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  1. Thanks for this thread @El Presidente. Any VR Famosos on the horizon?
  2. What's that cigar or cigars in the bottom of your humidor that you don't acknowledge very often due to its rarity, unique-ness, or just some attachment to it? You'll smoke it one day, at the right time, but it hasn't come yet. Mine is a 2012 Fuente Opus X "A". Probably payed ~50$ if I remember correctly 😕. I just haven't had the feeling of smoking it, and now that its been 5 years (I'm pretty sure they're aged 2 years before being shipped out for sale), I am wondering how long I can go before lighting it up. It's got a crack that I need to fix, probably lazyness is assisting in the aging process.😄
  3. I have a medium size storage container. I keep a few Boveda packs spread throughout trying to make sure they're (as best they can be) spread out evenly. Some on top, some on the bottom, some in the middle. Like @ohbob976 said, temperature is more what I worry about. P.S. Don't worry, there's another box on the way to fill the center gap... its perfectly box shaped.
  4. Weather permitting, going for a walk alone in the woods for a few hours at a local state park. This is the first weekend I'm not working over time in a few months. Other than that, working on my music.
  5. Went up to Yasgur's farm for the 50th Woodstock "Yasgur's Farm Reunion". 3 days of peace, love, music, and rain.
  6. In my late teens I smoked a random cigar here and there, maybe once a year when it was gifted to me or otherwise had the opportunity to smoke. By my mid 20's I was living in Florida and there was a liquor store around the corner from my place with a small walk in humidor. I bought Alec Bradley Prensado's, and other cigars I can't remember the names of once a week or so. My roomate at the time was getting into it as well, so we split a sampler from "an online vendor on NC cigars". The first cigar that I actually liked on a conscious level was the La Gloria Cubana Serie R Maduro (NC). After some time I moved back to NJ and the cigar "buzz" subsided for years.....for years until I was gifted a Padron. My brother had gone to a wedding, which they gave out cigars. Not being a smoker himself, he gave it to me. From what I remember, it wasn't all too impressive...smooth, but the construction was shotty... and there's no way it was because I smoked it in a hottub 😏. Shortly after, I kind of got, "the itch". I bought a single here and there from a local shop and after a couple of months I said to myself, "I think I'm going to be a cigar guy.". So, I bought myself a 15" x 12" x 11" storage container to make a tupperdor out of. Cleaned it with baking soda mixed with water, smeered it on the inside, washed it out, stuffed it with newspaper, and left it out in the sun on a hot day (by advise of some forum I can't remember). I bought premade and build-your-own samplers from an online NC vendor. La Gloria Cuba, Don Pepin, Gurkha, Diesel, Padilla, Julius Casear... no real direction, just trying different things, basking in the novelty of a new hobby. Drew Estate Undercrown was a middle-ground between "what I consider anyways" and low end an high end NCs. Eventually my taste found some direction, by the awakening experience of smoking my first Liga Privada No.9... or maybe rather just moved up in price cap, who really knows. I moved on to brands like Cohiba(NC), Fuente Opus X, Ave Maria, Liga Privada... My Father Flor De Las Antillas and the like. One day, I guess a year into my new hobby, I met a friend of a friend at a social event who was smoking a cigar. I struck up conversation by asking him what he was smoking... his response was "a cigar". "Well obviously man" I though to myself. It was a 8-9-8 if I remember correctly. We talked and eventually he turned me onto FOH. Having found this forum prior and was untrusting, in hindsight it was a rather fortuitous encounter... I put in an order for a handful of singles a week or so later.... pretty much the rest is history. Once in a while I'll go back to an old favorite NC, but find they lack in dimension and overcompensate with pepper-spice and always wind up tossing them halfway through. Sad they lost their glamour, but life goes on to better things when you let go of the past 😄
  7. I love star gazing while smoking cigars. Jupiter is starting to come out later in the night... Saturn is coming back around too, about an hour or 2 behind Jupiter.
  8. Update: After opening it and smelling it... I will not be smoking it. My neighbor said he stopped smoking because his throat was hurting... Needless to say, I think I know why 🤢
  9. This is an good one. So my neighbor just gave me this stick. He stopped smoking cigars a while back and apparently had 1 left over that he had never smoked. While out doing yard work, by brother went over to talk to him, and in their conversation be brought up the fact that he has a cigar that he doesn't know who to give it to. Obviously my brother mentioned that I am into cigars and a few minutes later, my neighbor came over with this stick. Very thoughtful, very appreciated... I'll smoke it out of appreciation and curiosity.. it doesn't look like a half bad stick. Note the gold scratched off a bit on the "I" in Cohiba. Also, its hard to tell from the picture, but the lettering in the Habanos sticker is embossed and the color print is waaay off on lining up with the embossed lettering.
  10. So I picked up a 6 pack of Siglo V the other week while they were up on 24:24. They came today and just on the nose, I got hints of red grape, such as the kind you would get at the grocery store. I was very surprised. Not at all upset. I cant wait to see how they develop after laying them down for a year or two. Whats your experience with the Siglo V?
  11. Awesome book, its on my list! I have Maps of Meaning that I still have yet to get into. Been caught up in other books.
  12. Glad Washington got eliminated. Ovi is not a team player, he worries about his own stats more than the team as a whole.. he does not deserve the cup.
  13. Very excited.. Also cannot wait for the World of Warcraft movie!!
  14. So short and sweet. My buddy is trying to get me interested in craft beers. Micro-brews, IPAs, and the like. I have been trying to get my buddy interested in cigars for quite some time. What are some cigar/beer (craft and IPA) combos that you have found to be good together? My inventory consists of: Boli RC Party D4 SLR Regio LGC #4 Party Shorts

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