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  1. The first one I had shortly after their release I thought I heard angels singing. The second one several months later wouldn’t stay lit and taste absolutely awful. I tried twice more and got one “meh” and one more “awful”. I’m done trying.
  2. Tatuaje Escasos are at the very top of my NC favorites list. I have 5-6 boxes here. I want more. Very light in body (I’d be surprised if ligero was part of the blend) but a vary rich flavor profile. As close to a CC as I have had.
  3. I have an M500 circa 1992-ish. Purple with a blue metallic pearl over top. Rode it all over FL when I was young. Haven’t ridden in years. My two Serotta road bikes hang in various places in the house, both also untouched lately. Would love to get out on the road again, but drivers with cell phones terrify me.
  4. Incredibly difficult news to digest…. Rob, please give Kelly my condolences when next you speak to her. We had never been able to meet in person and I’m sad. For the world to have lost such a generous soul is indeed tragic. Buzz
  5. Not much overall progress. Did great for a few weeks and then backslid. Story of my life. But I’m still in!
  6. You’re certain this is for cigars and not essential accouterments of the local mohel?
  7. I’m still making Smokin’ Cat Approved cigar rests in various metals and upcycled auto parts ashtrays which are fully machined and not welded into heavy piles of scrap. Second half of 2021 tried to do me in, but I made it. And I definitely consider myself “low volume”. No CNC here. Just manual machines and hand finished products. I am currently awaiting the final approval and registration of my trademark which has now taken over a year. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take much longer… My pal Ed Sallee at Waxing Moon Makes amazing real wood humidors as well for those that may be in the market.
  8. I was just about to tell you bastards y’all better get on the good foot because I weighed myself a minute ago and found I’d lost 45lbs since Tuesday!! Then I realized my stomach was hanging on the wash basin....
  9. After seeing early entries I can honestly say I’m suddenly not as self conscious about my flippers as I used to be.
  10. Your validation is appreciated as you probably well no…Your validation is appreciated as you probably well know....
  11. Yeah, kinda. Theyre stacked on one humidor cab and they occupy almost all thr leg room under my desk. Most are in cabinets though. Most bags contain several boxes. Ziplock makes 2 gallon and 5 gallon bags.
  12. I’ve never used a Boveda branded ziplock, but routinely keep boxes in the ziplock freezer bags and as @garbandz said check them routinely. I currently have about 120 boxes stashed that won’t fit in my cabinets and smoke out of them regularly. No issues at all.
  13. Yep. Same guy. I can’t imaging what he saw that day, but that’s his assertion. I will say he does possess some serious marketing talent.
  14. Who??? I’m KIDDING! I used to watch those old episodes on ME TV (most recently) and other syndicated shows (years ago). Always enjoyed them.
  15. I think i still have 2.5 boxes here. Always a favorite. I might need to dig one out as it’s been well over a year.... Thanks for the review.
  16. Nope. That’s just my face.... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  17. Decided to drive to my folk’s house in Bradenton and heard they had this cigar festival on in Ybor. Made a few laps through the vendors between rests to save my aching back, and on the last lap whom should I see but The Man himself. Really nice fellow.
  18. We have no friends. So, as per usual, I’ll smoke a turkey for the family and we’ll simply hang out together. Doesn’t get old.
  19. You don’t worry about the price. You just buy them....

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