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  1. Intemperance EC Faith. Only NC I smoke with any regularity. The LC Reina were good too but the price point is crazy.
  2. I've put a hurtin on a box of AMO Nov 16 Sig 1 and haven't touched my HUHC since I got the Sig 1
  3. Here are some different ones, interesting one is the RyJ. Short Churchills then 25 Unidades.
  4. Limited experience with most EL but favorite so far is the 04 RyJ
  5. I'm in. I've been waiting on these for months. Will probably wait till the pricing comes in line then jump
  6. There have been so many it's hard to pick. Recent memory maybe a QdO Grand Corona from 06' or maybe a 05 or 06 Mag 46
  7. Good smoke. Have one full untouched cab wish I would have kept the other one but sold it to buy something else on a whim
  8. I grabbed one box of Don Alejandro, that will last me 5 years easy considering I smoke maybe 5 a year.
  9. I usually split boxes by 5s so problem solved there. Also whoever pays for the majority of sticks gets box..
  10. There was a sighting of AMO code Behike in Europe so it may be true
  11. 1 x Punch Coronation (smoke now) 1 x RASS 50 Cab 1 x Espy 25ct 1 x Ryj Cazzie 1 x Ryj Church 25ct 1 x PLPC Cab
  12. I will cast the line vote for the VR DA. I like them, more so than the others I've tried.
  13. A couple years ago I smoked a La Palina Kill Bill and then a Kentucky Fire Cured back to back. Sick as a dog
  14. WITB: Taylormade Aeroburner Tour Issue 9 Callaway X2hot 3deep 14.5 Ping i25 hybrid 19 Titleist 712u 4 Vapor Pro Combo 5-pw Vokey Sm5 50 54 58 Mannkrafted putter

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