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  1. Partagas SdC No. 1. Where did this leaf go after they were disc'd ? Goddamn Behikes? Quintero could have been a better use. Punch Clasicos (109, Swiss RE)
  2. Maestroso

    Double Corona stockup

    FYI, more importantly than Lusi 10's, Ravi's also got some 50 cabs of Punch DCs floating around. The cab I got in last week from him will defy any "PSP" offering (like most boxes I get from Ravi). Safest place on the planet to secure a 50 cab of Punch DCs while they are still available.
  3. Speaking of non-renewable resources, Partagas Serie du Connaisseur No. 1 is one that will be missed greatly. Although still available for purchase, good boxes are rare finds and their contents will also run out faster than oil on the planet.
  4. As suggested above, you'd do well to check out the DF shops at CDG. Club Allones picked up at 99 Euro a month ago as an example, but other prices are not necessarily as good by implication, so caveat emptor.
  5. You really think Punch DCs need to decay that long, Papa? You didn't wait long on your LOMs 12 huh. My 50 cabs of BOU DEC 11 and FEB 12 are not changing taste compared to what they were at 2.5-3 years old. I certainly wish but I just don't see that ageing is doing any more good to them.
  6. Of course that's you, Papa! I think LOM 12 is gone everywhere now. Tell us more about Punch DC box codes. On to your cab lib issue, the easy way is to put the cab upside down. At least, the babies will be fully sheltered - from dust and tears. And Mr. Climatologist is right, smoke a couple now and let us know your thoughts on UGE 15s. Care to post a pic of that cab, if it's not too much trouble opening it?
  7. UGE code call: It would be great if whoever picked up the UGE 15 / 16 cabs off 24:24 in 2016 could comment on these. TIA!
  8. BOU in late 2011 and early 2012 in 50 cabs were terrific in my personal experience. LOM 2012 had good references from FOH members too (there is a thread on this). LOM produced lots of HDM and Punch PC boxes. My own experience with a LOM -- 2012 50 cab was different, but it's always a matter of finding a great box or cab whatever code. TUP MAR 14 / PSP box of 25 that came from FOH was totally unsmokeable in April 2015 when it came, just flat and uninteresting. The worst Punch DC I've had, and I am a sucker for these. 15 months down, they improved bringing out that aged molasses note that you expect from Punch DC with dark wrappers. I keep an eye on them. By contrast, MOB -- 14 from FOH DC samplers were much better with only about a year on them, with that recogniseable Punch DC sweetness. I'd say give a try to LOM or MOB if you can find them.
  9. Maestroso

    Tissue in cigar boxes?

    Hey, hey. Why would you have the authority to tell anyone here what to be interested in and what to pretend? Or is that something you'd like to have? Yes, I know a bit and I was looking for objective information rather than opinions when I started the thread. Thanks for your post but, by the way "Prime function of the wax paper is to avoid that the sticks stick to the cedar when it excudes resins." is just an opinion. And it seems just a half-truth at best, which you are publicly presenting as an axiom. I mentioned that flat wooden boxes come without the glassline and I do believe that its purpose is different, but I am not imposing that version. I think it's time to close this thread. Meaningful inputs have run out. Still, I think whoever is looking for information about the glassline will find this a helpful thread. It was worth it.
  10. Maestroso

    Tissue in cigar boxes?

    With 10,000+ posts on the forum, is that the only contribution you could make to the thread?
  11. Maestroso

    Tissue in cigar boxes?

    Further to my original post, flat wooden boxes like Montecristo Especial No. 1, Trinidad Fundadores, Cohiba Lanceros and probably other Cohibas, Sir Winston, Partagas Serie E No. 2, etc. have no paper inside the box to "protect" the cigars from the resins of the wood of the box or the inlay of cedar in-between two lawyers of cigars. Same in individual cigar tubes. Conversely, the same format of cigars in cabinets, which are not organized by layers, like Partagas Serie du Connaisseur No. 1 in the case of lanceros and cabinet-boxes Cohibas, do come with the traditional "cabinet paper" around them. Why have it in cabinets but not wooden boxes? I see no reason other than the mechanical protection to prevent the round cigar bundle inside a cabinet from rubbing against the wood during transportation and shaking. This problem is of course not present in flat boxes or individually tubed cigars, where cigars have no freedom and sit tightly inside the box or tube. And so, once the trip is over and the cab is at home, I say thanks to the cab paper and thankfully let it go to age my cigars in wood the way they used to do it in barrels. (Cab lid closed, Papa!)
  12. Maestroso

    Tissue in cigar boxes?

    Hey, Papa, keep your cab lids and corks on. Airflow inside a closed space! It certainly helps to let the cigars age together and blend flavors in a box. (BTW, tobacco fermentation, which may continue for some time even after boxing, and subsequent aging of tobacco release substances into the air around cigars.) The blending of flavors afforded by enhanced airflow is why we like squared wooden cabs vs. flat paper-covered boxes. How well do single tubed cigar age in their vaccum and solitude? Nowhere near to a cab, we know that. Would wine age without air in the bottle? First, it would take ages (a magnum, which has twice less air per 0.75L, ages a lot slower than a bottle) and probably anaerobic aging wouldn't get anywhere at all. Certainly not where people got used to liking over the centuries aging wine.
  13. Maestroso

    Tissue in cigar boxes?

    Not sure how meaningful is a post like that, as the purpose of this thread was precisely to establish that reason. As others helpfully did.
  14. Maestroso

    Tissue in cigar boxes?

    One last thing - Lord almighty, do you believe this is still relevant whether the cedar wood is odorata or sticky or not nowadays? I did notice oil marks on this paper in a couple of older cabs but I wonder if absorption of oil by the wood would be greater at all if the paper wasn't there to block it. The regular paper-covered boxes with ordinary no-wax paper and an inlay of cedar wood inside wouldn't have this protection consideration at all.
  15. Maestroso

    Tissue in cigar boxes?

    It's paper of some kind, call it glassline or paper tissue, but it's no wax. So, the consensus of the elder is it's there to protect the cigar from the "cedar" wood. From which it no longer needs to be protected. The side benefit is it allows to lift the cigars from the box. Which is equally if not better achieved using the ribbon, which I personally prefer to keep on the bundle. Since the air condition is crucial to aging of tobacco and the glassline blocks the airflow, while the absence of it and the contact with wood clearly improve the condition, I still think it makes good sense to remove it for long-term aging and let the wood brew in. Thanks everyone!

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