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  1. Firstly no sodas, no alcohol Other than that I just ate a lot of wraps They usually consisted of shrimp,zucchini,mushrooms,bell pepper Sauteed in a low sodium soy sauce The wraps themselves were low cal low carb. The wraps totalled less than 150 calories each
  2. GotaCohiba

    Favourite Cheap and chearful

    PLP PLPC PLMC Party Short If your budget can stand it RASS everyday winner
  3. Will do Either way it’s completely changed my lifestyle in regards to respecting this ol body of mine Didn’t do any exercise for this contest and will now hit the gym daily to get back to fighting shape Major thanks to FOH and @El Presidente for the motivation
  4. That sucks.... I would have kept at it for another day After weigh in yesterday I rewarded myself for the hard work thinking the deadline was over
  5. Hmmmm. 1 cigar or 3 boxes of Sir Winston’s? That said... if money were no object then hell yes
  6. Best I could do Congrats to whoever takes the win and thanks for the motivation @El Presidente
  7. Does that equate to 7pm EST? Just don’t want to miss the window
  8. GotaCohiba

    Quickie...but important.

    Thank you @Fuzz I have no idea what was said or who was banned or suspended, but no need to make it even worse We’ve all said things in life or made mistakes that have hurt others Trying to destroy them on all forums would make us in a sense as bad as they are
  9. Down 38.2 lbs this morning Will be taking fluid pills all weekend and a colonic scheduled for Monday morning
  10. @Wertman is kicking arse Gonna have to work hard these next couple of days to have a shot
  11. I’ve basically starved myself for the duration of this contest and currently feeling like I don’t have a chance to win it. That said....... if nothing else we should all be in better health for it Thank you @El Presidente for doing this for us It’s been great motivation for me that’s been long overdue
  12. GotaCohiba

    Catch of the day!

    Should have this mount delivered tomorrow

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