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  1. Monte has a lot of strike outs for me, but I love the #5. Fonseca does nothing for me, and I tend to like those mild cigars. RyJ is the most frustrating though. Reading the reviews and people talking about the flavor profile, it sounds like I should love the marca, but I just don't. Too much cedar and not enough black cherry I guess.
  2. I go back and forth. The Royal Robusto has had some poorer runs, but when the quality is good they are fantastic. A little more zing to them, where the Connie A is smoother. Why not both?
  3. Honestly, since the PL Picadores came out I haven't wanted a CoRo. They aren't the same by any means, but they are close enough that I haven't missed the Cohiba.
  4. That's some really funny packaging there. 3 rows of 13 then one row of 11? Something about that just bugs me for some reason.
  5. Whenever I read about a RyJ, I think, man this sounds like the perfect cigar for me. Whenever I smoke one, I'm just underwhelmed. Its so odd.
  6. This is the method I use in Hawaii, works well.
  7. @Corylax18, I think you are 100% right. This kinda puts new light on the "EL custom rolls" that have been floating into the secondary market. I was skeptical of the idea that all of this supposedly premium, high demand tobacco was slipping out the door, but if its getting rolled constantly and just back logged because there are no boxes to put it in, it seems a lot more believable that some is wandering out the door.
  8. On one hand, it does seem to be way easier to get Esplendidos in cardboard packs than the varnished boxes. But surely the Behike shortages haven't been because they can't source black lacquer for the boxes...
  9. If you want to invest, you have to stay ahead of the curve. With that in mind, I'd stock up on some of those Vegas Robaina EL from that stock photo. Habanos SA hasn't even announced them yet...
  10. Yeah, wooden desktops can't seal as well as a cooler. The stuff in the desktop might be gone, but I bet everything in the cooler will be fine.
  11. Yeah, this is pretty much the best case scenario for cigars abandoned for a couple years. If the bovedas aren't dried up yet you are probably in pretty good shape. Add more boveda 65s if they ones in there aren't dry yet. Hell, smoke PLPC now and see how they are. Were the NCs stored in the same cooler? They might not be as dead as you think either.
  12. That's not too bad. Less than the 2017 Punch EL, right? I loved the old Mag 48s
  13. My conjecture: Cuba pretty much uses its tobacco as fast as it possibly can aside from a few special releases. NC tobacco could be stock piled for years before its rolled, and blended from different countries, regions and most relevantly here, vintages. NC cigars are often rolled with much older tobacco to begin with, some blends having different ages on different leaves. So after 5 years you could have a cigar with 10 year old binder, 20 year old wrapper and 7 year old secco. etc making the blend go all out of balance as parts of the blend age out but other stay strong, making the cigars seem bland because one leaf is overpowering the others. With more age, these tobaccos could come back into balance, but there is no telling.
  14. The open market means a much larger range of prices, some more obscene then others. It feels like a lot of manufacturers are just throwing sh*t on the wall to see what sticks. But when you look at what has been about for a while and stabilized, it looks to me like HSA has been raising prices on existing cigars faster than most NC manufacturers have. When I switched over from buying Tatuaje brown label and Illusione Original Documents to cuban cigars I was often saving up to about a buck a stick. With the recent price increase the savings is reversed and I am seriously looking about going back, at least for my budget stick buying.

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