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  1. Good game tonight MoeFOH. You started really started pushing my buttons with the constant all-ins but in the end I prevailed! Looking forward to our next game. Cheers.
  2. Wow. Amazing poker game tonight guys! It's been years since I won one of these Great heads-up play by elgallo55! Cheers, Dave
  3. DONE! I reference the site regularly. Thanks for all your contributions!
  4. Salvador's finca, San Jaun. Planting had not begun yet, we were a week early. I did get some AMAZING farm rolls (L to R, Driver, Salvador, Matteo, me)
  5. Agreed! Thanks Prez. Always great info and nice to meet other FOH members (even if only online).
  6. Funny you mention that. As we were leaving this room I saw a guy sanding off the box code stamp from the bottom of boxes! Standing there just scrubbing away at it with sandpaper until the ink disappeared, then brush off the dusting and do another box. Wish I had taken a photo but it felt like an awkward moment do to so.
  7. I toured the La Corona factory in Havana in March 2016. They showed us this room where they were applying all the labels to boxes so it appears that at least some assembly is done in the factories. Dave
  8. Hello all, I'm looking for suggestions for Canadians to buy and sell in US$ without having to do a currency conversion each time. Once I have sold cigars for US$ I don't want to have to convert them back to Canadian$, then convert from Canadian$ back to US$ when I want to make another purchase. I want do be able to: Make purchases in US$ using a credit card (VISA prefered) (for FOH purchases) Make purchases in US$ using PayPal (friends and family transaction) Sell some cigars and collect un UD$ using PayPal (friends and family transaction) I asked at my bank (RBC) about getting a US$ account setup with them but they aren't confident that I can link it to my PayPal account. I suspect there are several Canadians on FOH that also want to buy and sell cigars online that might already have this problem solved - I'd like to hear from you! Regards, Dave
  9. Ahhh... The weekend is here! One final decision to make. Not an easy decision but easily my favourite. Smoke'em if ya got'em! Cheers. And the winner is PARTY LUSI! Dave

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