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  1. I find Punch DCs very fruity and always find Diplo 2s quite vegetal/funky.
  2. Tour of Duty. As a teen this was fantastic. I wonder whether it would stand up to today's HBO quality programming. The Stone's 'Paint it Black' was the opening music. Ace.
  3. Interesting. I would rate mine 9.0. Sweet, creamy, full of flavour and delicious. Granted, I've only had 4 from the one box but have another box and really look forward to smoking them. Such is the variability of our hobby/lifestyle.
  4. I had a little 3 pack of Mag 50 that I picked up somewhere. One of them I had packed for a long drive home after a meeting. Fired up and drove off. Had to pull in 5 minutes later. Zero draw. Absolutely plugged to hell. Tried in vain lighting and puffing, lighting and puffing. No joy. I eventually slammed it into the ground at speed in disgust. Along with many choice words. I'd only packed the one. A few weeks later the next one was 100/100. Absolutely biblical experience. The sweetest, tastiest cigar in the last 5 years. Just sublime. That's our hobby. You roll with the punches but get rewarded massively.
  5. 1-2 Years 1. Juan Lopez No. 2 2. Saint Luis Rey Regio 3. RASS 3-5 years 1. Cohiba Robustos 2. ERdM Choix Supreme
  6. Most; based on my very limited exposure, from 3 boxes of JLo2, one of which isn't yet 3 years old, then I'd say JLo2. I just don't smoke enough of one vitola to have gone through many boxes of the same stick at 3 years of age. I suspect many of us are in the same boat. Basing this on one box, probably isn't valid. Least, again in myblimited exposure; any Montecristo. They're just not worth the risk. I've had one good Petit Eddie in my life. 2 good ones from a box of 10 No. 4, and 5 good ones from a box of 25 No. 2.
  7. Is it sniping software that is leading to bids of $1, $6, $11 for a box of 2013 PSD4, or are there really people like that?
  8. Just finished a box of '15s. They were still great. They still had that fruity edge and the astringent youthfulness had fully resolved itself. Obviously there were a handful of duds, as there are in every single box I've ever smoked.
  9. Not that long gone, but SLR Serie A would do me fine.
  10. GavLew79


    Just checking Pres, July is stage 3? The opened up global exchange? Thanks.
  11. While everyone goes nuts for the new branding I'm a sucker for the old. I love the classic timeless feel to the bands and boxes. Anyhoo. This box is just passed its fifth birthday and it is starting to sing. 4 years in the tupperdor. I'm already through the top layer. Smoked this without any booze. I know right, WTF? Coke Zero. Madness. The cut reveals some stalks. The draw is firm but manageable and quickly loosens after being lit (delicately with a cigar match). It starts earthy and woody with a hint of sweetness. By this point in the first third it is wonderfully sweet and woody, with a hint of baking spice, even Eastern spices. Real tangible sweetness emerges and I adore that in a cigar. Think of a lovely sweet, cakey muffin, but spiked with, say, cumin seeds? The second third sees the sweetness lilt in and out in bursts while a more sappy, woody flavour builds. The final third really darkens, more heavy, sappy wood. By the time I hit the band it's time to put it to bed. Slight bitterness emerges which was probably me smoking too quick. When the flavours are so delicious early on, my tastebuds compel me to draw. My own fault for being greedy. ULA was a great code in 2014/2015. Had some good Bolivar and Upmann boxes. And I will continue to enjoy this one!
  12. This is timely. I was at the doctor's this morning. Picked up something on the plane about 8 weeks ago. Fever, headache, joint aches, pretty heavy cough etc. Saw a Nurse Practitioner after 2 weeks as I was still feeling pretty awful. She said "Meh, it's probably viral. Take decongestant, if it's still there in a month, come back...". So 6 weeks after that, the rest of the symptoms faded but the cough is still here, coughing up lovely luminous yellow/lime green sludge. Saw a Doctor this morning. "It could be this, could be that...not a huge you smoke?" "Cigars. 3-5 a week and I don't inhale" "It makes no difference. You are a smoker. You need a chest x-ray, just to be sure!" Unfortunately, we don't have the concept of "My doctor" in the UK. At least not on the NHS. If you actually manage to get an appointment after spending 40 - 80 minutes in the phone lottery, redialling every time becasue they don't have a queuing system, it is luck of the draw. Not that we can complain, heck, healthcare is free. Oh wait, no it's not. I pay for meds. And the government takes money off us working people to make it "free". Anyway, I've fantastically gone off on a tangent. This doctor lumped me with cigarette smokers.
  13. You might want to chuck "(HRW)" in your post title chief, otherwise it might get missed in the review draw.
  14. Boosh! Not sure I feel any thinner though. 😔 99.5kg.
  15. Does anyone listen to/watch the news on Radio 4/BBC. I have to hand it to the guy who is there, every day, making himself heard during all the interviews, screaming "Noooooooooo Brexiiiiiiiiiiiit!". Dedication.

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