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  1. SLR DCs. I think they were like $460 a cab. I hemmed and haw'd because I didn't want to get stuck with 50 double coronas that I didn't like. They sold out and never came back. In hindsight I obviously could have moved them pretty easily if I didn't like them.
  2. You joke, but I actually do this every time I open a dress box.
  3. Wow, I'll have to check and see if I have any '20 box codes. I think everything I got last year was still 2019.
  4. That Tomas Gutierrez band in the same style as the PSD4 band is interesting. I always assumed that band was an original design.
  5. I got a fiver of punch coronas from someone doing a humidor clean out. The first three cigars where okay to decent. The fourth was sublime, and I held onto the last one in hopes of recapturing the magic. These review contests are good for me in that they stop me from hoarding these singles The cold draw pulls memories of old libraries. wood and old paper. The cold draw is a little too firm, a line I feel like I repeat way too often when it comes to these old discontinued cigars. hmm... This cigar opens with notes of dried cherries, nutmeg, cedar and parchment paper. Chri
  6. I picked this box up from a brother who knew he would never get through them. The price was right and the novelty intrigued me. I panned the last sample I reviewed here months ago. In the meantime I've had a few I liked from the box so I decided to give these another shot at a review. Cold draw on this cigar is tight. There is a flavor of dry wood and cashews. The draw means the cigar needs a bit of babysitting. Too hard and it starts to taste like pencil shavings, too soft and you get nothing. Notes of toasted bread and vanilla come through, but they are muted. I have no
  7. This cigar comes from a box I got a couple of months before the discontinuation was announced. Just now getting around to them, but I figure the le hoyo line does best around the 5 year mark. One I smoked from this box a month ago was a high 90s cigar, hampered only by some burn problems. Draw on this sample is one the firm side of acceptable, but at this ring gauge it works. The cold draw has a lot of that sweet barnyard. This is lively even before it it lit. This du prince opens with the wood and sweet cream that I would call typical for the line, along with that sour t
  8. Totally. I get that it comes off as pretentious to some, but the creative writing exercise of trying to describe exactly what's going helps me enjoy the cigar more. I do notes for almost every review contest, even if I don't bother submitting.
  9. When I do tasting notes, its more 'this reminds me of' than 'this tastes just like'. I did note diesel in a recent set of tasting notes, but I didn't mean it in a bad way, just reminded me of it.
  10. You're coming with me on this journey whether you like it or not! ?
  11. I wanted to pull out one of my last Mag 48s to follow up last weeks wet review. I have always been a fan of the 48, even though its not the most beloved on EL releases. Even with my fandom, I have been worried that the 48s are past their peak. The last couple I smoked seems a touch flat. The wet reviews from last week gave me a little hope I would liven this one up. So I decided to give this one a dunk. A little too much as the foot got a little wet. It didn't seem like it got soaked, so I figured I would light it up and see how it went. The cold draw on this cigar is perfect, with
  12. This sample came in 5 pack from the Prez, I have no idea the code, but since CCW says the cardboard packs were discontinued in '17, I'll guess that is the date. Wrapper on this CCE is dark enough to almost make me think maduro. I took a photo of it next to a Mag 48 EL just so that you had a shade reference. The draw on this cigar is just a little too tight despite a very loose foot. You would think that you could get a little more quality control from a cigar they are asking $20+ a pop for, but oh well. Sweet hay and bitter chocolate on the cold draw. This particular CCE has a stro
  13. This could be an unpopular one, but 20% of my cigar smoking experiences make up 80% of my enjoyment. 1 out of 5 cigars I smoke are remarkable, the other 4 or so are just pleasant company.

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