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  1. BRC has been in my top five freshies of the year for a few years, until 2015 and 16. Flavor is not there, compared to what i had 2012 13 14. I have only sampled from 4 or 6 boxes the last 2 years, but maybe 10 each year before that, and easily 8 or 9 boxes out of 10 were consistently full flavored and smokable rott. I haven't found a 15 or 16 that compares and I'm cherry picking 14s now... I find it funny that people suggest the bbf is full flavored. It's fallen out of favor for me since maybe 2008 for always being bland rott. Maybe they tweaked the blend and i should revisit Sent from my XT1095 using Tapatalk
  2. First marriage lol Sent from my XT1095 using Tapatalk
  3. Thus sounds almost exactly like what happened to me. It was beyond bad. Beyond gray market. I can't believe they would put the Cohiba name on these for any market. Fakes couldn't be this bad. Sent from my XT1095 using Tapatalk
  4. Yup same here. Used to bite but switched to fingernails years ago. I even tried fingernails on a pyramid and am surprised how well it can work with a little patience, but I'll borrow a cutter for them when i can Sent from my XT1095 using Tapatalk
  5. I thought the same thing. Then i tried Miguel's 60rg at prietos farm. For me- changed my mind. Dumb name but I'd like to try one Sent from my XT1095 using Tapatalk
  6. Welcome. Havana Dreams this Sunday around 2. Hit me up if you can make it. Sent from my XT1095 using Tapatalk
  7. Me too. Size wise pc has always been my favorite, robusto my second. But my mouth waters when i think of mag46s. It's probably the only cg in my top ten. Another few years of pp the way they were last year and it might creep into my top ten. Over the years my desert island cigar has changed. Might be the blends, might be my tastes, but the last few years it has been brc. Used to be hupc, before that bpc.
  8. Piedra cazadores. Just in the last couple years I've noticed some of them get me good, so good i nub em, and look forward to smoking them haha
  9. 03 cohiba resrva, sometime around 06, super smooth, didn't even think it was strong, but when i went to get up... Whoa

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