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  1. John's quality of work is second to none. He's fast, communicated extremely well, and surprisingly cheap for the quality of work.
  2. Howdy folks, Old post: So basically I bought a Cybercool 28 Bottle. I bought beads (Heartfelt, HCM) and i also installed 4 fans on the top and bottom of the unit. I also bought a Cigar Oasis humidifier. I also had shelves and drawers made by John, his work is second to none. I also bought Boveda packs because I was worried that beads wouldn't do the job. The story up until that point was the humidity was holding ok I wasn't pleased and I basically stopped caring. It was winter and the humidity was in the acceptable range for me (62 - 68). Temperature was fine due to an external temperature controller. Along comes summer and the unit cools a lot more often, and with just beads (because the oasis is crap) humidity was dropping into the 50's. Fans running, beads everywhere, Bovedas also there. I removed some Boveda's and beads, and it helped a little... I had some 7L Sistema's for storage reasons and I also had 3 SC shelves that you buy for about $15. I see people using these as tupperdors. As they have a nice seal around it I had the bright idea of shoving in the SC shelves, put beads in and shove it in the cooler. it worked! Humidity has been fine, I've been looking at it regularly, the temperature is great, the humidity is rock solid at 65 - 67% RH. I totally gave up trying to make a TE Cooler humidor work. So as I grow my selection, more Tupperware will follow. The wire shelves will go in the cooler, and Tupperware will sit on it. This is due to summer making the cooler run more often, and Australia's electricity costs too high to make running an air conditioner 24/7 un-economical unless you're super rich. Electricity prices for us is at least $10/day without the air conditioner running. I really would have liked to have gotten the wine cooler working without having to get Tupperware in it. But my skills are limited to hot glue, wooden dowels, and Velcro. But I can't. Tupperware works, and the cooler works. Humidity and temperature absolutely fine. Hasa diga eebowai.
  3. I noticed some things of mine fell off inside my humi's/wineador when seasoning. A hot glue gun will work so long as you give it a good amount of time to set. High humidity will always weaken any sort of glue or adhesive. You could always get better magnets as well. Neodymium magnets are awesome.
  4. 1 - Not at all. 2 - No. Considering from all the stores in Australia I've bought from keep the original bands under the plain packaging ones I see no point going bandless. Why some stores remove the original bands when plain packaging doesn't require you to bewilders me. Which is the main reason I don't/won't shop there. While I don't exactly care for the bands, it's a matter of principal. 3 - I don't agree with plain packaging, I would rather have less taxes, though. Main reason I import is it's cheaper. 4 - Plenty of stores to by from already. On a side note - I've been to a few B&M and simply asked for original cigar boxes - they've been happy to oblige on the condition I'm not a government official. I mean seriously, a tonne of people do "money under the counter" it's no secret, so B&M doing real boxes isn't exactly unknown either. Adding on to the matter of principal - I don't go to the vet 3 minutes away because he's a wanker, so I go to the one 10 minutes away that costs more - but they're nicer. I won't vote for a party that's republican, or has a republican leader because I'm a staunch monarchist and proudly have The Queen's portrait in the loungeroom. Things like that. I'd rather have the original bands on the cigars under the plain packaging ones, as is allowed. I like putting them in a jar, even though I don't exactly look at the jar for any longer than it takes to stuff any in there.
  5. Howdy. I know of many, many USA BOTL who have good air purifiers like the Rabbit Air, and the Lightning Air... but there's next to no information for purifiers for Australian cigar smokers. Sure, there's a bunch of air purifiers that have Australian plugs and can work on 240v/50Hz, but I don't know if they're any good for us cigar smokers in Australia. So I'm asking for a recommendation for cigar smokers in Australia who have an air purifier that actually works, and eliminates stale cigar smoke smell. I have no budget, and am looking for suggestions. All suggestions and advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I was always interested in the Alibaba coolers. They call them "Cigar Coolers". I haven't bought one because it's so hard to find reviews from cigar aficionado. Judging by the reviews - the seller seems to do well to its customers, You'll most likely need to adjust the humidity controller, as it's apparently not very accurate. I do the same with my Cigar Oasis. But you're better off contacting the manufacturer. Also, don't limit yourself to just this model. There are plenty of manufacturers making cigar coolers on Alibaba. TMall is mostly for business to consumer, but Alibaba can also be for consumers, you just need to ask. I'm sure @PigFish will have something to say on this.
