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  1. Not to nitpick here -- because we could do that with any and all inherently subjective descriptions -- but do you think Monte Esp. are still "darker and more concentrated"? Objectively speaking, it seems to me for many years Monte Esp. has consistently carried some of the lightest wrappers of the whole marca
  2. LOL didn't notice that when I apparently resurrected
  3. This. Or just cheap plastic blocks (chemically neutral). Any space filler will do, for pennies.
  4. I was 11-12 years old and given a pretty decent cigar by neighborhood neer-do-well Rick Hendeson. I do believe he was robbing me of nickles and dimes in poker at the time, probably cheating me (a little kid) all the while to boot. Rick's been dead many years but my forum handle has always been my tribute, he still lives on in some way. As for CC, I tried a few, probably half fakes, then took the plunge and ordered a 3x5 petaca of HDM PR online. Never looked back. It may or may not have made any difference -- we'll never know -- but: One of the cigars from one of those petacas was literally the best cigar I've ever smoked in my life. It was a kaleidoscope / melange of dozens of incredible flavors. I can recall it in my taste memory to this day. I've never smoked anything like it since. But I've certainly been chasing it, all this time, through hundreds and hundreds of boxes . . . .
  5. RickHendeson

    Poor seal on humidors

    Thanks guys, and you are right! Unfortunately it did not cure my woes.
  6. So it seems many people prefer humidity lower for CC than NC. Often you hear people talk about low 60s (and even high 50s)? Is there (preferably on a scientific basis) a minimum humidity at which damage to cigars is widely acknowledged? Particularly the evaporation of essential oils, etc.?
  7. RickHendeson

    Poor seal on humidors

    Figured he might not be the only one. Also figured the color might be significant
  8. RickHendeson

    Poor seal on humidors

    Can you please specify exactly what kind of tape this was? Thanks!
  9. RickHendeson

    Graycliff Cigars

    Looked into it further and damn this is ridiculous. Looks like some online retailers who are selling "Cigars" via a ".com" (and also Cigars "Internationally" via a ".com") are using heavily misleading ad copy to make buyers think their cigars are from the Bahamas . . . . I would never touch another Graycliff again out of sheer principle.
  10. RickHendeson

    Graycliff Cigars

    Wait, you're saying Graycliff licenses its name?
  11. RickHendeson

    durian. yes? no?

    STL here. The biggest Asian market in the city stocks them by the pallet-full. Never tried and now probably won't given the comments about the importance of quality in this thread. Have no way of knowing if theirs are superb specimens or awful. If I ask about provenance, likelihood of getting an accurate response minimal.
  12. P.S. I am not a fan of "graphite."
  13. I always thought he meant "graphite," and yeah, I've tasted graphite numerous times. Not the literal taste of graphite, but that's the closest thing to describe the sensation.

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