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  1. Dippy 2 with Kavalan. Turned out to be a perfect combo..
  2. Became my favorite smoke, pretty much smoking this at every occasion..
  3. Same here, can not login through TT
  4. Romeo de Luxe from 2013 EL series. Excellent construction, good burn throughout. Typical EL profile which I enjoy. I equally liked the other 2013 offering, HDM Grand Epicure. Time to burn the 2013 stocks?
  5. I also had a Dantes today. Overall, construction was better than the Monte 80 that I tried recently. However, still felt slightly under-filled. I think this is the new norm for Cuban cigars going forward. Started rally flat and improved second half. I did go deep on these, happy with the decision so far.
  6. Grand Epicure - a delightful stick with strong EL profile
  7. It was rather bland / one dimensional charcoal taste, so not far from your experience.
  8. Continuing with the EL theme. RA Extra from 2011. Final verdict - Fail! It is a true roller costed cigar, many different profiles from the same box
  9. One of the better, if not the best, EL offering of the last 5 years. Delivers every time.
  10. Ugly and beaten up SP Molinos from early 2000s- can't remember the box code. Was my best smoke of the week, during which I went through 10-12.

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