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  1. Blind tasting is a great reminder to be humble. In wine, whisky and cigars. A great wine critic once got asked "have you ever mistaken Bordeaux for Burgundy?"..."Hmm, not since lunchtime". 😂
  2. If you look at the buy/sell ratios, BTC is 60-70% buy, regardless of the price. I think the fluctuations are due to whales manipulating it. Even when it was $50k the buy ratio was still like 68%. I'm no trader, but continued buy demand only means one thing doesn't it? Higher price. At Dec 31 I reckon we'll see 65k USD/BTC (+/- 50%😂)
  3. Any opinion changes now that it's near $50k/BTC?
  4. As with anything, caveat emptor, but where do I find what the market rate is? There seem to be lots of vintage Ligne 2's for about 1/5th of the current retail price. Are vintage really worth much less than the current €700+ for a new one?
  5. Minefield? Would you take a punt? What should I look for that indicates a fake? Thanks knowledgeable folks.
  6. We rescue St. Bernards. This is our 3rd; Bungle. Funnily enough they've all loved sitting outside with me in the cold while I smoke.
  7. Lament the decline of British engineering; once leaders of the world and now laughing stock.
  8. I smoked an Alma Fuerte. Can't remember if it was this one. It was big RG. One of very few NCs that has made me want a box.
  9. I'm not sure no, but I assumed it was due to leaky humidors/cases (see my second post). I could swear I saw it somewhere, but can't seem to find it anywhere now.
  10. If you had a perfect sealed system, then of course you would get the stated RH, +/- the tolerance. In a leaky system like a cigar case or desktop there's always some air exchange. I see it myself empirically. I put a 69% in my desktop and get 60-62% on average at about 18-22°C. I'll have a look for the info again. It may have disappeared since they updated the website, but it'll be archived somewhere.
  11. You might already be aware but I wasn't to start with... If you check out the Boveda website they reveal that % Boveda does not equal % maintained in your humidor/case/whatever. I forget the actual figures but for example; with 69% you get more like 62% and if you like 65% you should put a 72%. Something like that anyway.
  12. So many from this year. - Thankful for everything I have. - I am extremely lucky. My industry barely got touched by COVID. If I'd have chosen a different path I could very well have lost the house. - Even more than before, cigars and a nice beverage are an absolute solace. I'll make time, several times a week even after the pandemic. - Pandemics offer great stock market opportunities. If I had more money to invest 6 months ago I'd be pretty chuffed money wise. Unfortunately, I didn't! ? - My team are reasonably productive at home. Give an engineer a laptop and the i

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