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  1. Partagas aristocrats , Super partagas , Bolivar coronas jr , Hoyo palmas , H uppman epicure and majestic , RG perlas ,too many too list haha
  2. Thanks Brother miss my friends on here Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Good choices bro Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Sorry fellas been through some shit this last year sorry for my extended vacation. Love You Guys!
  5. Its really none of her business ! You work you pay for it ! I feel Cigarettes are more about getting a fix where cigars are pure relaxation.
  6. love the cigar and automatic weapon combo they pair really nice ! welcome brother!
  7. If I can make the trip to Cuba I will bring my old boxing gloves and we can sell tickets !!! Rumbling Ray vs Crusher Ken .
  8. first I have heard of it . loved it when I was a kid !
  9. Hunter1974

    Dead Pool

    yes it was brother !
  10. Oh and wasn't making fun of Rob , Ken or Seth my nose has been broken 12 times so my taste isn't as keen! Ok time for another drink!!
  11. Man this is an awesome combo ! That's all I can say !! I ain't Rob, Ken or Seth . I can't tell you it tastes like raisins or short bread or any damn thing it's just Good!!! Just got off work for the next 4 days yes I'm intoxicated and it's only 8:45 am but I just got off work !! Lmao!! Much love to you all!!
  12. a lot of good recipes on here ! Try different ones but always use ZIng Zang bloody mary mix and a can or 2 of beer !
  13. Here is an idea let them trade their old cars for new ones ! collectors would die to have them!!! ok just trying to bring some cool to all the heat ! I can speak for stogieluvers Character though . Rich is an outstanding guy and would never intentionally stir **** unless its about college football !
  14. Hunter1974

    Sausage Party

    Holy **** I gotta see it ! You just killed me lmao!!!!!

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