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  1. Yes, definitely. It taste like a mix of Upmann #2, and a Connie B. The RR wrapper tastes a lot like the wrapper used on Connie B, the guts of Upmann 2. Great blend, love that cigar, smoked lots.
  2. Totally agree, and I’ve smoked lots of both. I see the similarities to Sig VI, but I have on more than one occasion thought that the BHK blend and Connie B share similarities.
  3. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit to find that this is a fact. I believe this plays a large roll in its popularity. Bottom line is as always, smoke what you like.
  4. I agree with both of you. I was hoping to hear a glowing review of fresh 20 PLPC, and actually just asked the question of how they are smoking on a different forum. I love PL cigars, but for the most part, I dislike PLPC. So many other cigars out there that are ready to go. The PLPC is never ready to go fresh, at least not in my experience. It takes forever to age, and even then there’s no guarantee. To me this is a cigar that is way overhyped.
  5. Those wrappers are no bueno. Overall, pathetic.
  6. I believe you are 100 percent wrong on the Connie B. Mag54, sure, the size sucks, but I’ve smoked over 80+ Connie B, and believe me, this is a cigar of note. I would suggest later 19-20 box-codes if you really want to see them shine. And really though, and I don’t mean to be rude, but who the hell cares if they keep coming up with new sizes and blends? I mean, that’s a good thing. I think we should try them (and I mean more than one stick ROTT) and see how they are, before we crap all over it.
  7. Aged Connie 1 taste significantly different to an aged Sir Winnie.
  8. Pretty sure that’s the case. It never works. I’ve tried this on different cigars, they don’t taste the same unfortunately .
  9. If it’s just Upmann DNA you are after, then yes, Connie 1 or I would suggest the Mag 46. But a cigar that tastes like a Sir Winnie, only shorter, there isn’t any other cigar that tastes like SW. Connie 1, and Mag46’s are all totally different blends, but they certainly define the Upmann profile. And also yes, the HUHC, they are tasty, pure Upmann, but totally on the other end of the size spectrum. Upmanns are my favorite marca and I know most of them very well, but their blends are noticeably different from vitola to vitola, but all stay true to the Upmann profile. Only one I’m not that famili
  10. They are excellent. I smoked one on New Years. They are aging very well. Definitely top 5 cigar for the year. Construction was perfection.
  11. Don’t assume on the beetles. I had a box of 70’s Monte 4’s that i found a live beetle in. The only time I’ve ever seen a beetle out of literally thousands upon thousands of cigars.
  12. Man, i’m seeing some really nice stuff from late 19 through mid 20. Good times.

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