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  1. aavkk

    Aging Cigars

    I'll echo most of what Piggy mentioned. I'll estimate I've got somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 boxes but my last 10 cigars smoked have been from 4 different boxes. 2 of those boxes are less than 2 years old and the other 2 are more than 7 years old. I dont have a single box earmarked for X number of years age. Sometimes I happen to not have smoked something for 3 or 4 years and if I reach for it and its tasty I might smoke 2 or 3 in a row not giving a **** whether I might be missing something 20 years down the line. You've got to finish the box of cigars at some point, it might as well be when you enjoy it.
  2. aavkk

    Tonight's menu: Porterhouse!

    now that sounds great! I'm working on a great beef stew myself though with the 7 week old kid I dont think I'll have much time for 2 cigars post meal. Enjoy!
  3. aavkk

    H Up Mag 50 - MOA DEC 09

    LOL, you characters! Great review and I smoked an original release the other week from ABR 08 I believe and it was OUTSTANDING! No surprise these 09's are beginning to hit their stride.
  4. aavkk

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    this morning on the back porch I am thoroughly enjoying an 02 Partagas Lonsdale with a big mug of cold brew iced coffee with a touch of cinnamon. Good morning gents. I havent been around much lately due to an incredibly hectic schedule but its always good to drop in on the always welcoming FOH. Cheers all.
  5. great thread and to for me it would have to be: 1. A 2003 Cohiba Siglo VI watching my dad's eyes nearly come out of his head for 2 hours. About every 6 minutes he would say something to the effect of "this is Fing unbelievable". Great cigars they are and man do I love being apart of people's "aha" moment. 2. A 1986 La Escepcion Longos gifted to me by Brian, I sat alone at Cigar Inn in NYC and just reveled in the moment, didnt answer a phone call and was totally in the moment for 2 hours. I still remember that cigar like it was yesterday. Nothing has compared to it since, incredible earthiness, complexity, nothing short of 100 points in my book.
  6. Aizuddin, awesome photos man. I walked by there while in KL last year with my wife.
  7. aavkk

    Goodbye my friend

    very sad to hear Rob, Cohiba must have been a really important part of the family. Surely he will be remembered for a long time to come.
  8. good thread Rob, I'm interested to see the thoughts of the more experienced members. I know that I've gravitated for whatever reason to many of the least popular marcas (by HSA standards) such as RA, JL, LGC. Even in the more popular marcas I've found the least popular vitolas to be the most interesting blends, ie party SDC 1,2,3. This has of course lead to quite a headache dealing with the deletions every year. I leave the monte 2's and d4's of the world to those that like to gamble more. So I'll ask you, do you also find that the cigars made in the fewest quantities are made to a more exacting standard? If so do you attribute that to the fact that many of these cigars are rolled under one roof? ie every RA seems to be rolled out of the Partagas factory.
  9. A great cigar from a fantastic vintage, thanks for the review.
  10. aavkk

    Ramon Allones Grandes TEB OCT 08

    great review guys and Rob, sorry to hear about Cohiba. I dont think I've smoked any of these but sure wish I had a couple boxes.
  11. aavkk

    VIDEO REVIEW: Partagas 8-9-8

    nice review Aizuddin and I must confess it was I thats guilty of spreading the rumor that these are terrible. More for us! I will say though that the early 06's are IMO leaps and bounds better than anything rolled from 98-01. Also, the late 09's were tremendous as well.
  12. aavkk

    Vegas Robaina Maestros - EMA OCT 07

    Rob and Ken, remember we smoked these on your deck Ken before the Cohiba Behike 56 and they were uninspiring. Rob if you recall I mentioned that my box at home was stellar and I was blown away by the maple syrup characteristics which were of course driven by that gorgeous mouthfeel. Great review and glad to hear you scored some boxes reminiscent of what I have in my humidor.
  13. aavkk

    RA Regionals

    I completely disagree with those suggesting the 06 Estupendos lack body. My box at least is built for the long haul, its not in your face strong but carries amazing complexity and finesse. Its a flavor bomb wrapped up in a silky medium body. A very unique and IMO most impressive effort. 05 Beli's are lighter than the 07's and also excellent. I havent smoked enough of the CF's to comment. Of course the 02 898's (which I'm smoking right now) are classics and set the benchmark in my opinion for any cigar rolled in the last 10 years. Obviously I am an RA fan.
  14. aavkk

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    enjoying this Fathers Day watching the Open with an 02 RA 898... in a perfect 76 degree day in Charleston, SC.
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