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  1. » Embed them lots of people can't see them on that site. These are NOT my pictures, or cigars, they are the pics from Cliff's links.
  2. Congratulations Chuck. You will truly enjoy it.
  3. » » We were told the first we will see is later this month. » » Hey, it is later this months. Still no news or a price? What box do the » Super Robustos come in? » » Regards, » » Tom Tom...[link=http://www.friendsofhabanos.com/board_entry.php?id=36261&page=0&category=all&order=last_answer&descasc=DESC]Link[/link]
  4. » And I know they are really Todd's cigars. He's just modest....
  5. I know a few of you have read this on other boards but my Dad travels weekly with his...for the past six weeks. He has the TSA inspection slip in his checked bag with the Tranzpack, indicating the bag had been opened and inspected, several times without any comlications.
  6. » Whoa. Dejavu. I thought I just read this whole thread elsewhere. Got to » lay off the BBF's at lunch. ;-) This one is older though Chuck.
  7. » » To me, it doesn't matter if it is free...I am NOT going to rely on kitty » » litter to maintain the environment of a muli-thousand dollar » investment. » » TW- this don't sit well with me either! » » FWIW even if I had a huge cigarmoire with active RH control I would still » put some beads in there to dehumidify if need be. Actually, I have changed my stance on this. I now have a half pound or so in my Aristocrat Mini to help absorb the increase in RH when I open it. The ambient humidity is pretty high now.

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