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  1. Thanks for the photos! Nothing like a morning walk along the shoreline. You live in a beautiful place
  2. “Employers sense in me a denial of their values.” John Kennedy Toole was our Cervantes
  3. looseleaf


  4. “Years ago, London cigar merchants wanted to store their cigars at about 55 percent humidity, producing what was known as the classic, dry British style, according to the late cigar merchant Tony Anderson.” Source: https://www.cigaraficionado.com/article/old-havanas-7789
  5. McCredie Hot Springs along Salt Creek, Willamette National Forest, Oregon. Temperatures are known to fluctuate. Consider using a thermometer
  6. Hello. New member here. Childhood memories of delicious-smelling pipe tobaccos and the cigars smoked by my grandfather, even the humble De Nobili, American cousin of the Toscano. I remember Edie Adams singing “Hey Big Spender” for Muriel cigars on the black and white TV. Weird feeling when the Rembrandt-ish painting on a cigar box came to life and the men portrayed sang in harmony, “Step up to Dutch Masters and smile, brother, smile.” Te-Amo cigar signs in the candy stores. In high school, smoking in the lunchroom was not discouraged by the priests who ran the joint, so as freshmen

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