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  1. I've had great luck with HCM beads as well, pretty much maintenance free and hold rock steady.
  2. Every 10-15 min when I think it's getting close to post time, when I don't see any changes after an hour or so I start panicking... I'm afraid 24:24 may be the death of me
  3. For some reason or another I keep passing up some fantastic Hoyo Epicure #1's,. They are smoking wonderfully but I just seem to be passing them up lately.
  4. I found Xikar quality somewhat lacking but their warranty is top shelf. Every time a lighter or cutter had issues they just reached into the case and gave me a new one. Now I typically use a Palio cutter that hasn't let me down and I use a Davidoff soft flame which I love.
  5. Hi Alex, I just checked out your site, fantastic job! I'll be joining and adding my collection shortly, this is really a way to track and grow your collection.
  6. I ordered some not realizing that they were not Heartfelt beads. As soon as I opened the package i could tell by their appearance that the beads were different. They don't work nearly as well as Heartfelt beads. I tossed them after two weeks or so.
  7. My most recent orders were a box of Hoyo Epicure #1, a box of PSP Partagas P2 and Bolivar Petit Coronas. As soon as they land I'll post some pics.
  8. My most recent purchase was a box of Partagea Serie D No. 4, box of 10 Siglo VI and a 15 count of Cohiba Robusto. I"ve tried the Partagas and the Robusto and if I have time tonight I'll try the Siglo VI.
  9. Hello to all of my new brothers and sisters. I'm new to cigar smoking but have quickly found that this is far more than just enjoying a cigar now and then. I've found myself reading all that I can on forums and everywhere I go on business I make it a point to stop in as many brick and mortar shops that I can. I can truthfully say that cigars have become one of my favorite "hobbies" and in a very short time I've outgrown my humidor and am well on my way to outgrowing my first coolidor. I've found several non-Cuban cigars that I seem to choose over and over again and have turned my attention to

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