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  1. BuzzArd

    Mobile/Cell Phone Snap Comp.

    Oh, I have... Just not one from this box...!
  2. Good God. 99/100? What’d you put in the coffee...? 😬 Seriously, love me some RyJ. And a dozen flavors to suss out sure doesn't make a well constructed and flavorful less of a good smoke. Sometimes cherrys and cream and espresso is all you need... nice review as always.
  3. This box has been perfect. Always that snappy RyJ cherry flavor. Great smoke production. Smooth, with cedar and sweet tobacco flavors. A bit of espresso mixed in. Medium bodied throughout.
  4. BuzzArd

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    First Añejado. Had this box for a couple of years. Heard mixed reviews and wasn’t sure if I’d dive in or sell this box off..... It’s a damned good smoke! More peppery than I’m used to, but it’s not nicotine laden like the peppery Nicaraguan sticks I’ve had and that suits me just fine.
  5. Quick review on one of my all time favorites. Had a RASCC Thursday night from the same box. Plugged. Awful. Disappointing. Had two yesterday from the same box. Perfect. Satisfying. Headed out for an early morning cruise before going to work. RASCC have been a go-to, and the dry spell about a year ago was painful. Thankfully they seem to hav come around and I’ve got aging stock on hand. This one drew perfrctly and had that strong, sweet, freah tobacco smell I adore with these. V-cut. No beverage as I don’t even have a cup holder in this car.... 😒 Immediate clove and baking bread/pastry came through. Vanilla, and some cinnamon played in the back ground. Second half added some snap to the mix as a mild pepper arrived. Burn was razor sharp. An absolute medium bodied pleasure which is why I covet them so much.... Maybe three boxes set aside to age isn’t enough.... 😬
  6. BuzzArd

    Most recent box codes for:

    Have a bunch of LaTrova, but the latest three are RAG SEP 18 (x2) and MUP OCT 18. Have a QdO 54 box from this year but i don’t recall the code. Will add this weekend if not too late for your poll, Rob.
  7. Veyron Whats a hyabuk, a hybauk... what’s the Susie..?
  8. Okay, the first one is just ridiculous. And I think I am actually the second one. 🥃🥃
  9. For some reason when I initially saw this thread title I read Newbie/Vegetarian box pass and immediately dismissed it. 🤣
  10. Nice review. In fact, I always like your reviews. Very insightful. I have several boxes of these. I love the size and smoking time. I have found, however, that of the 6 or 7 i’ve had from the first open box that all but one was underfilled. Frustrating in a regular production cigar, but doubly so in a EL where you would think extra attention was given to “get it perfect”. How did you find either of yours with regard to construction overall (aside from what was mentioned already and especially the fill?
  11. I’m surprised only one other has suggested PLPC so far. Well, @CaptainQuintero and I are on the same page. Easily under 300 bones or clams or whatever you call them, and every time i’ve had one I think to myself I could get rid of my collection for a humidor cabinet full of 15-20 cabs of PLPC.... Longer smoking time than Party Shorts too...
  12. I’ve had all of them. I favor the corojo. They’re really good smokes for NC. And I think wrapping them in a leaf was bloody brilliant.
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