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  1. Great cigars.... I used to think a churchill was enormous, but in reality they don’t take me longer than a Monte 2 takes. The RyJ is such a classic..
  2. Hard not to reach for one of these when Rob says “RyJ review!”. Had this box for a number of years and now down to just 5 sticks. They’ve been marvelously consistent. Draw has been just right with that firm but not plugged Cuban roll. No real progression with this one. Just continuous baking spice, espresso shortbread and smatterings of cherry twang from start to finish. Razor sharp burn. No relights needed. PC perfection. Not pictured, but yes, I nubbed it.
  3. @Ken Gargett, Rob probably paints a stripe of petrol down the side of your sticks. I think you’re being sabotaged as well... Next time insist he bring a sealed box and allow you to choose first. What’s the tax on a box of Coco Puffs in Australia... 🤔
  4. Someone’s plumey custom and a cheapo gin and tonic. I wish I could call what stick this is. I didn’t write it down. It was handed to me towards the end of the evening at the FOH LA get together last November along with a 2013 CORO. It’s quite good already with lots of leather and earth...
  5. I’m woefully inexperienced at trying Cognac. I’ve liked what i’ve had, but I struggle sussing out individial flavors in anything. Within reason. I mean, canned asparagus tastes like... well, asparagus. When I get something distinct in a cigar it’s like the Red Sea parting and quite an exciting event. I’m still very Neanderthal about it I’m afraid. It’s still “smoke I like” vs. “smoke I don’t like”. Interesting read, but very simplistic. I suppose for a Neanderthal like me....
  6. Good stuff, fellows. 🎼 Y’all need theme music... 🎶🎶
  7. Scrounged around looking for these for 20 minutes. Was certain i had a bunch. Turns out i’ve 1/2 a box remaining. Drat.... PSP box purchased mid ‘16. Gorgeous, silky wrapper, firm and well rolled. Strong amell of sweet tobacco at cold. Straight cut to find a perfect, firm Cuban draw. Initial puffs were a bit harsh. Maybe a bit on the wet side.... I did have to wipe a bit of plume off the surface pre light.... Harshness faded after 10 minutes and a substantial white pepper remained. At the end of the first third a diatinct note of burned cookies came to the fore and persisted for the remainder of the stick. During the sscond third some sweetness and white pepper mingled with the baked goods finally fading well into the final third. This was a very good smoke and i think the few I still have will be just as tasty even if i forget them for several years.... 91/100
  8. If we’re sticking to the rules... (ehem.... 1980 and newer?) I’ll go with the lowly FJ40. I have the classics I want, but they’re WAY older than 1980. And i’ve always wanted one of these.
  9. I guess I quit before I started to feel like I was falling apart. In my 20s and 30s I’d road ride 40 miles on a week day and about 150-180 on the weekends. Moved to AZ, got a new bike and almost got hit several times by people with even newer cell phones. About the same time a car plowed into the group I used to ride with back in TX and killed and maimed several. So I kinda quit heading out for rides at any time of the day. Now I’m old, fat and everything’s starting to hurt.... I’m definitely in your club.
  10. I believe it. Have heard of errors but never experienced one first-hand.
  11. All of my recent boxes of Romeo y Julieta Petite Royales are coming up as
  12. I planned to participate this weekend but ran out of time. This is what I would have been smoking. Thanks for the great review!
  13. Saw that last week! Hysterical. I would never because honestly I’m no “expert”.
  14. Munimaker. One of my first cigars ever. I thought it was awful.... Maybe I’d feel different now. I was 22 or 25 or something... my uncle LOVED them and being from Connecticut we’d always have a supply around. When he moved to NH he’d always stock up in CT if he couldn’t find them in NH. I didn’t know they were NLA... 😒 OP: Thanks for sharing some pictures from “back home”.

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