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  1. » Nice lot of uncommon sticks mate. Thank you sir. :-) A "cool" cigar is one thing (simply because it's rare/uncommon) but an "interesting" cigar is another. When you light it up and say, "What the heck is this? How can a cigar taste like this?", that's when you know you have something special.
  2. My 5 rarest would be: #1 Habanos 1492 (from the humi) #2 Habanos 1994 (from the humi) #3 1988 Cohiba Corona #4 Partagas 150 (any of the 3 sizes...I like 'em all) #5 Various Cuban Davidoffs & Dunhillls... The 5 "most interesting" would be (in no particular order): *When I say "interesting", I mean, crazy tasting, weird, awesome, etc. #1 1985 Punch Nectares No. 2 #2 1970's Ramon Allones Private Stock Corona #3 1970's Rafael Gonzalez Vitola C #4 1980's Don Candido Selection Suprema No. 501 #5 1980's Dunhill Varadero
  3. Nice! I love my Triple D and the TD looks nice as well.
  4. Nice review! I prefer the Chateau Margaux as my go-to Davidoff but the DP's are something that I break out for that "extra special" smoke.
  5. Best: 80's Davidoff No. 1 (25 ct) --- from myself!;-) Worst: Ugly Blanket --- from my aunt & uncle.:-(
  6. Nice review!:-) Glad I have some of these...I'm only w/o the No. 2.:-(
  7. I smoked a '95 a week or so ago and currently have 4 boxes that are pre-02. This cigar is good fresh, but "money" when 5+ years out.
  8. I just smoked a 70's Partagas 898 a couple of weeks ago (which was my oldest cigar at the time). I have many from the 80's!
  9. Style and impressive design, to say the least.:-D
  10. I'll check my two Jars when I get home. I heard from someone on one of the various forums, that they saw these jars being loaded into a truck just a few months ago. I wonder if these are still in production?
  11. I use two lighters about 50/50 #1 Dunhill Sports Lighter -- Turbo torch Rhodiné -the only torch lighter offered by Dunhill #2 Dupont XTend Habanos Version Both are great, but I give the Dunhill the nod in looks and a tie in performance. If I didn't spend all my money buying cigars, a good amount would go to lighters.:-D
  12. I just smoked one of these on Friday afternoon. I had smoked 3 or so at one point and loved them. Then, the 4th cigar was sick and I put them away for 6 months. I brought them back out for a trail run and it seems they're back again! I'm very happy, as I missed this cigar a lot during its "sleep period".
  13. » I have tried » » Decision being made in July as to whether they are going to be developed » as a worldwide release. » » » Some good news is the possibility of a FOH specific release next year » Very cool, Rob! I'm stilling waiting on those PSD4 Reserva's to come in to you! A FOH release would be a great idea!
  14. Hey Ironman! Glad you could join us here....
  15. » I've tasted cocoa in certain cigars...Monte 2, VR famoso, RyJ robusto EL » come to mind off the top of my head. Funny you say that, I had a RyJ Robusto EL and was very pleased with the sweet/cocoa tastes it possessed. Also, had a bit of floral to go along with it...great cigar! I usually associate chocolate with sweet/creamy/cocoa, so I would say I do taste it. A fine example of sweet/chocolate/creamy would be the Cohiba Selection Reserva. Just a wonderful smoke, no matter which vitola you pick from the box! I also taste earth/spice/coffee(which I associate with creamy)/bitter/wood. Off the top of my head, that's about it.

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