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  1. Not a fan of BBF before this forum favourite fever starts. It was with Boli leather, factory made truffle jam for me, and mostly badly rolled. Since reading several praise from this forum, I gave BBF a try and now love them! Now they are in my rotation and at least 100 sticks in my freezer.
  2. Trini will be fine, since price hike of Behike, they are true gems of we Asians, taste well when young, dandy as Cohiba too. PCC put Trinidad as much premium brand since Habanos created the lines, another level of 'premium' compares to distributors from other continents. I remember my first trip to Camp Nou, watching FC Barcelona matches (07/08 season), across the avenue of the stadium there's a nice shop selling cigars, when I saw prices of Trini I was shocked. Spain pricing of Trini today is still reasonable, that's totally different world if you do buy Habanos in PCC world that time. I was the youngest one to smoke Habanos around my 20's, now in my mid 30's I'm the oldest smoker in those bars (rich old asians can manage to go a better place to smoke under current govt law), young generation likes cigars too and they are so willing to spend money on everything looks cool. PCC and Habanos knew that well from the start.
  3. One EL with Trinidad band's' can solve every problems mentioned. Trini will be safe.
  4. If they do wish to turn high end brands to Rolex, Hermes status, just making every Habanos double banded. Look how many boxes made to RE programs...
  5. Hate the idea of rename. Once they thought Redskins is sensitive, then they laugh about the name Commanders... There are plenty non English speakers like me, so I suggest FOH still - Friends of Hahaha, that guarantees everyone would spell them correctly.
  6. Diplomaticos Colección Privada II, latest Spain RE. Colección Privada I was tasty and cheap, it seems LFDC Magicos is much similar to Colección Privada I (size/price).
  7. Not bad the taste, considering they are QDO.
  8. If everyone shuts airplace to Russian planes, where can Aeroloft bring Habanos out from Havana? I remember Rob said all Habanos were brought out of Cuba by Aeroloft... 😬
  9. Same here, before the post I felt strange that no one talked how heavy their smoke was...
  10. Amp code? Do we have Lanceros rolling from another factory? or El Laguito now coded AMP?
  11. I bought 3 boxes this year, starting to love the flavour, especially not being a fan of Short/Wide Churchill but your friends do smoke them often.
  12. I will keep my old band current stocks for long, and try to sell them on Bond Roberts 2030 😄 my 24:24 Connie 1 from early September is still in Sydney waiting for its departure..........

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