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  1. Cohiba Siglo VI Cohiba Lancero Any Cohiba EL World is flat apparently...
  2. It's easy to say they have aging potential, but it's hyped and not stellar. LGC Suiza RE is better by margins.
  3. Did HSA raise the minimum cigars order from regional edition? Latest France RE - 10K BOXES, BELUX RE -10k , SPAIN RE LAST YEAR 15K AND THIS YEAR IS 20K BOXES
  4. 90% of my spending are CC, recently I spent 1/3 budget on NC, not really my palate is changing, just to make my CC boxes "rest more time" (more time to aging) . There are many nice NC to smoke, $5~10 per stick, and you don't need to age yourself. I stored PSP cabs like members here, if you have enough you won't need NC, but I love tobacco too much, I want to try more. also, in HK/Taiwan CC are dominant for sure, but NC having their field of sky now, it's 'cheaper' in cigar lounges.
  5. I had VI, M2, LUSI before, they are from different universe trust me, too smooth for your cigar teeth. Aged cigars normally taste well than fresh ones, you can still sense their DNA when young, GR series is totally different, you don't feel the aging process affected to that cigar. Now I stock PSP boxes from our host and age them myself.
  6. One is enough if you know the flavor of 'Padron'. if Cohiba having $5 stick product, it won't be 'Cohiba' soon.
  7. Last week PCC opened a new shop in Dazhi (suburban Taipei), they brought this. Hard to imagine there's RE for "FORMOSA" (Taiwan), especially in Tainos vitola. 8888 boxes (10) a photo from facebook...
  8. I smoked 2 boxes in two years, I love them. 2 boxes left I will keep them 'longer life'
  9. If CT buy them, one day we will get those 'Habanos' made in China ? Juan Lopez and Sancho Panza will no longer exist, they will producing Cohiba instead.

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