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  1. Do you have to calibrate the hygrometer within the humidor?
  2. Hello Peter I am traveling to Iceland for a bachelor party mid-June. From my readings, I should buy some cigars at duty free when I arrive. Just curious, are there any gentleman's clubs there? Any suggestions on things we should do? Thanks BG
  3. Just curious, on the Montes, should there be a front hinge on a cardboard box?
  4. Small Vegas trip brought back a few goodies
  5. Just finally finished the ceiling, and boy did it suck. Now onto tape and spackle.
  6. Hey Guys Just wanted to share a few new additions to the collection. Fuente Flor Fina 8-5-8 Padron 50th Anniversary Destino al Siglo de Amor
  7. Just added this to my collection, bought in at JR's in North Carolina. Anyone ever smoked or seen this before?
  8. dememihel

    Gone Girl

    Looks good, I'll watch it tonight
  9. Here is the list of cigar that they were able to give me at Vendetta. Unfortunately my cousin didn't buy any, we just didn't know which was better than the other, so we decided to pass on these. 1950 Partagas lonsdale $175 1955 Montecristo #2 torpedo $300 1954 Partagas corona gorda $250 1955 Montecristo for Dunhill robusto $165 1956 Montecristo for Dunhill panatella $145 1955 Montecristo for Dunhill corona $ 150 1956 Bolivar corona gorda $200 1958 Romeo y Julieta Churchill $285

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