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  1. I will keep my old band current stocks for long, and try to sell them on Bond Roberts 2030 😄 my 24:24 Connie 1 from early September is still in Sydney waiting for its departure..........
  2. Lancero. Gotta let those rollers keep warming their hands...to roll more skinnies.
  3. Esmeralda was the best for me when launched, 2 years on and too much 'toast' for me now, ML is my pick among these 3.
  4. Bought one box every year since 2016, mostly consistent to me.
  5. Regular Opus X +1. They age beautifully, and taste well when you give them time just like Habanos..
  6. Lancero + Maduro ... That would be HSA's Cavalier Genève Black Series II Lancero !
  7. Bought a lot, smoked a lot, but I don't get that too. My heart says I don't care, love every pc size cigars.
  8. I was wondering the same thing, are they fair? Many years on and I think they are fair. Stunning items smoke well even when young, those are forum favorite too, but most cc didn't smoke fabulous if you know 'it takes some time'. Recently I smoked more NC than before, more NC I smoke I can steadily understand what they are talking about, some CC get low score surely surprise me, but I could totally understand why some NC favorite items didn't scored high - after I smoked them. Some foodie bloggers having similar taste like you and me, some are on the opposite, after reading
  9. Very good, might be the best LFDC products in years. they wear special band like 2016 Italy RE, Magicos are still better.
  10. It worked. I mean these kids turned pro without being spoiled, and felt really good (play really well) under "freedom" 2004 Olympics : 4th 2006 Asian Games: 2nd 2007 AFC Asian Cup: Cinderella (Winner)
  11. Habanos is desperate to demolish those cheap/good cigars.
  12. Habanos didn't late on Galanes and Elegidos, but there's no sign when we can see those LCDH Cohiba/Monte...
  13. Anyone tell me the biggest difference from Blue to this stick?
  14. Buy the hyped when 50&54 were up, some decent flavor made you curious, bought many 54 box but I dont like them now. You can have better experience by grab some Honduras Cameroon seed cigars to burn. Habanos isnt stupid, QDO EL is so good, I agree Rob Senadores can age better among 19LEs, and they are dandy smoke.
  15. Same factory with same date, that means I'll have 25 joy nights when I smoke these BFF!
  16. Good value? PLPC is not bad but you just don't have 'rewards' from them, and you keep buying cabs.
  17. RyJ Cazadores, or go to NC world you can find plenty...😁
  18. Every spring time in Taiwan, before crazy hot and humid summer, I smoked much more non cubans than I thought. 90-10 changes to 60-40, higher frequency in a year, then forgot them. 😏
  19. Grand Edmundos is sandwiched by Sublime and 520. 1966 and the RA 2011 stole the show, Having Neymar can let Mbappe looks even better.

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