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  1. I knew that line was going to be coming from someone once I posted. I actually thought I had a line on a 5er at one point, but when they came in the mail they ended up being MdO#2s. I wasn't even mad.
  2. Honestly, the first thing I thought of when I read nemesis cigar was Monte 2, but I just reviewed that one a few weeks back. As I dug through the singles desktop I found a forgotten 'white whale'. The excitement I felt after tracking down a couple of these LGC tainos was only matched by my disappointment when I smoked my first one. Boring airball. Nothing like going through the effort of tracking down a HTF cigar that wasn't worth finding. So the second cigar sat in my humidor for years. I don't really consider myself a collector, but with cigars like this, I'm not going to smoke them just to smoke them. Rather, they just sit around and maybe if someone says 'I've never had a Tainos before, I'd sure like to try one' I can hand them one and make their day. Or maybe one day some one says 'smoke your nemesis cigar'. Wrapper has a bit of tooth and a decent sheen to it. Draw is good on the clip with soapy notes on the cold draw. I try to dive in with an open mind but soap is a bad sign. As the cigar opens I'm hit with floral notes. More elder-flower than lavender. The second note is a bit of coffee and shortbread. My beloved MdO#4 are more jackfruit and graham cracker, and while I can taste some similarity, and can see they belong to the same marca, its just not as pleasant in my book. I love fruit notes but dislike strong floral notes As we progress the floral and shortbread vary in intensity. When the floral takes a backseat, I enjoy the cigar more. At the midpoint we gain a little more burn brown sugar sweetness, which is nice. Its still not terribly complex for a Churchill sized cigar. As the cigar draws to a close the burn goes a little off. In the last inch or so I pick up an odd medicinal note, like that smell you get when you open a pack of band aids. Not awful, just weird. Not something I've noted in a cigar before, but classic in some scotch whiskey. Over all, it wasn't awful, but I'm not crying that its my last one. I give it an 88. I've made my peace with the LGC Tainos and If I never see one again that's okay. Though at this rate I've sure the RE edition is coming in 2020.
  3. Laundry for sure assuming we have a washer and dryer. If I had to do both by hand its dishes easy.
  4. I am typically not one to let a cigar sit around untried, so I wasn't sure if I had any around that qualified for this weeks contest. After some searching I found a Monte 3 I received in a trade a little while back that I had never gotten around to turning into ash. The truth is that I love coronas more as an idea than in practice. Too often my time is either too short of a corona, or long enough that I want to smoke something more substantial. That and me and Montecristo have a difficult relationship. The #5 is the only monte I consistently enjoy. So thanks to this review theme for getting me to try a cigar I have been putting off. The wrapper is smooth and flawless, save for a portion I damaged in handling. Draw is fine, with a touch of earthy sweetness on the cold draw. Without much to expect, I light it up and give it a go. Much to my surprise, I find that floral notes dominate the cigar. Not much of the coffee or cocoa flavors I expect in the Monte line, just a touch. It is fairly strong for a Cuban, but not as strong as the BBF that I reviewed last week. Some wood notes come in, but nothing that screams 'Monte'. Reviewed blind I would be clueless. As the cigar progresses it gets less floral and more of a nutty, hazelnut type flavor. There is an occasional sour note, but for the most part the flavors stay pleasant at least. The cigar seems to get creamier as it progresses as well. The burn is a little wonky towards the end but it never needs a touch up. While it was certainly not a bad cigar, there is nothing that makes me want to come back to it. Profile wise, it doesn't scratch the chocolate itch that I reach to Montecristos for. Its a size that I don't grab often, and the Montecristo name on the band keeps the price high. I'll give it a 88, and if you tell me you love then, I could understand why. I'll just let you keep buying them.
  5. At least in this case you know why the cigar is so expensive. Everyone involved is getting paid first world wages and getting taxed first world sums. Better reason than most super premium priced cigars give.
  6. The only LFD that really did it for me were the Litto Gomez Diez. Not the Small Batch, but the regular production. hard to find for a decent price these days though.
  7. The ESL Mag 50 run has been my hands down cigar of the year. Probably my cigar of the past 3 years even. And for the ones I got before the price hike are probably my value buy of the year too. But I love Upmann and fruity Upmann is my favorite Upmann.
