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  1. A Big Blew fan eh ...fairly decent basketball school. Great academics. We LOVE the whaki khaki here in The Buckeye State. He’s playing dress up like it’s 1969 and still running the same plays. I grew up during the Cooper years. It never gets old beating you guys.
  2. You must not live in the States. Freedom of Speech...just watch what you say!
  3. You could watch midget wrestling on that. I think they outlawed that in the states. The word midget not the wrasslin
  4. His soon to be wife and mommy are upset that Pat lost. Crying on tweeter and shit...I would dump her immediately!! Go Browns...
  5. Choke City. Mahomes and Reid got outclassed tonight!! Go Browns.
  6. I’m a Browns fan.....and it feels great. I was a 12 year old kid the last time a Browns victory felt this good. I’m 45 years old now. If my Buckeyes win tomorrow!!!! What a great start to 2021.
  7. Hell has frozen Brownies made the playoffs. I know it may be short lived(F’n Stoolers)but when you’ve been a Browns fan for 35 years Sunday night is our Super Bowl. Our Super Bowl used to be The Draft. Go Browns...
  8. it true that Bill Clinton sourced the cigar he used on Monica from FoH?
  9. The Cleveland Browns are 4-1 I was a senior in high school the last time that happened in 1994. They had this grouchy coach that didn’t say much and the media hated. His name was Belechiken or something like that ...anyway...Go Browns.
  10. Whatever happened to Suckling? ...and his phoney bologna accent Got to be one of the more cheesiest characters in the cigar biz.
  11. Hey Erm...I’ve been good. You still have some of those 09 Monte 2’s?
  12. My dad used to crush the grapes but as him and his friends got older they would just buy the juice in 6 gallon jugs and transfer it over to a glass 5 gallon jug and let it work then use the last gallon to fill back up. They got some really good wine doing it that way and it was way easier.

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