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  1. I finally ran out of my stash from two boxes I bought about 10 years ago in December. Extremely hard to find, at least for me. I finally found them on Ravi’s site of all places and while a bit inflated on a box of 42 still cheaper than other places I’ve seen that have been listing them as back ordered or out of stock rom $999 USD to $1200 USD. Ravi has them for $732 USD. These are not everyone’s cup of tea so to speak. I’ve found them to be full flavored complex sticks with spiciness that will slap you silly if you aren’t expecting it. There are many sticks with a peppery profile that are just pepper. These sticks are like taking a nice creamy cigar and dipping it in a vat of habanero extract. One of my personal favs.
  2. I bought from Forrest 5 drawers and a shelf and it took forever. He was on another forum posting one excuse after the other. 4 months to get mine, the dividers I paid for were not in the box and he pretty much called me a liar. The quality of the build sucked too. I had to redo all of he drawers, rough sanding job, bad joints with glue blobs galore and the worst part was the fronts the looked like they were sanded with rocks. I paid extra for exotic wood fronts and while the wood was there the fit and finish was horrible. If I had it to do again I wouldn't. My guess is what I got was a set that was rushed out after I threatened to get my credit card company involved and file fraud charges. There is another gentleman listed on one of the other forums that takes limited orders but produces top notch work. If I run across his info I'll post it up.
  3. This is more about NY greed than anything else. New Yorkers have plenty of places to go and buy untaxed cigarettes LEGALLY! This business as well as Petro is a major source of income for all 8 of the reservations located throughout that state. If you are part of the tribe smokes and gas costs next to nothing. They keep the prices of the two just far enough under what taxed items costs for those coming there specifically to buy tobacco to keep them coming back. Cheaper than any online source. The Indian tribes make a KILLING and its 100% legal. First thing you come to when entering tribal land? You guess it! A Gas station with a HUGE smoke shop with tens of thousands of cartons in untaxed smokes.
  4. Much as I love them, Im not spending that much money on something that has probably been held back from market to drive up cost intentionally.
  5. Never use bleach! Charcoal for a few days always does the trick.
  6. I didn't mean to sound harsh, just realistic. Perhaps I'm different from others. I know my wife very well and always know precisely what to get her. I would never ask anyone who doesn't know her for advice in any department. There is no such thing as a day that went so bad that I don't have time to listen to her wants, needs and desires, Ill make time! While some do complain all the time, she doesn't. That's a good thing because I don't deal well with people who complain all the time. FWIW my wifes big gift for this year is a day of pampering at the best spa in the area.
  7. The only thing I can offer is If you are on a cigar forum asking for advice for a gift for a woman you have been married to for 27 years.....You're Screwed!
  8. I really love having a good cigar with friends........Dont care about their religion
  9. If someone rolls a cigar in the woods and there is no one there to smoke it is it still too dense and plugged? @ OP Its strictly at the hands of the roller and done by feel. I would say on the average that yes, tobacco content is proportional to size.
  10. First thing is to put them in your humi as is with no water added. Ive seen many folks do the 70/30, 60/40 etc and end up with too much moisture. My method is, has been and always will be to put them in there as is, they ship at the desired RH, for me its 65%. I then leave them for a few days and if everything looks good as within a few points I leave them be, if the humi is too dry I very lightly mist the bead with a spray bottle and distilled water then wait and repeat as necessary. Ive got 2 lbs in a 28 bottle wineador that do not have a single clear bead that I can see and I havent added any water to them in months. The wineador is sitting dead on 65% BTW, I dont htink one cylinder is enough for a 500 count. My wineador holds 500 sticks and I have 2 lbs in there. Here is the link to their calculator that tell you by the measurements of how much you need. Its better to have too much than not enough. http://www.heartfeltindustries.com/calculator.asp
  11. CoRo, piramides and Behike for me. And yes they are not even close to the Dominican sticks which I dont like at all.
  12. Its all a political game that we never see half of. I have news for you folks, there is more untapped oil in Russia than there is in all the middle eastern nations combined before they were tapped! I know of one well that when it went into production in 2001 it would pump under its own pressure for 50 years. It only produced for 2 days, then OPEC payed the Russians to shut it down and continued to pay them their projected revenues to not start it up again. I just checked with a colleague a few days ago that I worked with on that project for the Caspian pipeline consortium and the well is still capped and they are still being payed to keep it capped to keep the supply down.
  13. I picked up an HQ box from our host not a month ago. Regios Boli PC Connie A RASS CoRo Partigas 898 and shorts JL #2
  14. Not the best NC but not the worst either. The shop owner needs to smoke another as they are utterly confused. This tastes NOTHING like a 1926 Padron of even close. They are inconsistant in construction with nearly every stick Ive had have soft spots at different intervals. Burn is always a problem as well. Flavor profile, pepper, wood, earth. If you close your eyes and wish you might get a hint of leather.

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