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  1. SHHH!! Before you rip a whole in space-time!! Ibanez are just solid guitars, and I love the necks, though a lot of people don't. They always come out beautiful guitars....except for some reason they stick with basically bleach white maple necks ?. I really wish they had a custom shop that you didn't need to be famous to order from... Kiesels are just gorgeous. Entry is super cheap and you pick every detail of the guitar. From my experience they're super light and play like butter. The Kiesels have the same neck woods so I only showed a picture of the one. I'm looking to sell the Vade
  2. Cigars: anything from Cuba (but no seriously, my worst Cubans have been better than my best non-Cubans) Wine: Cabernet (and blend variations) Beer: Sour, German, citrus-y IPA's Coffee: medium roast - Caribbean & Indonesian Whisky: Japanese, Irish, Speyside. I hate bourbon\american whisky. All the barrel char is so overpowering. Guitars: Ibanez, Kiesel
  3. LAS - Jun 14 Unknown box code and date. Bought from the LCDH in Cozumel.
  4. Or those interested in mythology and the like.. I'm just going to leave these here... March 18: Pestilent Planets - A conjunction of Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn is underway in the dawn sky. Jupiter is the brightest of the three. A similar conjunction in 1345 was blamed for the start of the Black Death in Europe, a plague caused by a bacterium carried by fleas. Mars - In the late Babylonian astral-theologic
  5. I didn't even realize this was three years old haha
  6. I've invested in crypto starting in 2017. If you have the time (and luck), you can find the charts that will give you 30% gains in 2 minutes... you will also see 30% losses in 2 minutes. I used to try and day trade but its so volatile you have to watch the charts on a minute interval if you want to jump in and out What people don't realize with all the alt-coins is that the coin is not necessary to use the protocol. For example Ripple (XRP).. Financial institutions don't have to leverage the XRP coin to use the ripple network. There is a difference between the coins and the bloc
  7. Interesting... I very much enjoyed the format, being my first petite robusto.
  8. I think I bought a box of these on the same 24:24. Mostly the same experience... no evolution, but just a solid flavor packed cigar that's smooth throughout.
  9. Had my first Nudie last night. The N3. It was a beautifully clear night until I brought the telescope outside.I remember nothing special about the re-light notes other than perfect construction. The first third was kind of fuzzy and muddled feeling but time will smooth this out.The second is where all the buttery white toast which transitioned into toasted brioche & light coffee with cream. The weird thing is that one puff would be cool light coffee with cream, and the next would be bold toasted buttery brioche.. which seemed to get stronger into the 3rd. A new "twang" came out in the
  10. Its still amazing... walking through a local 100% NC shops... so many cigars... so little desire to try any of them.. I come here eager to buy a box of just about anything, even if I've never tried it.
  11. Seems silly to spend that much money of something that you're going to intentionally set on fire.
  12. Thanks for all the responses so far.. let's keep it going! I very much understand that all of this is subjective, but that's the point... I am asking for your preference. ?
  13. Pretty simple... Whats your favorite sticks and how old do you like them before you really dig into the box? Top 2, 3, 5...?
  14. For a minute I said to myself.. "why does he humidify his computers?"
  15. Nah, its a "mom and pop" shop. They were also 20$ a piece... I do need a few more Boveda's so I'm going to check it out
  16. local shop had a handful or two of these last time I was there... I've been thinking of going back and grabbing a few more if they're still there.
  17. I picked up a tip a while ago from a Whisky Youtube channel. Stick your nose in the crevis of your arm (like on the other side of your elbow) and give that a sniff for a minute Sounds crazy... but it works... it basically uses your own "scent" to reset your "smellers".

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