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  1. Shame on you if this isn't the first thing you thought of...
  2. I wouldn't be mad at any of those, but the Diplomatico Sublime is probably the one I'd be most likely to skip.
  3. Open them up and take a look. The Classicos I had from that 99-00 range weren't the best. If they have sat out there for this long, there might be a reason besides simple unpopularity...
  4. Isn't this exactly what the Monte Opens were made for? Not that I would know, I refuse to smoke Monte Opens or play golf...
  5. 25 count boxes. Price per cigar would be less I imagine.
  6. Yep, and if you thought stock of Siglo 6 and Esplendidos was thin now, wait until these are competing with them for tobacco...
  7. Notsocleaver

    New Habanos releases pics

    That QdO might be the first EL I chase in about a decade. The Short de Punch could be a great stick if the pricing is sane, but if recent history is any indication it will be cheaper to just keep buying punch punch.
  8. A lot of Reps in Hawaii seem to be throwing out stunt legislation to get their names in the paper lately.
  9. Notsocleaver

    Trinidad 50th Anniversario cigar

    "H. UPMAN" lol. I wonder how many spellings of Connoisseur it contains...
  10. Well, they released the Hoyo de Monterrey Escodigos this past year, and it's Paco size is practically another Hoyo double corona, just a little bit shorter and a hair skinnier. It also is priced about 50% higher. So that is what I would expect from double coronas in the future: 50% higher prices for practically the same cigar.
  11. Notsocleaver

    Biggest QdO ever?

    Wow, you'd think that this board alone would be enough to snap up the whole run. Right in the wheelhouse of a lot of posters here, at least on paper. Was it just super hard to get outside of Germany?
  12. Notsocleaver

    Biggest QdO ever?

    Has there been a skinny RE that has languished on the market?
  13. The Vegueros redesign needs a redesign. It looked dated the moment in came out. Either Juan Lopez or San Luis Rey should be redesigned. Sitting together in the humidor I always have to look twice to tell the difference.
  14. Notsocleaver

    Thanks IslandBoy

    Oh man, that happens to me every time. Alone on the beach, you can't throw a rock without hitting a turtle, but bring your mainland friends and they all go into hiding. 😒
  15. Notsocleaver

    Quai D'Orsay Corona Claro........

    The punched out O bugs me for some reason. Other than that its fine, but I'd rather they give me my $10 back and keep the old packaging.

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