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  1. I feel like people have been talking about Punch Punch being on an upswing for the last 2-3 years. Was there a rough patch in there somewhere I missed or are they just getting better and better?
  2. Notsocleaver

    A Very Sad Day...

    TEB 08 was a great code for nearly everything. I have one last Lusi from a 50 cab laying around, shame those 50s are rare as hens teeth now. Might never get to replace it.
  3. Notsocleaver

    Rafael Gonzalez

    Come on, they literally print the aging instructions for these on the box... 😉
  4. LGC MdO#4 is a unique blend, I like it better than the #2 and the Tainos honestly. A little more fruity IMHO. If you don't end up liking them, someone will surely take them off your hands.
  5. Notsocleaver

    Taste this............

    For the only puff of a Por Larranaga Magnum that I'll likely ever get in my life? Sure. For 'Dude, for real, this is the best Quintero I've ever had...' naw.
  6. Notsocleaver

    "Conossieur" A... and also B! WHY!?

    Give them some credit, at least they figured out it was missing that second band. 😏
  7. Every time I try to fit one more box into my humidor all of my boxes end up turned a few times inevitably.
  8. I feel like my minutos tend to have the most pronounced press of all the dress boxes I own, with Piramides having the least pronounced press. I have some 08 Bolivar Coronas Juniors that after 10 years aged in their box are pretty much square.
  9. Notsocleaver

    Your worst of days.......

    Well, I just had a vasectomy yesterday and now the biggest hurricane in decades is now bearing down on my recently purchased home and all I can do is sit around clutching my icey balls. So check in with me in a couple days and I may have a whopper for you...
  10. Notsocleaver

    @islandboy, stay safe!

    This could be the big one everyone has said was coming some day, and I'm laid up at home post-vasectomy. Here I thought I would get a nice long weekend laying on the lanai with an icepack smoking cigars...
  11. Notsocleaver

    Cuban cigars in the USA

    They came down hard on a lawyer who smuggled and resold massive amounts of Cuban cigars a while back, but that was before Obama eased the restrictions of the embargo and I think his revenue was in the millions. Something to consider if you are looking for a side gig flipping cigars I guess.
  12. Whenever I can, I buy two boxes at a time. Its the only way I can 'age' anything. Multi-box deals are some of the best prices you will find here or anywhere else, flip a box and you can get a good deal for them and an even better one for yourself. I put together samplers for people from time to time, it isn't too hard to find a deal that makes everyone feel like they came out ahead. But I'm not looking at it as an income stream, just a way to keep my cigar collection a little more liquid in a sense. Sell a few 5ers to people wanting some samplers, use it to buy a bonus box of something I want to age, sell aged 5ers to someone wanting to try an aged cigar. Rinse, repeat.
  13. Pre-clipped heads?
  14. Tea is a pretty underrated cigar pairing. Look at all of tasting notes in cigar reviews and see how they line up with tea flavors. Tons of overlap.
  15. Notsocleaver

    high roller bourbons

    I'm a scotch snob but a bourbon heathen. I love the nuances of a 21 year old speyside, but damn if I haven't found any bourbon I like more than Old Grand Dad 114. I liked Elijah Craig barrel proof, but once they dropped the age statement and the price the price crept up, it seemed crazy to buy one bottle when I could nearly get three bottles of Grand Dad for the same price.

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