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  1. Yep, those are all in tubos. I will say this, every single CoRo tubo I have ever had has had top notch construction and appearance. I guess if I had to choose between cabs or tubos, I’d take tubos, but really it doesn’t matter much to me as long as what I’m getting has been inspected for the qualities I’m looking for. And yes, I have my tubos inspected. At least a few opened to check for construction.
  2. I wouldn’t say there is a dead period. If it’s dead it’s dead. Thing is though, this is so subjective. One persons dead cigar, may be another’s favorite at that stage. Myself, I like big, bold, rich flavors. These flavors often are found more often in fresher cigars, but of course old cigars too. I smoked an 01 Upmann corona last week that still has lots of strength, very rich, complex, but also very smooth. I haven’t the slightest clue what will happen with the D2’s in 10 years from now, but my gut says not good. I don’t taste the richness anymore, or the classic D2 blend. Just one dimensional, almost dry tasting, while still retaining strength. They were the opposite when fresh. They were great I’ve smoked D2’s from the mid 90’s, early 2000’s, through 2015. The D2 has a very distinct flavor, and it carries through with age. I don’t taste that in the 2015’s. In the case of the D2 from that time period, could a sick period, but only time will tell. If you are not loving them right now, I would say either sell them, or bury them and try in a few more years.
  3. Yes, when they were fresh I smoked half the box pretty much right away then saved the other half to age. I was surprised to say the least. This reminds me that the La Fuerza from the same year were similar. Fresh they were great, 2 years on them, I honestly thought they sucked. And I wouldn’t say they were sick, they tasted dead. Based on my experience with cigars, they had nowhere to go but down. I could be wrong though, just my gut feeling
  4. Yes! AMO MAR 16. So El Laguito factory I also have AMO JUL 16, and OBM JUN 16. All have been great, but that MAR 16 that I smoked the other night was glorious. I bought multiples of all of these. I would also recommend EPM SEP 17 for 25 count box. I have smoked almost a full box of those in the past month and a half. They have been very good, a great representation of CoRo.
  5. I’ve smoked more CoRos than any other cigar. Be selective, have your vendor inspect for construction, aroma, and wrapper quality. CoRos are one of the cigars that I truly believe need close to 2 years to start shining. Before that, tastes muddled, can’t get a good idea of the profile. 2017’s have been very good, rich, but still a few rough edges, but really enjoying them. Now 2016’s, which I have smoked 5 boxes of, are some of the best by a long shot, in years. For a while I thought the blend for 2016 was slightly tweaked, but it’s not that, I believe they used very good, more refined tobaccos that year. I just smoked one from a Tubo from 16, and it was one of the best CoRos that I have ever had, and that’s saying a lot, as I’ve smoked from the 90’s all the way through to 2017. Glad I went deep on those a couple years ago. One thing of note on tubos, make sure you take it out of the tube a day or 2 before you smoke it. Needs time to open up So yes, they are worth it. But then again you need to try. You may not like the blend.
  6. I liked them fresh, not liking them very much with a few years on the them. Seem to be too one dimensional now.
  7. Smoke one my man. Based on what you’ve written, I would not be surprised at all to find they are not only smokable, but may be quite a surprise. There are people out there that store their cigars in the mid to upper 50’s for long term storage. Plus the bovedas still haven’t dried up? I think you are going to be good to go. Your geographical location likely played a large role here. Had you lived in say Arizona, I think they would be screwed.
  8. These are fantastic cigars. Very rich, very aromatic, strength will surprise you even though these contain no ligero.
  9. They really are great cigars, and I truly think with 5 years they are going to be very special. It’s quite apparent a lot of thought was put into these. I went deep on these because of the obvious aging potential.
  10. I wouldn’t do Saran type wrap. Gallon size quality Ziplock type baggies. I have bags of custom rolled that have had custom rolled in them for 14 years now, and they are still perfect shape and smoke perfectly. I currently have lots of very good stuff stored in many gallon bags. They age just fine.
  11. Those Upmann Reservas are very good cigars. Smoked one Monday morning.
  12. 4 boxes of Festival Marevas in LCDH Melbourne back in 09. Boxes hidden in a locker, and they even had an open box that I bought all the singles out of.
  13. Pretty surprised that Key West hasn’t been mentioned. Doesn’t get a whole lot more cigar friendly than that.
  14. I’ve seen that too, but definitely not a flying pig. I’ll try and post a photo of one later.

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