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  1. 1. Atlanta 2. Mohammed Sanu 3. Matt Ryan 4. Devonta Freeman
  2. "Budget"...ha,ha, we don't need no stinking budget!
  3. Lol, this being no 3 tells you all you need to know about their rankings......
  4. Welcome from northern VA. CC's are a VERY slippery slope; you have been warned
  5. It's legit. Same deal for the Rangers series. Totally pathetic
  6. Psd4; has been a couple months since I had one, don't know why I waited!
  7. Agree the games have been compelling, but as a Rangers fan my heart couldn't take another 7 games. My wife is already expressing concern about my health for game 7!!
  8. I completely agree with this, unfortunately. The Rangers are struggling to get quality shots on Holtby. The Caps are doing a great job forcing everything wide and the Rangers aren't built to crash the net. I live in the DC area; it is doubly hard to watch this go on surrounded by caps fans Obviously game 4 is huge
  9. Damn Greg, I agree, love the passion. As a non-wing fan, I have fallen for the Babcock is "da man" narrative. However, you make a great counter argument. Hope you get what you want in the Grand Rapids coach, and not someone like Tortorella Tough break about game 7, thought you guys were the better team.
  10. You are right, it won't if the Hawks can't get their goaltending situation figured out!
  11. My favorite time of year! Don't get much sleep, as I try to watch the west coast games too. Even more fun when my favorite team is actually good.

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