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  1. Oh... that’s a GOOD one! I might dig out the same myself this evening. I know I have a few bottles around here. In fact, you and I have discussed this one I’m certain! No Cohiba for me though. I don’t want to even have to clear my throat for at least a week, otherwise I’d be putting in for this weekends review and those gorgeous 898s! Cheers, John!
  2. Thanks, fellows. Awfully good to be alive and at home. Sadly I’ll probably lay off the cigars until late next week. But that’s an awfully small price to pay.
  3. @Connoisseur Kim, the BuzzArd likes indeed. well done, Mike!
  4. I can’t keep my grubby paws off these Tatuaje Escasos “E” lanceros. Initial release from late 2019. I need to go snoop around for another box because at this rate I’ll be out before cool weather arrives in the Valley...
  5. Local shops say they’re flying off the shelves, so... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. I hate monkeys... I LOVED the “Churchill” logo. Still have a hat.
  7. I’ll PM you. He’s a disabled sub vet. Loves his cigars but is of course on a limited income. I have sent him everything i know I won’t smoke already and have had other pals (and another forum member here) send sticks they know they won’t use as well. Nowadays I send him boxes of Cubans for birthdays and Christmases.
  8. You send them to my uncle. 😬 Seriously, that’s what I do with sticks I know I’ll never smoke. He’s always grateful too.
  9. Oh, no... so sorry, Mike!! I dread that day around here. Never easy.

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