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  1. A combination of factors saw parejos gain favour from the 1930s onwards. Mind you, perfectos were still around in the early 50s but they became somewhat of a novelty size after this. I believe the main factors that led to the change include economic circumstances due to the Great Depression in the 1930s and the advent of greater cigarette production and smoking amongst the general population causing direct competition to cigar smoking.
  2. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit Australia in March 2020, the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (pictured below) famously told Australians in a speech who were hoarding up on toilet paper to "just stop it!". Perhaps it's time we got him to repeat the speech?
  3. Haha...who's that long-haired guy in the top left-hand corner on ZOOM? 😂
  4. Not quite. It's a La Casa del Habano Exclusivo (LCDH Exclusive) release...
  5. Bolivar Petit Coronas with a little age on them (think two or three years) are quite nice. In regards to aging, you'll get there when you stock up and slowly go through your inventory. Before you know it you will have aged stock because it will take time to come around to smoking your cigars purchased in the immediate past.
  6. We are all familiar with how certain Habanos cigars, marca and vitolas age but have you wondered how a cigar stand ages with use? Feast your eyes below and reflect on the adage that "a picture is worth a thousand words". Enough said...
  7. My '17 Por Larranaga Montecarlos are slightly darker and mottled. The image above made me think to go looking for one in my humidor to smoke this week! 😄
  8. Medaille d’Or No.4 A wonderfully complex cigar that can offer you savoury flavours, fruity flavours or a combination of both. Of the last batch that we've seen (circa early 2018) I feel they are only now starting to come into their zone with three years down, they can easily be aged more. LCDH: Inmensos Why, of why (is this one singled out for being unavailable)? I mean all the other LCDH releases are seemingly around! This is a no-brainer. You see, you get. RE: Revolution Asia Pacifico 2015 On the whole Asia-Pacifico releases are consistently good or bett
  9. Mottled wrappers on Por Larranaga sticks. It's been awhile since I've seen that!
  10. Yes, those TOS '15 and '16 Diplomaticos No.2s were (and continue to be) outstanding stock, in general.
  11. So you'll be overjoyed when PCC release the upcoming Cuaba Asia Pacifico APAR (Tacos 6¼ inches x47 ring gauge perfecto) in 8888 boxes of 10? 😁
  12. Saint Luis Rey Regios GOB Jun 2020 According to Cuban Cigar Website, "Saint Luis Rey is a current pre-revolution brand, established around 1940 by a British firm. It was imported exclusively into the UK market until the 1993. Production was always fairly small, and starting in the early 2000s the line has been gradually reduced to a single cigar produced for copyright reasons." That one cigar is the Hermosos No.4-sized Regios (48 ring gauge x 127 mm or 5 inches in length). I chose to smoke this Saint Luis Rey Regios today to challenge my bias in relation to this marca because you see
  13. Montecristo No.5 AUM Jul 2014 I'm now coming to just under the last third of this box with seven sticks left and it's been quite a good box thus far. The last three have mainly been a combination of cocoa/chocolate, light milk coffee, nut and baking spice, all mild and very easy to smoke. Some others have been far more intense in cocoa and/or chocolate flavour, as this one was today. This Monte No.5 had a deep, dark brown colorado wrapper. The cocoa in it was so strong that the other flavours (toasted tobacco, leather, coffee) were muted in comparison. I had to slow down my smoking t

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