi #2 2010 AF 858 HdM Epi #2 Today Punch Punch (or Partagas Mille Fleur) HdM Epi #2

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