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  1. Usually start with single malt and finish with dark ale or porter.
  2. Our 'cigar club' consists of 5-7 members, we smoke every Tuesday in my backyard in summer and my garage in winter time.
  3. I've just returned from Trinidad and the best option is to bring CAN$. Most shops accept credit cards but pretend that credit card machine doesn't work (turned off). Shops don't accept US$ except at the airport where they charge 10% tax on US$.
  4. I always go to Colonial, decent selection of regular production and the prices are spot on.
  5. Tell us about your 'dealings' Derrek, must be an interesting story.
  6. For those who didn't get my April fool's day joke, I was smoking peso cigar. And no, I would never mix Lag 16 with coke.
  7. Enjoying the best today: pre-revolution Cohiba and Lagavulin with Coke.

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