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  1. A shot of vinegar will do the trick. Doesn't taste as bad as you think it will and no aftertase/smell either. Jobs a good un.
  2. Gid Nae gid Pretty much sums it ups. Occasionally get a "totally rare" or a "dancer". In the case of a really bad smoke it would be "pure pish".
  3. When you mentioned this before I wasn't keen on the idea of a cigar being "included" but that works really well. Great effort.
  4. I got an 89% match with Tyler Durden. Would have much preferred Bunk!
  5. I have a piece of Michael Jordan artwork from the Barcelona olympics, show posters that ym friend has had run in Theatres, couple of odds and ends that I have picked up on my travels, a couple of Eric Cantona framed pictures, a brewery mirror from Braunchsweig/Hannover and a couple of bikes hanging up. Got a big spot that I am trying to decide what to fill it with.
  6. I thought he was sat on a toilet curling one out.
  7. It's the same bellend that made mayonnaise flavoured ice cream...
  8. I think they look really gaudy. Prefer the plain slb, even a dress box is pushing the boat out a bit. The foot bands are just truly awful. Perhaps the newer smokers to Cuban cigars are driving this change and with the US market opening up a bit (although seems to have reversed) they are trying to compete with over the top packaging.
  9. Leave them to it, they will be better off without you.
  10. If you have 2 boxes you are probably best placed to answer, do you like them? Will you appreciate the extra box more than 2 boxes of your usual favourite smokes?

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