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  1. Perhaps the more recent ones feel flimsy. I have two of the early models and they are as solid as a Sherman tank. I’m not certain they would hold up to the abuse of the FOH deck though…
  2. It’s a Regios. Was during an event here in 2015. He was surprised I’d scrounged and come up with a 2012 box. “Damn! Where the hell was that hiding??”
  3. Gotcha. I was gonna txt him tomorrow to ask. LOL I have some of a Reserva box left from 2012. Don’t recall the size, but not Churchill’s. They’ve been really good lately. Too bad the above was a disappointment.
  4. The Reserva line should all be Connecticut (Ecuador?) broadleaf.
  5. She’s hangin’ in there.... I think the cooler weather (read less hot!) helps. I also have a surprise coming for her. She may sense my anticipation.... Hoping she’s pleased with it.
  6. That one looks restored. There’s one at a bar in a small town near me. I’ve tried to talk them out of it but to no avail. still has vintage 6v dry cell batteries in it. Would be SO COOL to own one!!
  7. I meant to post this up Saturday and the weekend just got away from me. I smoked it while Zoomin with Ben. It was ultimately forgettable. Probably why even a quick review post slipped my mind. I remember getting this box. It was perfection. PSP. Oily. Rudy hued beauties. Smelled glorious. I had two left and put this to the fire with Smokin’ Cat in attendance. It looked right at home on a freshly completed copper cigar perch I’d finished that afternoon. It started out with the usual cherry associated with a good RyJ, some light cream and cedar. And that’s as far as she went.... It wasn’t an enjoyable smoke, but it wasn’t a bad smoke either. Just really muted. I got to the 2/3 mark and lit an amazing PLPC to wrap up the night. I’ll dry box the last one when it’s time comes and see if that made a difference. I recall the others being much better and a buddy took a fiver and loved them. So, maybe just one of those nights. Score 86
  8. As mentioned as they dry the H2O carrier inside dries out. When I rehydrate a 300g pack it’s especially noticeable. It takes a while to redisolve that stuff. I massage the clumps pack every day (not too aggressively as they can be sharp...) and they eventually shrink and disappear.

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