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  1. Fee waved on Culebras (<$100) or do we have to make them an add on with something else?
  2. I’m betting your palate is far superior. Mine is usually smoke I like vs smoke I don’t like. But this one was almost Sancho’s cousin in profile (after an illicit Fonseca affair).... It reminded me of the one I had years ago that I thought was really fantastic. I think I’m finding over the years that Upmann is not my favorite marca overall. Some I really like (petite corona) and others are just ok.
  3. Ah... one of the sticks in my collection I love to hate..... I can’t tell you how many “meh...” Mag 46s I’ve had. Over filled, under flavored frustrating cigars that looked spectacular. And it’s frustrating because so many absolutely love ‘em. I had one from this box two years ago and it was “Wow!”. This one...? Well, it was pretty darned close! Pleased to see one of my favorite RG ranges up this weekend. Thanks @MoeFOH! Sat by the pool after mixing a Summer afternoon GnT, cut the cap and found a good, firm draw on this great looking smoke. Just how I hoped it would be. Fired it up and got that familiar woodiness with a slightly floral hint and a touch of cream. Cream intensified as woodiness subsided through the whole smoke. Great, satisfying smoke production. Dead even burn. A real pleasure. If the whole box had been this way ida been hoarding them like crazy!! Burned it right down to the nub before heading out to see some live music. A great day and great smoke for my lazy Saturday afternoon.
  4. What was your storage sitch prior to finding this ?
  5. There was a time when I’da fallen for this due to ignorance. Well.... maybe I’da fallen.... Definitely won’t be buying cigars off CL. Ever.
  6. That’d be a classy replacement for my smaller end table cab. Wonder how many boxes you can Tetris in there... 🤔
  7. I had a sea gull grab a Opus X once back home on Anna Maria.... flew out over the water and dropped it. My wife said it was a sign. I said “yeah, that picking off gulls with available projectiles should be legal”. 😡
  8. Someone’s gonna be disappointed when they try to go on the tweak and realize their torch is gone....
  9. If had two from the same box. Thought they were really quite good. Not as multidimensional as some cigars, but they were still very good. Thanks for the review!
  10. Have not pulled a stick from this box in months. Maybe over a year.... And I started to reach for “just another Punch Punch” but thought I’d snoop around and see what else I came up with. Bingo! These need attention. Right of the bat a very nice at cold fresh, sweet tobacco and grass smell. Upon lighting an intense floral aroma burst forth. This cigar would have given any Fonseca No1 I’ve ever had a serious run for the “most floral” award. And that character was forefront throughout. Honey was present initially as well. So much so it was probably dead even with the fresh rose scent throughout the first third. About the half a bready flavor arrived with perhaps some roasted cashews or Hazelnut character, very nicely intermingled with the ever present floral aroma. Perfect burn. This one i nubbed and wished I’d had another today for my drive. No real matter, as I probably have 1/2 the box left. If you don’t know Juan, get to know Juan. Fantastic cigars....
  11. I know. You can get attention in far better ways!!! 😂😂😂
  12. Some good info from an actual scientific process on kill times for all forms of the little f_-kers in case anyone’s interrested (and before @Fuzz locks the post.
  13. My guy tells me that the ones I buy from him in these boxes all have UV protective “glass” preinstalled. He advises me to only buy from him to avoid any UV related issues....

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