  8. I don't think there is much need to make the case that the BBF is a classic cigar in its own right. This particular box is extra special to me, as it marks my wedding anniversary. We picked up our wedding registration papers in Bolivar, Missouri a little over 7 years ago so it seems like this would be the perfect box to commemorate the event. I've only smoked a few out of this SLB, but all have been fantastic examples of the Bolivar line. Paired today with a nice Stout. This cigar has a nice sheen on the dark brown wrapper, and a perfect draw on a modest clip from the head. Notes of hay on the cold draw. All good signs. It opens with earthy notes and espresso, with only a mild sweetness. Leather and cider are also present. Going great with the Stout. After 7 years, this cigar is still strong and bold. This doesn't have the finesse of a Coronas Gigantes or Gold medal, but just as I start thinking its one dimension the flavors shift. ] Somewhere around the midpoint, the cigar gets sweeter. The added sweetness shifts the profile. The espresso notes seem more chocolatey, the leather and earth that dominated the opening move into the back ground. As we get to the end the wood notes pick up, with the occasional vanilla note. It almost has a bourbon like quality to it. Lovely cigar that I will have to try to forget about if I want any around for my 20th wedding anniversary. 94+. But what car does it compare to? Your dad's old Camaro. You know, that car he had before you came around that he eventually had to sell to buy that minivan. It was never the top of the line, but it had some rugged coolness to it those expensive mid life crisis sports cars will never quite capture. Rough and raw, but age and nostalgia grant it more charm that it ever really deserved. I treasure these BBFs for the sentimental value, much like I would treasure my dad's old car if it were still around.
  9. Looking forward to these. I think if there is any Cuban profile that NCs hit most consistently, its the Partagas blend.
  10. Its literally a Simpsons joke that Merriam-Webster decided to take seriously, but that's the English language for you. 🤷‍♂️
  11. I like to drink a lot of liquid when I smoke cigars, like 32 oz at least, some times twice that. So its usually water because drinking that much coffee will ruin me, as will liquor. What I have been enjoying is certain cocktails like negronis or Apéritifs watered down significantly. I would never drink a Pastis straight with a cigar, but a slug of it watered down in a big mason jar takes something that would be overwhelming and turns it into a nice little cleansing note instead.
  12. Today I decided to smoke the last cigar I received from @ChanceSchmerr's incredible box pass, a El Rey del Mundo Grandes de España. I haven't smoked too many ERdMs, but with the tremendous hype surrounding the pig tailed La Reina UK ER version of this discontinued cigar, I was very curious how the original was holding up. Its always a little daunting smoking the single example you have of a legendary discontinued cigar. I remember when I finally decided to smoke my only Punch SS1 after saving it for years. Plugged. Later, I smoked my only Punch RS 12. Sublime. I don't know which was worse. This ERdM GdE is well rolled with a properly firm draw for a skinny. The wrapper is a nice colorado shade, smooth with a little sheen. Cold draw has a hint of fruit. This isn't going to be a dud. As this cigar opens it feels instantly framiliar. I haven't smoked many ERdMs, mostly just those little demis, but I've smoked plenty of La Gloria Cubanas, and boy does it ever remind me of one. Switch the bands and I would never notice. But the band is there so I'm left trying to pick out where the differences lay. The ERdM has more wood where I get cream in LGC profile. The fruit and grain are still there, just a shade different. LGC is jack fruit, ERdM is ripe banana. LGC is Graham cracker, ERdM is granola. Very similar, no more different than a HDM Epicure #1 is from a des deux. As the cigar progresses it starts to gain its own identity. The woody notes increase, cider and hickory. the fruit dies back into a more general sweetness. It goes in a direction my LGCs don't, which is nice, but I think I like my La Glorias better. For a 17 year old cigar, it has lost nothing to age. Its mild of course, but flavorful with no sign of being aged out. It burns even without getting hot. How do you rate once in a lifetime cigars? Lets call it a 93. The truth is, in a world where no cigar was ever discontinued, I probably wouldn't buy these. I'd get some LGC MdOs instead. I have no idea what the secondary market looks like on these right now, but if I found a relative bargain I would go for it, but some how I doubt I'll find it. I guess in a sense this is the best result I could hope for: a truly fine cigar that I could still live without. One that I would be thrilled to find more of but feel no need to track down. Cromulent!
  13. Best has got to be the Connie A, but I agree that the QdO revival has been great. The Parti E2 was a 2011 release, right? That's been pretty good. Worst is the Anejados, but if I had to pick on a regular release, the Monte Petit #2 still hasn't hit its stride, and seems like the cigar no one was asking for.
  14. Before they were discontinued, I used to stock up on 50 cabs of Mag 46s whenever I had the chance and like many mourned the loss when the packaging format was cut. I finally got down to my 50 cab a few months ago. Gorgeous box from '13, dark and oily. The first cigar was a gem, 96+, finest Mag 46 I have ever had. Second one was good, but a little too tight to enjoy properly. third plugged. fourth plugged. fifth plugged. At that point I would hardly do my planned 'Old Faithful' review on the Mag 46 in good faith. 🙄 They will all get reamed out with a perfecdraw eventually, but it kills me to think of how good these would be if they just rolled them properly. Here's to all those tragic boxes, so close yet so far! My rant is over, but commiserate below if you have that one box in your humidor that just breaks your heart.
  15. I hadn't realized this was the blind cigar #1. Reading all those reviews was fun, now I really wish I had gotten in on it.

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