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  1. As for the vaccine i am not against it. Like i said if somebody wants to get it they should. For me i choose not to because it happened super fast. I am not saying the science here is bad. I dont know if it is good or not/ It seems to be working for many. For me putting a needle in my arm with a foreign substance just doesnt work. As for global warming now climate change. We should start a new thread if you want
  2. Gandhi was great and said lots of good things and i totally understand what your saying here. Gandhi's views may of changed based on his experiences, thoughts, feelings and maturation ect. But... The truth never did. here is what Gandhi himself said." Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth"
  3. Lol !totally agree with that. Like the BPC. I do enjoy a well aged PLPC and sometimes the caramel never comes to be. A good PLPC is worth the wait imo though as a change up in the rotation
  4. Ok I disagree and believe truth itself is strength. I repsect your view though
  5. I understand all that as you can see my replies above on this thread and i respect your view. Heres the thing. If you want the vaccine get it. If not, dont. I choose to pass. I take my temp three times a day and all precautions ect. If i am sick i wont leave my house. I respect your view but that is a presupposition.
  6. I agree with that on the PD and somewhat on the global warming i mean climate change. You see what i mean. It used to be global warming... But now its climate change??? Its just keeps on changing. No pun intended
  7. You didnt at all. And you are somewhat right about the periodic table 😀
  8. At least we agree on Cuban Cigars. I should have never commented on this.
  9. Science was also screaming about "Lucy" the missing link. Debunked...How many elements are missing from the periodic table? My point is there is good science and bad science. Any science that rushes a vaccine that quick with monetary interests is suspect in my book. So i guess i will pass
  10. Imo it takes a bit more than 5 years to really get the pure caramel experience. More like 7
  11. So many Connies. It would be nice to have the HUPC back.

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