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  1. RG Lonsdales. I thought I got rid of them all and then I found another 5 I had stuck in another box. Smoked one on a lark and I'll be damned, it looks looks like after 15 years they might be coming around.
  2. I'm sorry, but if you are smoking a MdO4 in under 40 minutes its probably a waste of a good cigar.
  3. Halfwheel catches the biggest downfall of CC in its review scores: construction consistency. Everyone here knows about this flaw, and most have priced it into our mental picture when we evaluate cigars. We know the tricks to get the most out of our product because we are hobbyists, not just consumers. In that sense, Halfwheel is written for consumers, not hobbyists. I feel like this sort of consumer review catches the weakest point of CCs: the construction, but misses the weakest point of the NC market: year to year blend consistency. Consumer reviews are built to miss them because the co
  4. I've got a bit of Port Askaig 110 proof (think young cask strength Caol Ila if that helps) that I'd like to pair with a nice Cuban cuban. What would you reach for?
  5. Its amazing to me that they found the blending space for yet another 52 rg H Upmann.
  6. I feel like I can recall a time 6ish years ago when you couldn't find Fundies anywhere and the assumption was that they weren't being rolled.
  7. SLR DCs. I think they were like $460 a cab. I hemmed and haw'd because I didn't want to get stuck with 50 double coronas that I didn't like. They sold out and never came back. In hindsight I obviously could have moved them pretty easily if I didn't like them.
  8. You joke, but I actually do this every time I open a dress box.
  9. Wow, I'll have to check and see if I have any '20 box codes. I think everything I got last year was still 2019.
  10. That Tomas Gutierrez band in the same style as the PSD4 band is interesting. I always assumed that band was an original design.
  11. I got a fiver of punch coronas from someone doing a humidor clean out. The first three cigars where okay to decent. The fourth was sublime, and I held onto the last one in hopes of recapturing the magic. These review contests are good for me in that they stop me from hoarding these singles The cold draw pulls memories of old libraries. wood and old paper. The cold draw is a little too firm, a line I feel like I repeat way too often when it comes to these old discontinued cigars. hmm... This cigar opens with notes of dried cherries, nutmeg, cedar and parchment paper. Chri
  12. I picked this box up from a brother who knew he would never get through them. The price was right and the novelty intrigued me. I panned the last sample I reviewed here months ago. In the meantime I've had a few I liked from the box so I decided to give these another shot at a review. Cold draw on this cigar is tight. There is a flavor of dry wood and cashews. The draw means the cigar needs a bit of babysitting. Too hard and it starts to taste like pencil shavings, too soft and you get nothing. Notes of toasted bread and vanilla come through, but they are muted. I have no

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