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  1. After a bit of research the diver was an instructor with 1000's of dives logged and used to keeping his cool under stress in the water (ever dealt with new divers before, not fun, I refuse to dive with newly certified as they panic easily). Best is, he kept a hold of the camera the whole time. I want to see that footage. And from what's being said the shark bent the bars after hitting with such force. Basically pinned the guy to the bottom of the cage.
  2. Heading there on the 29th for a mini vacation before work. Taking the wife and going to do real life Mario cart on the streets of Tokyo. Can't wait for that the market and robot restaurant again!!!!
  3. I have 6 of 7 left at home. When I get back from this trip next Monday I'll crack one and let ya know. Last time I had one was a year and a half ago and it was incredible.
  4. I've road the tram, lots of fun sucks in summer and winter though either no AC or cold....
  5. Something you never seen during this show was the puke buckets that both Jerry and Layne had. Jerry was kicking his heroin and crack addiction at the time and was puking between songs. Layne was trying, and ultimately failing, to kick his addiction at the time too. Still the best hands down unplugged performances ever. The whole concept was brilliant, but this was the masterpiece. No band can hold a candle to how haunting those songs sound like this. You can hear the pain, the anguish, and anger. By far my favorite thing AiC ever did.
  6. Tried this last night with a couple of T-Bones and a NY Strip, all three came out great. Sorry no pictures as we devoured the, like some wild dog that hasn't ate in a week!
  7. At least I'll know who the band wagon jumpers are? Also I have a bit of pride as I graduated from Ohio State in 2003.
  8. If you can't find it (it was a very limited release at the time) let me know and I'll rip ya a copy. also if you were a Devin fan did you ever here is IR8 stuff with Jason Newstead? It never got released but a few low quality demos did circulate for a bit.
  9. Or if you have a French press, do the normal amount you would for hot, just use cold water set in the fridge for a few hours (min 4) and then you have some cold brew. Great stuff.
  10. Ocean Machine was one of my favorites for a long time. Did you ever listen to his Punky Brüster album? Holy crap it was funny as hell and painted a very open picture of what was happening in that scene at the time.
  11. Helsinki eh? Love that city, go to Zetor for dinner one night. It's great. Also Cafe Esplanade for coffee and pastries. And if time and weather permits head over to Suomolinna and check out the old fortress. Beautiful island. As for best bar ever I have an idea. Theres also a incredibly tacky yet fun bar there with a picture of a giant rock on the wall if ya like. Oh and try a sauna while there!
  12. Wow surprised someone on here knows SYL. It's a shame Devin won't do it anymore. I loved my time working with Gene. Here let me change that for you. The original lyrics (and I have heard the backing tracks to prove it) instead of Whoa! Yeah! Kickstart my heart, was originally recorded as Oooh aaaahhhh kickstart my heart. Yes I have ptsd from 5 years working for them... as as bands that get my blood pumping. Usually whoever is signing my paycheck. Though In Flames and Gojira do it for me lately. But they're friends and I don't mix business with friendsh
  13. I fly November 6th from Tokyo and get in the afternoon of the 7th believe I have the 8th off. Will keep ya posted.
  14. Sounds good. I'll have a look at the tour schedule and let you and pres and Di know. I'll be out with Disturbed this time. Believe we're at BEC again.

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