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  1. Decided to drive to my folk’s house in Bradenton and heard they had this cigar festival on in Ybor. Made a few laps through the vendors between rests to save my aching back, and on the last lap whom should I see but The Man himself. Really nice fellow.
  2. We have no friends. So, as per usual, I’ll smoke a turkey for the family and we’ll simply hang out together. Doesn’t get old.
  3. You don’t worry about the price. You just buy them....
  4. Indeed one of the greats. Someone I always aspired to play like. A human metronome with feeling and touch. He will be missed. A fellow named Glenn Cronkhite made a simple stick back for Charlie back in the early 70s. Just a plain, natural leather bag that he used forever. My wife and kids got me an identical stick bag from Glenn many years ago in my favorite color; Forest Green. Love that piece. And of course I’ve always had round badge Gretsch kits and Charlie certainly influenced that decision.
  5. Bri, I’ve had that experience with boxes of Mg46 anyways. One excellent, the rest just okay. Haven’t bought a box in 5 years now. But I will say state of mind certainly has an influence as does the company I’m keeping during the smoke. It’s an interesting phenomenon, but I certainly think it’s valid.
  6. Excellent smoke when rested for a bit. I like em in the low 60s for humidity. Smoke em slow to avoid the harshness. I get about 25-30 minute out of one. Always on hand around here.
  7. One day isn’t a lot of time. Takes quite a bit longer to move moisture out of the depths of even just a single. Try with a few and let them sit for 2-3 weeks.
  8. Honestly, it really varies. Right now at a ridiculously high 27% rh (I’m dripping sweat doing literally nothing...) I still take the same approach if it’s a more normal 9%... If it’s too dry after I forget about it for a couple of weeks (on the back porch in the sun) I wet the wrapper as in the Monte 4 experiment done by @El Presidente and the boys a few years ago once the stick actually draws. Have yet to have a disappointment.
  9. I rarely toss one. Maybe have tossed 2-3 in the past 5+ years, and that’s at a 10-12 stick/week rate. I don’t use a perfect draw. Ever. If it’s snug it goes in a dry box until it complies. Eventually it always does. Run it under the faucet to wet the wrapper once it does draw, head to the porch and enjoy. Very rare exceptions....
  10. Oh... that’s a GOOD one! I might dig out the same myself this evening. I know I have a few bottles around here. In fact, you and I have discussed this one I’m certain! No Cohiba for me though. I don’t want to even have to clear my throat for at least a week, otherwise I’d be putting in for this weekends review and those gorgeous 898s! Cheers, John!
  11. Thanks, fellows. Awfully good to be alive and at home. Sadly I’ll probably lay off the cigars until late next week. But that’s an awfully small price to pay.

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