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  1. Showed up today @MasterYotti Amazing work! Thank you again for doing another run and reaching out about it. The hats are classy touch. BRAVO to you Sir!
  2. Congratulations! Last night we celebrated our 25th. When we planned it, we wanted to do 4/1, but thought that everyone would think it’s a prank, so we went with 3/31.
  3. I have only seen this folklore cigar on other internet forums. I've read that they are called "Che" cigars and are small batch CCs. I cannot seem to find anything on the internet and everyone that seems to have them is very tight lipped about them. Seeing is that the collective of these ranks can win cigar Jeopardy I am sure someone knows something. With that, I am seeking any and all details/information that someone has about these. History, origin, factory/torcedor/roller, availability, price, etc. Thanks in advance!
  4. Only been there a couple of times, Rosa Mexicana and the Walrus w/you. Sorry I can't be of any help. It is close to the casino but not much else in the way of DC.

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