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  1. Ha ha. Thanks chief. My wife lectures on all of this stuff so really I'm just regurgitating what she's drummed into me...but in my own words. She wouldn't use 'foo-foo'! Lol. 😂
  2. Exhibition No. 4. I smoked a box of 2013s last year. Very nice. The rough edges gave way to smooth as silk sweet, woody, fruity notes. Juliettas! I've had several tins of these and they just exude RyJ in a 15 minute form-factor.
  3. So what if you're born with both bits (dick and balls, plus foo-foo and ovaries?) are you male or female? None? Both? Oh wait, so that's 3 yeah? What about no genitals at all? 4? Do they have XX or XY chromosomes, or something else? There are humans with XYY and YY. Hmm. What about dick, no balls, but ovaries? 5? Ovaries, balls but no foo-foo? 6? How many more can we find? It's definitely not binary any more is it? And Sex is not gender. Gender is about identity. Sex is about biology. If there are many biological possibilities, how many identities can we identify? Don't sweat it. If a friend feels like Brad Pitt on a Monday but wants to identify as Marilyn Monroe on Saturdays...f@#£ it, ...Why not? Each to their own.
  4. From that list mate, I personally would out away the Cohibas, BBFs, Epicure Especials, Montes, Mag 50s and the RyJ Churchills. Puff the rest while those bad boys age.
  5. That £58k H&F humidor thingy. Then Cohiba ELs, any you can find Then Cohiba BHK 54 or 56
  6. God points. Bonus 25 points if you throat-sing "Dominus Sanctus, Dominus Sanctus".
  7. Got my White Whale in the end. Also in the (very long) queue for a Tudor GMT SS. Happy bunny here.
  8. You can use it on both ends of the cigar, from what I hear.
  9. Or they could just be hand made cigars, with huge variability, regardless of price paid or perceived 'cachet'.
  10. Awesome stuff. Good on you. IMO of course...Just remember that there are good and bad sticks and the box code/price you paid/other people's opinions/marketing hype are a zero-reliability indicator of whether the cigar in your hand will be 'good' for you. In my experience the good sticks outrank the bad by about 5:1. The same box can have good and bad sticks, let alone mastercase, marcas, vitolas, factory and vintages. There are people who've paid £100 plus for reservas and gran reservas from hyped marcas and gone 'meh, tastes like a regular stick'. Good luck on the journey. It's amazing. Good storage conditions pay dividends. Age softens harsh sticks, but if it's born a turd, a turd it will remain.
  11. 1. VR Maestros (RE Espana 2007) are still going strong and wonderfully mature. 2. LaFlor de Cano Gradiosos(?) (RE GB 2013?) were a nice surprise and so sweet. Yumm.

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