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  1. Mnrsullivan I pretty much only post cigars, but hopefully you're all OK with that
  2. I don't dry box all of my cigars, I've found some smoke really well right out of the humidor at 65 rh. The ones I do dry box I simply put in a unhumidified humidor or travel humidor. The length of time varies depending on the cigar and the weather outside. If it's particularly humid out I'll leave them in closer to a week. Otherwise most of my cigars will only be dryboxed for 2-5 days. Just my 2 cents. As with all things, experimentation is good!
  3. I am sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  4. I don't remember what the cigar was specifically, but I can tell you that it was 6 years ago approximately, it was a non-cuban, and I was enjoying it a great deal but had to wrap up shortly. I started smoking a bit faster and soon enough I was feeling nauseous. It was the first (and last to date) time that I had experienced nicotine sickness. I quickly googled what I should do, poured myself a tall glass of water, and lay down on the couch until it passed. Fortunately no one was there to witness my misery or embarrassment!
  5. Makes sense there. In my experience, any cigar less than 2 years old benefits from a bit of dry boxing. But then I'm also biased. I love all of the RyJ Churchill 'variations'
  6. ramon alones superiores blew my mind a couple times in May
  7. If the cigar is consistently getting harsher and less pleasant as it progresses, I would guess that it's not from insufficient dry boxing. Probably being smoked to fast and hot
  8. I wish I had enough extra money lying around to buy gold with. But let's be real, if I had extra money, I'd buy more cigars.
  9. Seems more fun to guess something wild 6699.99 Here's to hoping I lose
  10. In Iowa, USA, the bugs are very rarely dangerous, but the cacophony can actually be painful. My friend measured 120 decibels last summer on my deck. I'm obsessed with cicadas though
  11. You might just be coming down with a cold or something. If I smoke two cigars back to back and they're both flavorless and odorless, I'd guess my sinuses are messed up.

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