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    Cohiba Espléndidos - EOG CCUA

    Ok, BUT WHAT'S INTERESTING IS: When were they faked? Recently? Or has a fake box been sitting around 20 years!
  2. Happens to me when I foolishly purge too hard
  3. Weren't all past auctions going to be archived and available? I can't seem to find them anywhere.
  4. RickHendeson

    FOH Auction History?

    I see. Thanks
  5. Behike that cost less than a small car
  6. RickHendeson

    Cigar-themed boat names

    La Gloria Marina
  7. A huge fault of it is public "education" which completely neglects to instruct people of the difference between correlation and causation. Sometimes I wonder if virtually anyone understands the distinction these days. News media sure as hell doesn't. Now Google "p-hacking" (aka "data dredging") and you can see the excitingly sleazy depths to which "science" has sunk. The social "sciences" don't even bother with trivial things like "hypotheses" anymore. They just gather a bunch of data and announce results. Let the theories come to you! Especially Google the story of Brian Wansink. I will bet my last El Morro (delicious) that 90% of the people on this board have read or heard at least one news item based on his work -- even if they didn't know it . . . . By the way it's been proven since 2000 that storks deliver babies. http://robertmatthews.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/RM-storks-paper.pdf
  8. RickHendeson

    HSA Price Increases

    I understood his point. I was reading for information on Cuban pricing and market conditions. "What Will I Smoke Now? (And Why!)" is a natural reaction but an altogether different topic.
  9. I used to refer to a chart of production (or was it sales?) figures by marca. It was a little outdated, but claimed to be official numbers themselves, or at least, the last such figures that got out into the wild. I thought maybe it was at CCW, or here, but for the life of me I cannot find it anymore. Anyone know where to find such a resource? NOT talking about merely relative production between the marcas, but pretty specific numbers. Anyone?
  10. RickHendeson

    What Size Freezer Bags?

    Ziploc makes a plain-jane 2 gal freezer bag. Been using them for a decade
  11. Can you define "strong"? Is that in relation to the bitter taste you discuss, or do they also have a lot of power (i.e. nicotine)?
  12. Found it on CCW. Anyone have detailed updates? Sales & Revenue Sales and Revenue figures are generally a close-kept secret within Habanos SA. In a surprising lapse, the following figures for 2006 were "published". Reportedly just seven of the 27 current export brands account for 83 percent of all cigars sold and contribute 82 percent of all sales revenue. These brands are: Montecristo: 23% of all cigars sold; 29% of all revenue. Romeo y Julieta: 15% of all cigars sold; 12% of all revenue. Partagas: 12% of all cigars sold; 12% of all revenue. Cohiba: 11% of all cigars sold; 20% of all revenue. Jose L. Piedra: 11% of all cigars sold; 2% of all revenue. Quintero: 5% of all cigars sold; 2% of all revenue. Hoyo de Monterrey: 4% of all cigars sold; 5% of all revenue. Figures for other well-known brands are: H. Upmann: 2.4% of all cigars sold, 2.1% of all revenue. Trinidad: 1.5% of all cigars sold, 2.5% of all revenue. The Bolivar, Punch and Ramon Allones brands barely register, however this position may well have changed with the introduction of the Regional Edition Series, as these three brands alone have had in excess of 60 releases to date (2013). The largest selling cigar is the Montecristo No.4 (a Petit Corona) with a 8% market share. Early 2009 figures reveal the following market order: Montecristo. Romeo y Julieta. Jose L. Piedra. Cohiba. Partagás. Hoyo de Monterrey. Quintero. H. Upmann. The majority of all income is earned from the first four brands.
  13. RickHendeson

    In search of tea notes in a cigar.

    On occasion, the dreaded Cuaba
  14. Not to nitpick here -- because we could do that with any and all inherently subjective descriptions -- but do you think Monte Esp. are still "darker and more concentrated"? Objectively speaking, it seems to me for many years Monte Esp. has consistently carried some of the lightest wrappers of the whole marca
  15. LOL didn't notice that when I apparently resurrected
  16. This. Or just cheap plastic blocks (chemically neutral). Any space filler will do, for pennies.
  17. I was 11-12 years old and given a pretty decent cigar by neighborhood neer-do-well Rick Hendeson. I do believe he was robbing me of nickles and dimes in poker at the time, probably cheating me (a little kid) all the while to boot. Rick's been dead many years but my forum handle has always been my tribute, he still lives on in some way. As for CC, I tried a few, probably half fakes, then took the plunge and ordered a 3x5 petaca of HDM PR online. Never looked back. It may or may not have made any difference -- we'll never know -- but: One of the cigars from one of those petacas was literally the best cigar I've ever smoked in my life. It was a kaleidoscope / melange of dozens of incredible flavors. I can recall it in my taste memory to this day. I've never smoked anything like it since. But I've certainly been chasing it, all this time, through hundreds and hundreds of boxes . . . .
  18. So it seems many people prefer humidity lower for CC than NC. Often you hear people talk about low 60s (and even high 50s)? Is there (preferably on a scientific basis) a minimum humidity at which damage to cigars is widely acknowledged? Particularly the evaporation of essential oils, etc.?
  19. RickHendeson

    Poor seal on humidors

    Thanks guys, and you are right! Unfortunately it did not cure my woes.
  20. RickHendeson

    Poor seal on humidors

    Figured he might not be the only one. Also figured the color might be significant
  21. RickHendeson

    Poor seal on humidors

    Can you please specify exactly what kind of tape this was? Thanks!

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