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  1. » » » I would like to thank the FOH academy, Ken "the human adjective" Gargett » and the illustrious El Presidente.... » » This one is for you Mom! Congrats.......
  2. » Judging by the lewd look on El P's visage & the grin on the ladies I'd say » he's goosing the poor girl. » probably so
  3. » My son, Isaac Samuel, was born on September 4, at 7:07AM. Just now getting » back into the swing of things! » » At two weeks, he's doing great. » » Congrats to you and your wife... cant wait for my kids to come along... in the meantime....am enjoying the full "undress" rehersals.....hahahaha
  4. » Call me a pessimist but I don't think he is going to make it......... » > » > » > » > » > » > » > » > » > » Me thinks you are bored....
  5. » Figured out how to use the wifes » camera » » Didnt "straighten up" sort of speak. I dont like to keep the door open too » long. » » still trying to figure cam out so pics are 200 mb or less Errr..... are you my long lost Daddy ?? :-D That is a nice collection... one day... have to get a collection like that....
  6. Great review...makes me wanna go light up the box I have.....what year was your Conn 1 ?? I have a box from 98 that I am itching to open.......
  7. Why did god put those little bumps around a woman's nipples ?? Its Braile for "suck here".....
  8. Hello and welcome......to FOH
  9. Great....having been on the buy side of fake cigars...that were passed off as real at the FULL PRICE....I hope they make a HUGE dent in the fake cigar market......
  10. My picks will be a Partagas D4 and Shorts, Cohiba Siglo VI, H Upmann Sir Winston, Juan Lopez Petit Corona, RASS......
  11. I have smoked these rcently and they have become my go to smokes when I have a half hour or so to kill before dinner or...... I love the rich flavours and I find them creamy and a little chocolate... They are quite a little power house in my opinion. Yes...had some draw problems but nothing tweezers cant fix...noticed that they tend to have a few stems that will make the flavours bitter but once you pull these out...problem solved and taste great.......
  12. » in all honesty... I love these cigars but the only problem....besides the price ... is that even for such a large cigar, I find that they burn too quickly......does anyone have that same problem or is it just me ??
  13. Damm.... was a little late as my computer crashed at home so I could not post my testing. Anyway the cigar was a churchill with a slight box press....Initial nose made me think of a SLR or RyJ Churchill. Draw was a little firm but managable. Initial flavour was a slittle peppery/spicy but that could have been remnants of my lunch ?? Was a little creamy in the beginning. Burn was razor sharp..... detected herbal notes and a little nutty hint. Woody overall....whilst the flavours were there, they wern't overwhelming but subtle.... a complex cigar that i thought was a early LG Tainos. Pity t
  14. Great review...been smoking these the alst few days....and they are great..... even when they are 05 batch....cant keep any for the long term..... i am sure they will be great.

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