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  1. Boveda was 62, the humidor operates within 62-64 range. I have a couple of these in the front line..
  2. Coffee time with Magnum 48. The almost full box was tucked away in one of my coolidors , ziplocked with a boveda, which I think was not very effective. Moved to one of my front line humidors, so the Rh should move up a bit. Smoke very well regardless, so is placed for consumption rotation for the next few months.
  3. Smoked almost the full box over the last few months. Nice afternoon cigar with coffee. On balance, I would take a Hoyo Petit Robusto over this.
  4. Great topic. I have also been smoking through my stock of ELs since the lock-down. Lots of pre -2010 stock; some turned out to be great smokes but some was just ok like this one. It was a smooth but feels like lost its punch over the years,
  5. Dippy 2 with Kavalan. Turned out to be a perfect combo..
  6. Became my favorite smoke, pretty much smoking this at every occasion..
  7. Same here, can not login through TT
  8. Romeo de Luxe from 2013 EL series. Excellent construction, good burn throughout. Typical EL profile which I enjoy. I equally liked the other 2013 offering, HDM Grand Epicure. Time to burn the 2013 stocks?

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