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  1. I’ve only ever had one 46 I was pleased with. Have had several No. 2 and always liked the richness and complexity of that vitola. I’d pick Numer 2s all day until something in a 46 changes my mind
  2. If you can find this you’ll get some serious history and education on the subject. It’s the Min Ron NEE equivalent, and it’ll set you back as much. Seriously hoping Holywood doesn’t ruin the story whilst trying to make it interesting for the big screen....
  3. Could be interesting.... Not at all a Matt Damon fan. Love the story, but I know it pretty well already. My best mate has worked on many of the original cars including the roadster prototype chasis #109(he builds engines and tunes), and the fellows he knows were there for the whole unfolding of that story beginning in the early 60s. Very cool to hear stories of the program, read the hard to find books and get first hand expoure from some of the fellows that were there. This is experimental roadster chassis No 109 during its restoration a short while back. Motor was done (an original and unrebuilt ‘63 HiPo 289) at this point and my pal was there helping button a few things up post install.
  4. I have a hard time seeing how a little newspaper wrap can cause major trouble with humidity in a humidor. If the customs are in a ziplock for any length of time it shouldn’t take long for both the paper and the cigar to reach a level of homeostasis with regards to water content. I agree with @nKostyan that the ink in the paper or indeed even the paper itself may have been made to a lower standard than should be, and I personally remove mine from the newspaper straight away.
  5. I like em okay for yard gars or quick drive smokes, but yes, they do have a very firm draw... ocassionaly difficut or unsmokeable. I dry box for extended periods hoping to loosen things up in there. Seems to help a bit. And that looks like a PL Churchill in the photo! Lol Camera perspective I’d guess...
  6. This will surprise you all. Work. Work. Work. On an upside I got to have a conversation and a bit of a smoke with Pete Johnson of Tatuaje cigars this weekend and he’s asked for one of my custom ashtrays. I’m pretty stoked.
  7. I disagree and I agree. Disagreement: Don’t delete the thread. Fantastic entertainment even if (as @PigFish points out) it appears the man was played instead of the ball on both sides. Agreement: I kinda feel about Springsteen the way Ken feels about the Monte C.....
  8. I have a nearly ridiculous list of CCs, but I find I reach for PLPC, El Rey demi Tasse more than anything....
  9. It’s my prefered method... Actually, it’s about all I can do....

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