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  1. Update: Xiaomi is rubbish with stock firmware. Unfortunately, I'm not at all interested in doing a "home assistant" setup at present. So the Xiaomi has been sent to someone who will use it. Sensorpush: 48 hours after I put it in a Boveda calibration kit I calibrated it to 75%. It's now back in the calibration kit for another 48 hours. The current reading it 74.8%. The calibration kit is less than a month old and is triple bagged. So far, I like the Govee's they're fairly accurate after fiddling with them. All to within 1% again. I've got them
  2. Unfortunately, there is not many wireless hygrometers to claim accuracy within ±1%. I say not many - but I only know of 1. It's You want the Pro ALS. This product requires their wifi thing. I haven't bought one from there yet, but I probably will. I'm testing a sensorpush at present. Its too early to tell, otherwise I'd give you feedback. I did try a Xiaomi and was very surprised. It is very accurate with custom firmware. The only negative is that the Xiaomi app fails when the device has said custom firmware. There is a way to get a smartphone app working, but it involves w
  3. I've got a Cartier lighter that was my Grandmothers, it's a little hard to light, I hardly use it. My dream would probably be the Dupont double soft flame - forget the name. I have a fake Dupont, it's nice. As silly as I am with money - I couldn't justify $1,000 (or more) on a lighter. I have a Maxijet, though. It's nice - never fails to light. However, I find myself using the Xikar, Colibri Julius, and the generic eBay/Aliexpress "Cohiba" branded lighters more. Sure they might not light on the first attempt, but they do the job just as well in terms of actually getting the
  4. I'm waiting for mine to ship. It's nearly 3 weeks and it still hasn't shipped. I'd highly suggest dealing with someone higher up in the company to get things done easier. Some of the staff have poor English.
  5. I'll report: Bought 5 Govee's. Bought 2 different Inkbirds. Bought 1 Sensorpush. Bought 1 Xiaomi. Initial thoughts: The Inkbirds are always off a bit, even after calibration. Requiring constant fiddling. The Govee's are solid. The only problem I foresee is replacing the battery. Since the units themselves are so tiny they might be easy to break. This is all after 24+ (but not 48) hours of calibration. I normally do 48 hours and then adjust settings, but I decided to do 24 hours. I'll adjust again at the 48 hour mark. Not sure how accurate temperature is, though. The Sensorp
  6. I went ahead and bought a MON1800A. The sales process for me leaves a lot to be desired. Also, the shipping method has changed to by sea only, whereas before there were a few options. The pricing of the shipping also doesn't match sea freight - it's more akin to air freight. Sea freight is substantially cheaper than air freight, yet the pricing doesn't reflect that. I hope the product reflects quality in terms of how expensive it is...
  7. I should've been more specific. I mean wireless as in Bluetooth/Wifi with data logging. Thanks for the suggestion. Thanks for the suggestion. I've bought 5 of these. It seems the most popular are Sensorpush and Govee. Unfortunately, Sensorpush is extremely expensive when it comes to buying 1 unit for each shelf. I've bought Sensorpush, 5 Govee's, 1 each of Inkbird devices, and Xiaomi apparently use the same sensor as the Sensorpush but aren't able to be calibrated (I may flash the ROM to something different). Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. If
  8. I think the Xikar would be the only option then. However, using a 120mm PC fan with an adapter, ribbon cable, and mechanical timer would be the other option. There are some timed fans, but it's usually a timer to turn the fan off.
  9. Hi BOTL/SOTL, I'd like to know what everyone uses for wireless monitoring of their storage. Specifically with the option of showing historical data So far from what I have read is the Sensorpush is basically the king, with the Govee units a cheaper alternative. Xiaomi apparently use the same sensors as the Govee or Sensorpush - but I'd be hesitant to buy a bunch of those if they turn out to be duds. As I am in Australia pricing will be from Amazon (listed). Unfortunately, me being in Australia means there is a nice tax on it because Australia. The options I have: Sensorpush.
  10. It's thermoelectric. It will be affected by the ambient temperature. Keep it in a cooler environment and you should be fine. Although, 67F is a fine temperature to keep cigars in (I'd imagine),
  11. What about something like the VALTERRA A10-2606 or the Camco Fridge Airator? They won't move much air, but probably more than a Xikar one. Alternatively, you could get a 120mm PC fan, get an adapter to make it USB powered, and use a USB ribbon cable to not break the seal? Any mains phone charger would work with the fan.
  12. John's quality of work is second to none. He's fast, communicated extremely well, and surprisingly cheap for the quality of work.
  13. Howdy folks, Old post: So basically I bought a Cybercool 28 Bottle. I bought beads (Heartfelt, HCM) and i also installed 4 fans on the top and bottom of the unit. I also bought a Cigar Oasis humidifier. I also had shelves and drawers made by John, his work is second to none. I also bought Boveda packs because I was worried that beads wouldn't do the job. The story up until that point was the humidity was holding ok I wasn't pleased and I basically stopped caring. It was winter and the humidity was in the acceptable range for me (62 - 68). Temperature was fine due to a
  14. I noticed some things of mine fell off inside my humi's/wineador when seasoning. A hot glue gun will work so long as you give it a good amount of time to set. High humidity will always weaken any sort of glue or adhesive. You could always get better magnets as well. Neodymium magnets are awesome.
  15. 1 - Not at all. 2 - No. Considering from all the stores in Australia I've bought from keep the original bands under the plain packaging ones I see no point going bandless. Why some stores remove the original bands when plain packaging doesn't require you to bewilders me. Which is the main reason I don't/won't shop there. While I don't exactly care for the bands, it's a matter of principal. 3 - I don't agree with plain packaging, I would rather have less taxes, though. Main reason I import is it's cheaper. 4 - Plenty of stores to by from already. On a side note - I've been to a few

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