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  1. This last week I Smoked a 2001 RyJ EL Robusto I picked up in Amsterdam late 2002 Still as good today as they were at the 2 year mark. No sign of decline. Have tried 5 year old smokes that fell far from grace. Each is different I think.
  2. Was only on the Island for 30 hours during a recent cruise but did find time to do a little shopping! Majority of haul is pictured here.
  3. If your ship is in Port and the cruise line has their ships security allowing for 24hr access, there will be Cuban officers there to quickly look at your passport and ship sea pass as you come and go. We were on a RCCL ship 2 weeks ago and got back on board at 2AM with no trouble. Don’t leave the ship without your Passport...period. Any questions about the terminal in Havana, DM me. Great trip...have fun!
  4. Best purchase I ever made many, many years ago. A quality piece of craftsmanship that I never regretted buying. You will love yours!

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