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  1. Leyenda, Dumas, Maltes. In that order
  2. GotaCohiba

    Weekend vid: Prieto

    Looked pretty good to me
  3. GotaCohiba

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Talisman kinda day
  4. GotaCohiba

    Casa Particulares Registry.

    2 more great trips in the apartments of Yily and Carlos Tremendous hosts All 3 of their apartments are within easy walking distance to either the Habana Libre or Hotel Nacional
  5. GotaCohiba

    If you are looking to hire a driver in Havana

    Great trip this time with both Arturo and Jorge Either of them is a great option If going out to Pindar del Rio I’d recommend Jorge If hitting cigar shops or touring the history of Havana I’d recommend Arturo Arturo contact info : Just my $.02. Either of them can be trusted to provide you a great service
  6. GotaCohiba

    Weekend vid: Prieto

    Amazing day trip from Havana if you get the chance Well worth the ride
  7. GotaCohiba

    I may have a problem...

    At 3 cigars a day that’s like 6 lifetimes Awesome
  8. Went a little overboard on this last trip
  9. GotaCohiba

    Has anyone heard from Jorge lately?

    I was with him on Friday He's fine, just appears to be very busy
  10. Absolutely Love Lusitanias
  11. Nice reference book on the top left of the humidor
  12. My $.02 Never, ever, never wipe down a humidor to get it seasoned Too much water for the wood too fast

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