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  1. uhhh what is it that makes you think they are from 1970 ??? derrek
  2. A question I used to ask ... how many gas stations are there in Canada ??? i had my reasons for asking this . derrek
  3. Flying cars i am sure this was on the cover of popular science in 1966 (more than 50 years ago) ... I want my flying car . derrek
  4. La flor de cano ... coronas vegueros ... marevas derrek
  5. dvickery

    ERDM Tainos

    Tease time
  6. First night in Cuba ... a lady knocked on my door and asked if I was smoking in my room because she could smell it in her room . my reply **** off lady we are not in Canada anymore !!! she got pretty torched ... but lucky for me she never spoke to me again . derrek
  7. In a nutshell ... wisdom derrek
  8. Diego Garcia should have a tax free PX ... look for something special . derrek
  9. Sure wish I could “like” more than once . ahh to spend “a night in Tunisia” derrek
  10. It can be done ... in 2006 to 2008 (takes a lot longer than you would think) ... a private board I belong(ed) to did just this. minimum of 400 boxes (in 2006) repackaged to 500 boxes of 20 (some freebies/giveaways so really only 490 boxes) ... then getting the boxes made (a way bigger hassle than you might think) ... I don’t think HSA would let us use original dress boxes . Then getting bands made and applied . done in conjunction with an LCDH (in Germany) with the blessing of HSA . still have 5 or 6 boxes derrek
  11. dvickery


    @zeedubbya In the humi is the only place I know of ... derrek
  12. dvickery


    Patricia’s look in the rear view mirror at any other Juan Lopez (I have ever tried) . if they can be found ... try a Patricia . derrek
  13. So much bullshit ... these numbers could very well represent a reduction in use ... how are we to know . statistics are just a mathematical way to lie . derrek

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