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  1. Notsocleaver

    Quai D'Orsay Corona Claro........

    The punched out O bugs me for some reason. Other than that its fine, but I'd rather they give me my $10 back and keep the old packaging.
  2. I'd rather have a Monte #5 than a media corona, so that's a pass. Every HUHC has left me frustrated it wasn't longer, so its kinda a love hate relationship. RyJ is a marca that I like, but only in small doses for some reason, so to me the royales is actually perfect.
  3. Notsocleaver

    Gamechanger Releases

    I'll certainly concede that the PSD5 was not the very first petite robusto, but when it rolled out with a price point at or above the PSD4 it became clear that Cuba knew they could charge more for less and they were going to do it. In that sense, it was the petite robusto that changed the game.
  4. Notsocleaver

    Gamechanger Releases

    Gotta be the PSD5 for 1 & 2. Started the Petite Robusto trend, started the 'charge the more money for half the cigar' trend that countless REs have followed. I'm sure the behikes and grand reservas are cash cows, but in terms of volume sold and number of releases, I think the PSD5 deserves the nod.
  5. Cigars with known intermittent production runs are any easy call. Buy Sir Winnies now and then sell when they aren't in stock anywhere. MdO #4 might also be a good call, current pricing at the store here is pretty low. If you bought them now at the listed $150 you could make 20% within 6 months.
  6. Grab a glass of water and a notepad. Every time you draw, note down the flavors, etc. You'll be surprised what you notice by just focusing on the cigar and writing down everything you notice.
  7. Okay, I don't think this one has been done yet, or at least not recently. I commented in a different thread about one box of Cuaba's that was one of my best ever, even though on average most agree that it was a pretty lame cigar and I got to wondering if anyone else had experienced one of those magical boxes that was just different than all the rest? If you can remember the box codes, great, but most of mine are long gone, lost in some move or another. Here are my top 5 memorable boxes: QdO Coronas '14 - Smoked unbanded you would have sworn they were aged Siglo 3's. Smoother and far more refined than their age would suggest. Bought another box immediately, but the magic wasn't there, one month older, but somehow so much harsher. Montecristo Edmundos '05 - Simply the best rolled box of cigars I have ever had. Each one was a razor. Perhaps a little nuttier flavor wise than most of my Montecristo experiences. Every other Edmundo purchase has been a disaster. Hoyo de Monterrey Epi #1 '05 - Second best rolled box of cigars I have had, only ruined by one plug. Had just a touch more pepper than most HdM, like some one stole a note from a partigas blend and added it in. I saved a couple and they are still amazing 13 years later Cuaba Salomones '14 - A mad scientist must have sneaked into the blending room for this box. One moment I thought I was smoking a Bolivar, the next a Trinidad. I've never had a profile transition so much. Not at all 'on-blend' and I can see why that would annoy some people, but I enjoyed the variety. H Upmann #2 '12 - I love the fruitier side of the H Upmann blend, and this particular box was just a little bit fruitier than the average #2. Closer to a Mag 50, but stronger. Again, another cigar that was probably off blend a little, but in the best way.
  8. My first box of Cuaba Salomones were magical kaleidoscopes of flavor, one of my top 5 boxes ever and some of the most complex and interesting cigars I have ever smoked. The second was good, but never lived up to the first. I'd buy more, but the price keeps inching upwards of most of those big cigars and it just isn't worth it to me after they hit a certain price.
  9. Notsocleaver

    Green men and squid.

    A lot of smart people have claimed that, but the case has also been made that things like the Drake equation used to estimate the probability of life in the universe make some wildly optimistic assumptions:
  10. Notsocleaver

    Sancho Panza

    I love the marca, but only find myself wanted to reach for one every couple of months or so as a change of pace cigar. I bought 3 boxes of the Corona Gigantes from someone who had stocked up upon their discontinuation but ended up going through them so slowly he found he had more than a lifetime's supply. I only just now opened the second box and they are already 15 years old.
  11. The last Davidoff I had was a well aged Aniversario Short Perfecto. I have never smoked a better rolled perfecto in my life. Perfect razor thin even burn and a great draw. Its just a shame it tasted like lawn clippings marinaded in goats milk on a warm summer's day.
  12. Notsocleaver

    Online Dating Sites?

    Met my wife doing online dating 7 years ago. This was pre-tinder, so its changed a lot since then. Before I met the Mrs. I went on dates with about 14 other girls. Most were nondescript, a few were wonderful women who just wanted different things out of life than I did. One was 40lbs heavier than her photos. One lead to a 6 month relationship. And one stalked me at my work place. 😅 I would definitely mention cigars, especially if you smoke daily. I would also stick it in there with a few other controversial things I feel strongly about. Bland profiles will get you nowhere and its better to offend them at first glance than to take them out to eat and pay for that pleasure. Oh, and have someone who know what they are doing take a few photos of you. You don't have to be the best looking guy, but a well lit and composed photo can make you stand out anyway.
  13. I feel like most people about these parts go with 'Year of the Boar' but whatever. 56 rg is going to be a fat pig of a cigar anyway I props to them for owning up to it I guess.
  14. Notsocleaver

    The very best years....

    '08 TEB has been good to me. '05 has treated me really well personally, but I know others who don't agree. 2013 has been pretty good too, and much more attainable.
  15. @Ethernut probably has the right take. Its probably just that those particular cigars had some bland filler. The best wrapper in the world can't carry a cigar single-handed.

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