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  1. Whatever happened to James Sucklings? And does he still have that phoney bologna accent?
  2. I heard the football team would love to hire that clitoris Jim Harbaugh as there next coach.
  3. Nice review. Are these from Don “Pepper”Garcia’s stable? Been out of NC game for a long time.
  4. Sir Winnie from 08…cpl fingers of Elmer T Lee. Sorry no picture.
  5. As a life long Browns fan you have nothing to worry about. They are a good football team but the Browns are like 1-20 in season opener’s since 1999.
  6. I have been a commercial painter for 28 yrs. Owner/Operator for the last 15. Im sure you being a job super you’ve been around a few painters. Do I need to say any more? Lol.
  7. A Big Blew fan eh ...fairly decent basketball school. Great academics. We LOVE the whaki khaki here in The Buckeye State. He’s playing dress up like it’s 1969 and still running the same plays. I grew up during the Cooper years. It never gets old beating you guys.
  8. You must not live in the States. Freedom of Speech...just watch what you say!
  9. You could watch midget wrestling on that. I think they outlawed that in the states. The word midget not the wrasslin
  10. His soon to be wife and mommy are upset that Pat lost. Crying on tweeter and shit...I would dump her immediately!! Go Browns...

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