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  1. Hi everyone, I have a friend who is relatively new to smoking and he recently tried a monte anejado churchill which he absolutely loved. I think it was the medium body and strength coupled with that traditioanally sweet chocolate flavor profile the monte's traditionally have. Not being a monte smoker myself do you guys have any other recommendations for other cigars in monte's line that have a similar taste profile but smaller? think the churchills are a bit much. Thanks
  2. 2014 Cayman S, upgraded exhaust, wheels, etc. This one is getting traded for the Cayman GT4 that just came out. Expect delivery in July 2015. 2010 GMC Sierra 1500 Upgraded Magnaflow Exhaust, 20" Fuel Offroad Rims 2015 GMC Yukon Denali
  3. Have the opportunity to buy some 2011 siglo VI's. If given the choice does anyone have any recommendations on which box code to get? Thanks
  4. Cigars, Guns, Fishing Gear, Cars, Watches, enough said. How many 400 dollar fishing lures does one need? How many 1200 dollar reels? Do you really need four cars? HAHA Two bowling balls, a snowboard, drones, 16,000 dollar shotgun. the randomness that surrounds me.
  5. I get all my suits made in hong kong, 10 per year. Color- Take the fabric book and bring it outside or near a window. You dont get an appreciation for the color unless you see it under natural light Style- This is completely your preference. I am a younger guy, so I go for a very conservative euro slim cut. Thin lapels, no shoulder pads. double slit in the back and very trim. Shorter sleeves to show off the shirt. Always have the edges stitched. I like the two buttons on the sleeves to be able to be opened. Liner- Always pick a contrasting liner color. This is really where people wil
  6. Mianus, Connecticut. Jackass did a show there and asked where everyone's anus was. Mashpee, MA
  7. I am sure they happened in shipping. and it doesnt take away from the quality of the smoke anyway. =)
  8. This may be another reason why I would not live down under. Seems like under every toilet, door mat, mail box, etc there is something that will kill you or put you on your ass. Lol
  9. H Uppman Royal Robusto Partagas D4's Bolivar Super Corona LE 2014 Partagas Seleccion Privada LE 2014 Por larranaga Encantos Asia Pacific Regional 2010 Box HDM Epicure Monte 4 Por Larranga Petite Corona Parti Lusitania Cohiba Robusto
  10. I have to agree. I think they're overrated. Not my personal cup of tea. It's abit heavy and harsh for me personally.

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