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  1. Time for a new thread? Perhaps...'Shows your Man Cave?'.
  2. JohnS

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Partagás Serie D No.6 RAE Dic 2014 Because this is over 4 years old, I find these have been less intense in black pepper than when I tried them in 2015 when they first came out. The main flavours I enjoyed were the Partagas sourdough and leather, coupled with wood and mild black pepper. This was a really enjoyable 35 minute smoke.
  3. It's unlikely that the Diplomaticos No.2 will be deleted anytime soon as it is the only regular production vitola left in that marca. Recent discontinuations have followed along vitolas that have not sold well, usually, such as the H.Upmann Petit Corona or vitolas that have fallen out of favour with Habanos S.A. such as lonsdales.
  4. JohnS

    Floral Notes

    Another vote for Rafael Gonzalez.
  5. In the past, it was the name of wooden frames used to dry fabric or something similar.
  6. Tenterhooks originates from the hooks that hang off tenters. These were used in the past to stretch woollen fabric to prevent shrinkage. Hence, the process of this stretching entered the British colloquial vernacular a few hundred years ago to convey the idea that something is in 'tension'.
  7. JohnS

    How lucky is she

    I mean, she got airborne at 280 km/h (174 mph). I can't believe she survived and didn't have a permanent injury!
  8. JohnS

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    1. Trinidad Fundadores ARS Oct 2017 This Trinidad Fundadores exemplified how great these have been in the last 12 to 18 months. The blend exudes the recent emphasis in these towards a coffee and dough flavour, and this dominated throughout, as well as aspects of madeira cake and almond nut. Despite this being just a little over a year old, I shared one with Alexander Groom from Cuban Cigar Website and we both agreed that it smoked every bit as well as the numerous aged cigars we've smoked together. 2. Montecristo No.4 AEM May 2014 The story behind this cigar is interesting as I hadn't planned to smoke this in anyway whatsoever, but I'm sure glad I did! Alexander Groom, the proprietor of Cuban Cigar Website, was in Sydney for business this day and we co-ordinated to catchup for a cigar (or two) afterwards. Well, the hours seem to fly by so quickly, and before we knew it, the planned Montecristo Double Edmundo we wanted to finish the night off with wasn't going to happen as Alex's flight departure time was soon approaching. What to do? Well, it just so happens, we were discussing the most popular cigars on the Cuban Cigar Website database in the past, and after discussing some obvious candidates such as the Partagas Serie D No.4, we were reminiscing about the humble and quintessential Montecristo No.4. I had some in my humidor and these did not let us down. Some strong coffee, cocoa, leather and spice flavours were evident and subsequently enjoyed before Alex had to catch that flight. We had discussed the difference in ordinary and great Montecristo No.4's that afternoon, and I'm glad these did not let us down!
  9. JohnS

