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  1. Watching the original Star Trek series. I remember it on the tube when I was a kid (black and white, foil on the rabbit ears. Dad beating the top of the set and muttering "F__k, F__k, F__K" over and over to reduce the snow). Never went through the whole thing though....
  2. I've almost been able to stop buying. One purchase in December and that's it. In the past it was 3-4x/week at times. Self help has been effective if difficult. I could benefit from a counselor. I'm unable to store more than 333 boxes inside my cabinets and they're littering the office in ziplocks. My feet won't fit under my desk. I keep the front shutters closed so no one can see into the office. I'm not embarrassed but I don't want anyone trying to get in and steal "My Precious".... I have a paralysis due to too many choices when I try to choose what to take on the road. I can't decide. I can't decide.... A really unhappy wife is a wonderful motivator.
  3. I bought a box of QDO and Monte. It was a strain.... I have not purchased and decided not to seek out the RAs this year. It is getting ridiculous. I suppose I could change my mind and buy 1 box, but I don't anticipate springing for more (if at all). Will look the other way next year unless it's something extraordinary and not $25+/stick. Too easy for me to get caught up in the fancy double band "Life of Luxury" images on the net and think what I have isn't good enough. I have some nice cigars. I am happy.
  4. I did one a while back. Still love it. It's my best humidor, honestly. Humidity is kept very well. Circulation is a breeze since the original cabinet was so well engineered for convection. Think I have almost 100 boxes in it currently.
  5. I find it particularly useful for intentionally concentrating and inhaling the aroma which is frowned upon with other products on store shelves....
  6. Draw on this one was firm. Not TOO firm, but a little more firm than I prefer. Notes of sour apple and vinegar until about the half when it calmed down a bit to a really boring smoke. I have three left in this box. I’m certain I split it with someone because I know I haven’t smoked 22 of these myself....
  7. All the ones i’ve had from my first (of four 🤦🏻‍♂️) boxes have been way under-filled. Like, bending it in half would be easy.... but they’re tasting fine. I’ll pull another out for my trip north this evening....
  8. I only have one friend, and I’d chose B because I know he likes his dark. I just like mine quality, and those B’s are the B’s Knees!
  9. While the T1’s and T3’s used to be everywhere they’re almost non existent now. Since T3 was D/C more recently they do pop up. Rob had some T3 up last week I think, but the prices indicate the stocks are low or supply dwindling. Used to pick both up frequently and fortunately have a supply of each, but sure miss seeing them with a high degree of regularity. A buddy came over last weekend and we each had a 2015 T1 and both remarked it was probably as close to a perfect cigar as either of us has ever had. I’d planned a D/C cigar review but don’t recall getting around tuit 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. I’m working through two boxes of PCs. The 2013 GEO code box has been stellar. The 2015 box isn’t far behind. Definitely like them.

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