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  1. Something I'm going to try to implement is linking Project with Outlook. I have a small team of 6 Engineers. It seems perfect but I am an IT luddite. Tasks that you make in Project can become people's Outlook tasks; they can fill in their progress etc. and it automatically fills in the progress in the project schedule in Project. Genius. However, I think it needs SharePoint to run.... I need to get IT on the case.
  2. Haven't had one of these in a year or so as they were quite youthful last time I had them. Well constructed, perfect draw throughout. They've turned out into a lovely tasty smoke. Sweet brown sugar and woody resinous note but a little one dimensional. Not much evolution of flavour through the thirds, other than a build in body, but damn tasty so I didn't care. 92/100.
  3. Perhaps to avoid the sort of crass showmanship that would have Zino Davidoff turning in his grave? Or, to not be that 'look at me' bell-end at the B&M/outdoor smoking area? 🤣 Lol. I jest of course. It's obviously a polarising subject and at the end of the day, do whatever floats your potatoes. It is a free world for most of us. 👍 All the best.
  4. Beautiful cigar, rich, medium full, sweet cake, coffee and orange peel, not a hint of youth. I have no idea. I'm 50/50 and on that basis I know I'll pick the wrong one.
  5. I'm not talking an inch or so. Sometimes it's the whole thing. Ridiculous. You'd have to smoke it with your head tilted all the way back.
  6. I don't get it. Why would you even bother? It must make smoking the cigar a chore rather than an enjoyable experience.
  7. So a Mitsubishi "Wanker" then, in English/Aussie parlance? 🤣👍
  8. Not a lot of empirical evidence to add to the debate but what I can say is that the humble ERdM Choix Supreme from 2008 (TEB xxx 08 all smoked up to last year) and 2009 (ASO NOV 09 two left, still going great) are absolutely fantastic and I wish I had a time machine to go back and stockpile. Diplomaticos No. 2 SAR AGO 2011 (sorry, slightly out of the date period) smoked brilliantly up to last year. Two boxes of VR Maestros 2007 smoked so well in 2016 I decided to put the third away for another 5 years!!! On this limited evidence, I would say yes. The sheer 'integration' of smooth, sweet, nutty tobacco flavours from cigars in this period had stopped me in my tracks many a time.
  9. I'm probably misquoting but I think it was Arthur C. Clarke that said "Either we are alone in the universe, or we are not. Either of those two possibilities are mind boggling".
  10. Don't second guess yourself mate. Some in the community believe "Marca DNA" is a myth. On empirical evidence alone, I'm starting to become a believer. Now I don't know how the factories work and I've never been to Cuba. However, knowing that individual factories roll for several Marcas and hearing the stories about 'Cuba being Cuba'; is it really possible that they have the supply chain logistics in place today to say "you're rolling Upmann No. 2s today. Here's X leaves of volado from this farm, and y leaves of seco from this farm, and... And they must taste like all the ones Juan made last week/month/year and they must taste like the ones Ernesto is making two rows behind you"??? Sounds like piffle to me. Anyway, I was torn between Party P2 and Dip2, only because I had a hint of green bell pepper and I've read on here that that is a characteristic of a P2. But, more than that it tasted like my box of Diplomaticos No. 2 from 2015. So that's what I went for. Stupidly, because that isn't an indicator of what it is. All I can say is that it was a bloody good cigar and I have many more just like a yellow box labelled Diplomaticos No. 2. ...and there will be many more like it in boxes of P2 and VR Unicos all over the world. There will also be many *unlike* it in many boxes of H.Upmann No. 2 across the world as well as many like it.
  11. Boosh! Nice shot, my man! How could I forget!?
  12. I can only think of 7... CoRo JLo2 HdM Epi 2 Monte open master RASS Party D4 Boli RC What was your No. 8? Did I miss one?

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