    Cuaba Salomones

    The minutos-sized Divinos (43 ring gauge x 101 mm in length) is also popular when it comes up on 24:24 listings occasionally.
  10. Not the Wallabies under Michael Cheika. At least that's my view. We need a change of tactical direction. For the other teams, yes.
  11. Just when you thought you'd wake up to a lovely weekend day at the news of hearing that the All Blacks had been defeated by Ireland at home (in Dublin) for the first time in their sporting history, I found out this week that Eddie Jones was releasing an autobiography in time for Christmas called, "Eddie Jones: Rugby Maverick". Believe it or not, he's actually quoted thusly from the book... 'Conflict in any organization is important, because from conflict you get creativity. I had to find different ways to generate the right kind of conflict.' No wonder @Ken Gargett has referred to him as 'the toxic frog'. It seems quite apt. I think Ken you'd agree that this book is an opportunity to capitalise on the last remaining time he has as England Coach until he's removed due to his conflict resolution skills. In other words, don't you feel the timing of this mean that the 'writing is on the wall'? You have to laugh! P.S. Do hope and pray that your National or Domestic Rugby team aren't thinking of hiring him! From the Wallabies to England, this is the first biography of the inspiring, infuriating and enigmatic super coach, Eddie Jones. 'Conflict in any organization is important, because from conflict you get creativity. I had to find different ways to generate the right kind of conflict.' From his Sydney school days playing alongside the legendary Ella brothers, to his years as Wallabies' coach - including the loss of the 2003 World Cup Final by the narrowest of margins - to his masterminding of Japan's jaw-dropping victory over South Africa in the 2015 World Cup, to his revitalization of English rugby, Eddie Jones has always been a polarizing figure, known for his intelligence, his punishing work ethic, and his verbal skills that can be inspiring and devastating in equal measure. Drawing on over a hundred interviews with former teammates, players and colleagues, veteran rugby writer Mike Colman brings a rare level of insight to this indomitable, driven man whose longevity and success across different teams and different hemispheres mark him as one of the world's coaching greats.
  12. Congratulations to Ireland, the world's no.2 ranked team, for beating the All Blacks for the first time at home overnight (Australian time). They even managed to hold the All Blacks tryless in the first half for the only time in 2018. Below is the Associated Press report of the game... Ireland topple All Blacks 16-9 at home for first time Ireland's Cian Healy runs with the ball during the rugby union international between Ireland and the New Zealand All Blacks in Dublin, Ireland, Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018. (AP Photo/Peter Morrison) DUBLIN — Ireland beat the All Blacks 16-9 at home for the first time on Saturday and laid a major marker for the Rugby World Cup next year. The blockbuster matchup of No. 1 and No. 2, the champions of each hemisphere, lived up to the hype. Ireland edged a rugged first half, and in a more open second half produced a classic try and kept New Zealand tryless for the first time in more than four years. At a highly charged Lansdowne Road, Ireland became the only team to beat New Zealand twice since the All Blacks won a second straight Rugby World Cup in 2015. The first time was in 2016 in Chicago, Ireland’s first win over New Zealand in 111 years. Even with that mental block gone, this victory was far more impressive: New Zealand was closer to full strength, and far more aware of Ireland’s threats. But it didn’t matter. Even after enduring a hugely physical first half that was exhausting just to watch, Ireland had the wherewithal to perfectly execute a try-scoring move from a lineout near halfway. Flyhalf Jonathan Sexton switched play to Bundee Aki running back to the short side, and wing Jacob Stockdale chipped ahead. He brushed past the surprised All Blacks, regathered and slid in from five meters out. Sexton converted from wide out for 16-6 with half an hour to go, and put the pressure right back on the All Blacks. But they limited them to just one more penalty. Source:
  13. 2018 Xmas Sampler. From left to right (with El Pres' original listing descriptions)... 1. Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona The queen of mocha clove cream has been at the top of her game in 2018. Elegant to the last draw they have been smoking brilliantly all year and that is young cigars. 2. Trinidad Fundadores The comeback king of 2018 has been all class. It has been well rolled using quality tobacco resulting in a cigar that is decadently rich. It is the way it should be. It is everything Trinidad should aspire to be. 3. Partagas Presidentes If you had told me two years ago that the president would one day feature as one of my top cigars (of any year) I would be in tears laughing. What a turn around it has been. From crack whore to beauty queen, the transformation is now complete. 4. Punch Punch It pushed the JLS2 to the wire as the best cigar $ for $ in 2018. When people come in and say that they don’t like Punch I give them a Punch Punch from 2014-18. I can’t recall anyone who hasn’t been blown away. God knows I still am. 5. San Cristobal de La Habana La Fuerza It wouldn’t be Christmas without San Cristóbal la Fuerza. Until last week I thought it would miss out as I couldn’t find the right quality. Then I found these. Thank God. Fuerza tastes like Christmas. Brioche, pancake, dried fruits. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Hallelujahiah! 6. Partagas Serie E No.2 The E2 is to Partagas what the Connie A is to Upmann. Sweet spiced cream, Italian trifle. I was tossing up between the Lusi and the E2. I went for the E2 because it has been the premier Partagas of 2018 in terms of flavour complexity and consistency. 7. H.Upmann Connossieur A When you give marks for consistency, there have been a half dozen stand out cigars in 2018. The Connie A is at the top of the list. Remarkable complexity delivering the best of Upmann. It rivals the Sir Winston as the best Upmann of all. 8. Partagas EL Series No.1 I wasn’t going to include any LE’s but this one forced it’s way in. The quality is extreme/PSP and the cigar itself has nailed it. The past 4 I have had have all been in the 94+ range. I couldn’t leave it out. 9. H.Upmann Connoisseur No.1 They have been so bloody consistent all year. They just scream shortbread….shortbread and slivers of almonds. If you don’t enjoy that profile…I weep for you! 10. Ramon Allones Specially Selected For some reason quality RASS in 2018 (cabs and dress boxes) take me back to the superb batches of 2006. It is a raisins and light coffee. It is firmly back in my personal rotation. 11. Juan Lopez Seleccion No.2 I am travelling with one cigar to smoke on my way to Havana. That is the Juan Lopez Seleccion Number 2. That should day it all. My value for money cigar of the year. 12. Cohiba Robustos It’s been a great year for Cohiba Robusto. Without it’s pesky brothers (Siglo VI and Behike) around, it has been the beneficiary of all the love. Honey, Citrus, coffee and flowers abound.
  14. JohnS

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    1. Rafael González Perlas PMS Abr 2015 These Perlas, when rested like this, are superb under-rated cigars and represent great value for cost. This was beautifully balanced in its flavours, with light cocoa, wood and floral notes with a hint of honey sweetness. What a great smoke this was! 2. Cohiba Espléndidos MUO Ago 2014 At a bit over 4 years old, this Esplendidos was a touch under medium in strength, which is where I'd like it to be for its age. Some very typical Esplendidos flavours, consistent with the Cohiba Clasica line, such as milk coffee or mocha, butter, honey and some hints of vanilla. There was no real spice nor Cohiba grass/hay, which you can get in these Clasica line cigars at times, but which I find more consistent in the Siglo line. If you are a Cohiba fan, then this is the type of cigar that would appeal to your senses, especially when it smokes like this one did!

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