  7. You're right. I got my brother to test the circulation, its crap. Shelving is sort of in the way. The other media that is in there does not help. There is water pooling. I'd like to know how to eliminate that, but with TE systems... well it may be hard. I tried HCM beads - the clay ones, he says they should catch the water before it starts to pool. He was wrong and suckered me in the buying them. My brother's idea was PVC piping, but underground drain line could work as well. Anything really that directs air from the bottom to the top. What about directing air to the middle as well? There is enough room at the back that a smaller PVC piping should fit. As for drain line, well that may fit as well. If I need to cut a notch, then I need to. At this point, I'm beyond caring about aesthetics. Honestly, I'm enjoying doing it as well as hating this project. The humidity up top is better, it hovers around the 60's area. Very rarely does it get to 75% now. Removed KL, switched to HCM beads. Seeing as those aren't getting me to 65% I've supplemented it with Boveda, and the original silica beads. Cooler as is: 2 shelves 2 drawers In that order. Now the humidity right now (top to bottom) 62% 57% 65% cigars are on this shelf 63% The only shelf without any sort of beads is the top shelf. It has Boveda only. With any sort of beads on it, it fucks up. Tried toying with fan settings, like 4 on, 9 off (minutes). Currently, they are now only turning on when the Oasis turns on. Oasis is on the bottom shelf. Moving it doesn't really do much. I've yet to go to the hardware store to get ducting of any kind (PVC piping or drain line). One of my extravagant ideas was keeping this self-made wineador as a spare, and buy a pre-made one from Alibaba. They look interesting. Either that or a Liebherr. I could sell a kidney and buy the Eurocave model.
  8. The beads themselves don't do shit. I don't know how others manage to get beads to do well, but I never could. So I use the beads as a buffer - and the Oasis as a humidifier. As it is, it works well enough, on the lower levels. So it's just one level that's high - and always has been. I've removed the kitty litter, but the top level is still too high. Links to my accessories: 120mm fans (generic) Kitty litter - generic silica, unscented. Cybercool 28 bottle. Cigar Oasis Plus Beads - Heartfelt. 65% Shelves Inkbird IHC-230
  9. Hey folks. My wineador setup: Cybercool 28 bottle TE. 3-4 pounds of Heartfelt 65% beads. 4 120mm fans down the bottom. 4 120mm fans up the top. The fans run for 15 minutes on, 30 minutes off. Also tried 15 minutes every hour. No matter how often they run - top remains fairly stable. 2 SC shelves & 2 SC drawers by John. About 6 packs of Boveda 65%. Cigar Oasis Plus. Removed foam for Beads. 1 pound of kitty litter up the back of the cooler over the drain hole. The Wine cooler is controlled using an Inkbird, it turns the unit on/off, it also turns the humidifier on/off. It's set to 19°C and 65% RH. The bottom, middle, and upper middle are all in the 60 - 67% range - which is fine. The top, however, is always 70% or more. I'm not a fan of that. I've tried re-arranging beads, hoping dry beads could get the humidity up the top down. Tried putting all beads in 1 drawer. That doesn't work. So I'm at a loss. I did wait 2 days for any beads to reach any sort of equilibrium. I didn't expect instant results - hence I waited. It's only the top level. Everything else is fine for me. I know 70% RH isn't harmful, but I'd like it down to 65%. The beads that aren't dry are fine - they don't need spritzing very often. The shelves/drawers are well prepared. They were wiped down multiple times. I had Boveda seasoning packs with them for well over 4 months. So that's out of the picture. I also had the shelves/drawers sitting for about 2 weeks with nothing, so they're not releasing humidity, either. Basically, the top is too high for my liking. Every other level is fine. At a loss for what to do. Does anyone have any ideas?
  10. Our taxes are high - and increase every 6 months. Alcohol taxes also increase every 6 months. One of the arguments for taxes was the cost of treating smokers. Also public health... Well, they make loads more money off smokers than it does to treat them. Our public hospitals lately leave a lot to be desired. As for public health? Non-smokers tend to follow the smokers outside to continue the conversation. I was a cigarette smoker since I was 19. I quit in February to take up cigars (had 2 since Feb). A pack of Marlboro was $11 something. When I switched to Winfields it was over $20 for a pack of 20. My local tobacconist before he got dobbed in imported cigarettes. Used to pay $10 for a pack of 20. Hell, even the imported Australian (Winfield) brand was cheaper! Where's the logic in that? If the costs weren't so bloody high I'd have lots of cigar boxes (with cigars in them) in my Wineador. Right now the Wineador is unused.
  11. Our taxes in Australia are pretty shit. At least we still get the normal label under the "plain packaging" label on cigars. So there's that, which is nice.
  12. Get them a Modus Cigar Tool - the improved one. Has a nubber and punch in-built - along with the draw enhancer thing.
  13. I saw this on Youtube today: I'm no expert by any imagination - but I don't see any plume.

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