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  1. Notsocleaver

    The very best years....

    '08 TEB has been good to me. '05 has treated me really well personally, but I know others who don't agree. 2013 has been pretty good too, and much more attainable.
  2. @Ethernut probably has the right take. Its probably just that those particular cigars had some bland filler. The best wrapper in the world can't carry a cigar single-handed.
  3. Notsocleaver

    Cut to the chase....

    Mag 46 Hoyo du Prince
  4. Notsocleaver

    NC to CC Converts

    My first H Upmann #2 was the nail in the coffin. I am as guilty as anyone of complaining about Cuban consistency in construction, but I got burnt out on NCs because of the lack of consistency in the blend. So many NC guys will roll a good cigar, get good reviews and then completely change the cigar the next year, either because they can't get the same tobacco or it becomes too expensive. Fuente and Padron being the exceptions with their large top down operations. I am often surprised by how much I like a random NC, but I've grown tired of the hunt. If I buy a CC, I can be pretty sure that I will like it, and failing that, I can be pretty sure that I can trade it for something I do like on the secondary market.
  5. Notsocleaver

    50 cabs

    Pretty sure the Punch Punch 50s have been discontinued. Just the rare 50 cab of Lusi and of course PLPC.
  6. Perhaps a Contra-Contrarian hot take: The HdM San Juan is underrated on this forum because most of us hate large ring gauges. The Prez constantly notes that the HdM San Juan ranks with the Connie A as one of the consistent Cuban cigars, yet some how it feels like it just doesn't get the love the Connie A does here on this forum. Maybe the 54 rg is a bridge too far? For me, its a great value, so I forgive the thickness. The 2015 codes I have are really starting to round out and the pricing seems like its getting better somehow. Plenty to love imho.
  7. H Upmann Mag 46 ULE JUL '13. First one out of my last 50 cab and one the strongest cigars I have had all year, strongest Upmann I have ever had period. If this is a sign of the rest of the cabs quality I just cracked open a gem.
  8. New for 2020 will be the 55 ring gauge by 140mm Hoyo de Pourquoi and the 49 ring gauge by 200mm LDCH exclusive "2.1Coronas". 🙄
  9. I feel like people have been talking about Punch Punch being on an upswing for the last 2-3 years. Was there a rough patch in there somewhere I missed or are they just getting better and better?
  10. Notsocleaver

    A Very Sad Day...

    TEB 08 was a great code for nearly everything. I have one last Lusi from a 50 cab laying around, shame those 50s are rare as hens teeth now. Might never get to replace it.
  11. Notsocleaver

    Rafael Gonzalez

    Come on, they literally print the aging instructions for these on the box... 😉
  12. LGC MdO#4 is a unique blend, I like it better than the #2 and the Tainos honestly. A little more fruity IMHO. If you don't end up liking them, someone will surely take them off your hands.
  13. Notsocleaver

    Taste this............

    For the only puff of a Por Larranaga Magnum that I'll likely ever get in my life? Sure. For 'Dude, for real, this is the best Quintero I've ever had...' naw.
  14. Give them some credit, at least they figured out it was missing that second band. 😏

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