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  1. Good game tonight MoeFOH. You started really started pushing my buttons with the constant all-ins but in the end I prevailed! Looking forward to our next game. Cheers.
  2. Wow. Amazing poker game tonight guys! It's been years since I won one of these Great heads-up play by elgallo55! Cheers, Dave
  3. DONE! I reference the site regularly. Thanks for all your contributions!
  4. Hi

    Curious if this years FOH Havana trip was your first? Sorry to bother you but wanted to hear from someone reasonably close to me. I would be interested in taking part in the future. Do you mind me asking How much the week cost with the FOH events? Did you make room accommodations through FOH or on your own? I have many more questions regarding the trip if you don't mind.


    Rob (SlimOne)

  5. Salvador's finca, San Jaun. Planting had not begun yet, we were a week early. I did get some AMAZING farm rolls (L to R, Driver, Salvador, Matteo, me)

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