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  1. For me? As an antique lover I desperately want to find (for a reasonable price that is) an Eldred Jump Spark Model 12. I know where one is, but haven’t been able to talk the bar into selling it. Something about it is just super cool in my opinion
  2. Any mohel would (or should) be proud to wield such a weapon. I mean instrument!!
  3. Agreed. I’d never heard of them actually. If my uncle wasn’t curating boxes for me in his travels I was buying here. And 06 was well before my time. Evidently enough folks ignorant of the fake nature to keep them afloat? Not surprised this guy only posted once, but I’m curious how his last forum visit was in 1969 and his post didn’t appear for 36.5 years! ??
  4. Well, Chevy high on the dependability list is definitely suspect. I know too many guys with Chevys and each has had issues. Here’s an entertaining view of Chevy and their dependability. Me? After nearly 500k miles on an 07 Accord, and now 22,600 on my 6 month old 2020 Accord I’ll just stick with Honda...
  5. HATE it when that happens. Almost as bad (but the wine would be drinkable as solace) is when the stick falls and bursts. Been there and done that as they say... You need one of my cigar rests. ?
  6. Old cutters are cool.... By today’s standards that second one might not even be useful. Looks like it would only manage small perfectos. I have a nifty brass one that an elderly fellow claimed his dad made. Well thought out, but again useless on anything larger than a PLMC.
  7. I keep them in the jar. But I do open the jar for a while so excess moisture can get out. I’ve heard of Noellas molding but haven’t run into the issue myself. Maybe they were never opened...?
  8. Watching the original Star Trek series. I remember it on the tube when I was a kid (black and white, foil on the rabbit ears. Dad beating the top of the set and muttering "F__k, F__k, F__K" over and over to reduce the snow). Never went through the whole thing though....
  9. I've almost been able to stop buying. One purchase in December and that's it. In the past it was 3-4x/week at times. Self help has been effective if difficult. I could benefit from a counselor. I'm unable to store more than 333 boxes inside my cabinets and they're littering the office in ziplocks. My feet won't fit under my desk. I keep the front shutters closed so no one can see into the office. I'm not embarrassed but I don't want anyone trying to get in and steal "My Precious".... I have a paralysis due to too many choices when I try to choose what to take on the road. I can't de

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