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  1. First night in Cuba ... a lady knocked on my door and asked if I was smoking in my room because she could smell it in her room . my reply **** off lady we are not in Canada anymore !!! she got pretty torched ... but lucky for me she never spoke to me again . derrek
  2. In a nutshell ... wisdom derrek
  3. Diego Garcia should have a tax free PX ... look for something special . derrek
  4. Sure wish I could “like” more than once . ahh to spend “a night in Tunisia” derrek
  5. It can be done ... in 2006 to 2008 (takes a lot longer than you would think) ... a private board I belong(ed) to did just this. minimum of 400 boxes (in 2006) repackaged to 500 boxes of 20 (some freebies/giveaways so really only 490 boxes) ... then getting the boxes made (a way bigger hassle than you might think) ... I don’t think HSA would let us use original dress boxes . Then getting bands made and applied . done in conjunction with an LCDH (in Germany) with the blessing of HSA . still have 5 or 6 boxes derrek
  6. dvickery


    @zeedubbya In the humi is the only place I know of ... derrek
  7. dvickery


    Patricia’s look in the rear view mirror at any other Juan Lopez (I have ever tried) . if they can be found ... try a Patricia . derrek
  8. So much bullshit ... these numbers could very well represent a reduction in use ... how are we to know . statistics are just a mathematical way to lie . derrek
  9. dvickery

    Dick Dale

    Probably the best version of “pipeline” ever recorded ... dick dale and Stevie Ray Vaughan in the movie “back to the beach” derrek
  10. Not outdoor ... my favorite place in the universe to smoke cigars ... comodoro . not ‘cause of the venue or it’s location ... because I would be smoking with Andreas Kathy Farrah and Alex . derrek
  11. dvickery


    As a Canadian returning from Cuba (25 or so times) and having been hassled more than a few times ... I feel for you . also tho I am a bit more than a little surprised they didn’t send you to a lonely room to wait 3 days for you to shit everything out before they let you go through customs . it could have been worse derrek
  12. dvickery

    So why no La Trova?

    was in Havana in nov ‘17 when they first arrived at the smoke shops there . the fact that Joanne (for sure) and Ajay (I think) and some other retailers were buying master cases (yes plural) ... might have something to do with not seeing many elsewhere . derrek
  13. Below 20 C and I won’t smoke outside . derrek
  14. One could only guess what the Chinese equivalent of “America’s got talent” would be like 🤪 derrek
  15. Below 20 degrees outside ... inside for a smoke 🤪 where I live that is about 250 days of the year 🤓 derrek
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