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  1. Lament the decline of British engineering; once leaders of the world and now laughing stock.
  2. I smoked an Alma Fuerte. Can't remember if it was this one. It was big RG. One of very few NCs that has made me want a box.
  3. I'm not sure no, but I assumed it was due to leaky humidors/cases (see my second post). I could swear I saw it somewhere, but can't seem to find it anywhere now.
  4. If you had a perfect sealed system, then of course you would get the stated RH, +/- the tolerance. In a leaky system like a cigar case or desktop there's always some air exchange. I see it myself empirically. I put a 69% in my desktop and get 60-62% on average at about 18-22°C. I'll have a look for the info again. It may have disappeared since they updated the website, but it'll be archived somewhere.
  5. You might already be aware but I wasn't to start with... If you check out the Boveda website they reveal that % Boveda does not equal % maintained in your humidor/case/whatever. I forget the actual figures but for example; with 69% you get more like 62% and if you like 65% you should put a 72%. Something like that anyway.
  6. So many from this year. - Thankful for everything I have. - I am extremely lucky. My industry barely got touched by COVID. If I'd have chosen a different path I could very well have lost the house. - Even more than before, cigars and a nice beverage are an absolute solace. I'll make time, several times a week even after the pandemic. - Pandemics offer great stock market opportunities. If I had more money to invest 6 months ago I'd be pretty chuffed money wise. Unfortunately, I didn't! ? - My team are reasonably productive at home. Give an engineer a laptop and the i
  7. I was expecting this... But what I got was a horror story. Sorry for your loss mate. I can't imagine a beetle outbreak. ?
  8. Yeah, I guess. Otherwise why wouldn't they add an age statement? As Ardbeg and the Octomores have proven, even if it's only 5 years, I'd prefer to know and there's much less of a stigma so the bottles sell very well!
  9. Huge. Don't get the typical smokiness, just massive orangey, fruity, spicy hit. It's not massively expensive so worth picking up but I don't know...might need more time to open up?
  10. I've reviewed these before so I won't linger; it's easy to harp on about how good these are for too long. It's now my 5th from the box. Every one has been great. Maybe not the most expensive in my collection (close) but certainly my most prized. Paired with a hoppy lager, Tamdhu 12 to start then something a little less pedestrian; Highland Park Cask Strength Release No.1. Just checking these are still worthy of being my Xmas day smoke. Hell yeah. First third; earthy, salty, coffee, cookies and cream. Intensely woody through the nose with a lingering herby, vegetal chara

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