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  1. Fiat Brava. My first car. Needed after graduation to get to my first job 120 miles away. The engine design was so poor the cams were starved of oil and eventually wore down to almost nothing. The actual block split, my old man restored it with 'chemical metal'. All 4 coil springs broke. Exhaust fell off. Sounded like a tractor for 3 days waiting for parts. Wthin the first 3 days the thermostat went. Electrics were terrible. Wipers siezed. Used to chew through headlight bulbs like they were snacks. All in all a real shit box. It cost my parents a fortune to fix. I had no money
  2. "Bro, where did you get those cigars you gave me? The reason I ask is I checked the code and they're fakes...I don't want you to get caught out again...might be time to change vendors" ...see where it leads from there.
  3. Very similar to my story. Try Ash Hole Cigar Club on Insta. That's led me to another like-minded group in my own country (crap timezone in the UK for FOH Zoom). Your local chapter will probably do v-herfs.
  4. Blind tasting is a great reminder to be humble. In wine, whisky and cigars. A great wine critic once got asked "have you ever mistaken Bordeaux for Burgundy?"..."Hmm, not since lunchtime". 😂
  5. If you look at the buy/sell ratios, BTC is 60-70% buy, regardless of the price. I think the fluctuations are due to whales manipulating it. Even when it was $50k the buy ratio was still like 68%. I'm no trader, but continued buy demand only means one thing doesn't it? Higher price. At Dec 31 I reckon we'll see 65k USD/BTC (+/- 50%😂)
  6. Any opinion changes now that it's near $50k/BTC?
  7. As with anything, caveat emptor, but where do I find what the market rate is? There seem to be lots of vintage Ligne 2's for about 1/5th of the current retail price. Are vintage really worth much less than the current €700+ for a new one?
  8. Minefield? Would you take a punt? What should I look for that indicates a fake? Thanks knowledgeable folks.
  9. We rescue St. Bernards. This is our 3rd; Bungle. Funnily enough they've all loved sitting outside with me in the cold while I smoke.
  10. Lament the decline of British engineering; once leaders of the world and now laughing stock.
  11. I smoked an Alma Fuerte. Can't remember if it was this one. It was big RG. One of very few NCs that has made me want a box.

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