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  1. I keep striking out.... my hours are not hours on any other clock in the world it seems... 🤦🏻‍♂️
  2. @El Presidente and Co., thanks for keeping this going. I know I have missed many of you lately because my hours are rather strange, but I’ll keep trying.
  3. Can do that. It’s an XL. Also, I’d expected to get 100% cotton and these 4 all came in at 52% cotton/48% polyester, so be aware of that. I will probably sell my extra 2XL as well as I can’t wear polyester..... 😒
  4. Diggin’ thru the files for pictures.... The veneer I installed peeled away when I humidified the cabinet, so I had to strip the interior out and start over. I have a 1/8 inch maple plywood To replace it with, but I haven’t had the time since I’ve gone back to work. It basically is to the point where I just need to line the interior, cut Spanish Cedar shelves, and it’s ready.
  5. When necessity drives me I build my own. The icebox humidor is a good example and it has been fantastic if smaller than required. I’ve been working on a second, larger unit. But finding the time to finish it has proven difficult. It can definitely be done however.
  6. Surprised to find hats included with each order. The ones for myself are in the Laundry department at the moment. Looking forward to wearing them out and about. Also, oddly, my second order (for a friend) was doubled... 🙄). I’m sure I’ll find a home for it at some point.... Thanks @MasterYotti for getting this done.
  7. Who knows... just thinking back to bible school as a youngster...
  8. Yeah, damn... that looks worse than a Muniemaker... 🤦🏻‍♂️ I had a Fonseca No 1 like that this past week. Absolutely horrid. No wonder they wrapped it in tissue. Smokin’ Cat could probably give V2.0 some verbal lessons. I’m sure she caught animals when she was on her own. She’d catch and eat lizards when she was new to us, but now she’s adopted a peaceful “live and let live” attitude as a Kept Kitty...
  9. They oughta taste better too, yes?
  10. This is a rather old thread, and I had 100% confidence in them, but the fellow that asked for the box was told they were suspect. We had a good sit down and discussion of evidence and he came around. There are a lot of “experts” with no experience calling fake vs. legit in online threads. I didn’t feel I had enough Cohiba experience to convince him on my own so I reached out here. Ultimately the proof of the pudding was in the eating, and the entire box has since been enjoyed for what it was; a lovely box of Authentic Siglo 1s.

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