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  1. They really are great cigars, and I truly think with 5 years they are going to be very special. It’s quite apparent a lot of thought was put into these. I went deep on these because of the obvious aging potential.
  2. I wouldn’t do Saran type wrap. Gallon size quality Ziplock type baggies. I have bags of custom rolled that have had custom rolled in them for 14 years now, and they are still perfect shape and smoke perfectly. I currently have lots of very good stuff stored in many gallon bags. They age just fine.
  3. Those Upmann Reservas are very good cigars. Smoked one Monday morning.
  4. 4 boxes of Festival Marevas in LCDH Melbourne back in 09. Boxes hidden in a locker, and they even had an open box that I bought all the singles out of.
  5. Pretty surprised that Key West hasn’t been mentioned. Doesn’t get a whole lot more cigar friendly than that.
  6. I’ve seen that too, but definitely not a flying pig. I’ll try and post a photo of one later.
  7. That’s an Upmann Butifarra he’s smoking.
  8. Early boxes were good, and I mean early. Pre-released were incredible. The rest really sucked to me. It seemed they made an endless supply. They were sold forever, and I truly believe these were and are still overhyped. Then again, I could say this about so many of the LE’s over the years.
  9. In my experience these are great fresh, then expire quickly. I finally gave up buying these after the third box, and that was 2015 or 2016, can’t remember. But they are great fresh.
  10. I’ve smoked quite a few of the La verdad by Papos. Your review is spot on. Very nice review!
  11. I've smoked a ton of these this year, and i'm not a huge Monte fan. Great when fresher, but its sleepy time for them now. Smoked one about 2 weeks ago, and that will be the last for quite some time. Its a great, rich, full flavored classy cigar, but at least to me, they need rest.

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