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  1. So I picked up a 6 pack of Siglo V the other week while they were up on 24:24. They came today and just on the nose, I got hints of red grape, such as the kind you would get at the grocery store. I was very surprised. Not at all upset. I cant wait to see how they develop after laying them down for a year or two. Whats your experience with the Siglo V?
  2. parabola66

    Punch Punch JUL 16 (PQDRW)

    Awesome book, its on my list! I have Maps of Meaning that I still have yet to get into. Been caught up in other books.
  3. parabola66

    NHL playoffs

    Glad Washington got eliminated. Ovi is not a team player, he worries about his own stats more than the team as a whole.. he does not deserve the cup.
  4. parabola66

    'Assassin's Creed' Movie Trailer

    Very excited.. Also cannot wait for the World of Warcraft movie!!
  5. So short and sweet. My buddy is trying to get me interested in craft beers. Micro-brews, IPAs, and the like. I have been trying to get my buddy interested in cigars for quite some time. What are some cigar/beer (craft and IPA) combos that you have found to be good together? My inventory consists of: Boli RC Party D4 SLR Regio LGC #4 Party Shorts
  6. Don't get me wrong, I love going into local shops and buying a few sticks. I love the Easter Egg hunt of finding something I have been wanting to try for a while... I just start to get itchy and get tunnel vision. I get to my car and realized I just spent $70, $100, $150, and in some cases upwards of $200. Not complaining about the shop, the price or the cigars.. just my lack of impulse control
  7. If this is the case, I will be giving my whole coolerdor full of "the same ol' stuff" to the first person to call dibs
  8. Yea, I knew the sticks were expensive, but I guess I didn't do the math in my head. It probably wouldn't have mattered either way. I go snowblind when I am in a shop. They say don't go food shopping on an empty stomach, the same goes for cigars I suppose.. Price doesn't seem to bother me, I have no problem spending money on a good cigar.. I guess I am just more angry at myself for letting myself spend that much lol.
  9. Yea I hear you guys have it pretty bad up there. I guess I shouldn't be complaining too much lol.
  10. So yesterday, I am headed to my buddies house after work.. I call him as I am almost at his house to make sure he is home from work yet. He tells me he is about 20 minutes away. So I am trying to figure out what to do for 20 minutes because I don't want to sit outside of his house like a creep. I realize there is a little cigar shop right up the road that I have visited occasionally. They have an excellent house blend. They own about 3000 Acres in the DR and have their own blend of super strong cigars labeled "for advanced smokers". The line is call Flamingo and is actually quite delicious. The shop Havana Lounge (this is the U.S. so they have no business calling themselves a "Havana Lounge" but that is neither here nor there). Here is the love part: I walk into the shop and there are 3 guys sitting in the lounge smoking and watching tv whilst making small talk and instantly I get embraced by the warm loving smell of burning cigars, probably one of the most comforting smells in the world. As I walk through the small shop eyeing down each cigar like a kid in a candy shop a sense of serenity flows over me. Finally I pick out 3 cigars, one of the house blend Famingos, a Fuente Reserva Don Carlos, and a Fuente Lost City Forbidden X. One rare and one semi rare cigars. Here is the hate part: The lovely young woman about my age rings me up and I look at the total.. $70+ dollars!!! How can I spend upwards of $70 on 3 freaking cigars!?!? This doesn't mean I am not going to buy them, I picked them out and I am going to enjoy them all the same, but I just spent half of a box of excellent CCs worth on 3 cigars. And now I remember why I don't usually visit local cigar shops. Love the lounge, love the atmosphere, hate spending absurd amounts of money that can be better spent on CCs.
  11. parabola66

    Cigarette Smoking

    I am a connoisseur of tobacco and nicotine: Cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, ******, vaping. I do it all. The ****** I do on special occasions, the chew is a once in a while thing but I smoke cigarettes and vape daily. I want to stop vaping.. its more annoying than anything. It is so convenient to do inside, it becomes a constant in my daily routine.
  12. My girlfriend is very encouraging when it comes to my collection. She herself likes the occasional cigar, but I think she likes the idea of the cigars than the actual smoking. She likes everything from Acid cigarillos to big 6x60 cigars . The only problem is she cannot smoke more than an inch or two before tossing the cigar. I have no problem tossing Party shorts at her all day long, but of course she wants to smoke the big cigars and toss them after an inch or two.. not that I would ever let that happen to an Esplendido. Or any cigar for that matter. P.S. Some of this may have sounded dirty, but I swear I am talking about cigars...tobacco cigars lol
  13. Warning!! Do not buy any SLR!!! Save yourself. I will do the honorable thing and buy them all so no one has to suffer!!
  14. parabola66


    That is what I used to do, now its just CCs in the Spring, Summer and Fall. I have more love for being warm than the need to smoke a cigar during the Winter. Plus I have lost my taste for most NCs I used to smoke. I also find that cigars, NC and CC, become very one dimensional in colder weather. I only taste burnt tobacco in weather 45 degrees F and colder, so I figure, let the CCs age and hibernate for an extra 6 months, and save my money on NC and spend on CC for the warmer days.
  15. I have a box of the '15s. I forget the code because it was printed on the cardboard packaging, not the cigar box itself. I got the box from a 24:24 around June-ish of last year. Rob was able to confirm the box code and year for me in a private email ( I had thought they forgot to stamp it, until I looked at all the packaging). Pretty tasty, defiantly has the smoothness and citrus edge that we all so desire and defiantly has room to grow. If I smoked them all RoTT I wouldn't be upset though. Haven't smoked on since the summer so I am very curios to re-visit when my cigar weather comes back. I am currently watching it snow as we speak
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