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  1. Get the Diplomatico Reserva (USD$35) or better yet the 2002 bottle (USD$100) - wont drink that Zacapa crap after it.
  2. Some food for thought - i have 4 boxes i bought from original supplier in early 05 , 3 has GKI box code and the seal of each are very very close to this one . I bought them in early 05 and have them since. I bought from reputable dealer and well before fakes were out. - the LE band on all GKI is underbossed - consistently. In my FIM box the embossing is more exaggerated - but on all GKI its slightly bossed. If i take the LE band off and inspect the inside you can tell its been embossed, just not great - typical cuba quality - look on trevors page - there is a picture of a sublime - aligns
  3. Sweetest rum out there is the Diplomatico exclusiv reserva. I prefer it to the zacapa XO and is 25% the price.
  4. EEEK! Construction looks terrible ... Esplendidos are some of the finest constructed cigars ... these are not them.
  5. The Cohiba looks like a "Floridian Cohiba" I have seen. Is not going to taste good sorry.
  6. 2012 was a tough year - glad to see it be in the rear view mirror! Wishing all a better 2013 - though for us in the USA - I am doubting it will be better sadly - still hoping you get one step closer to your dreams and ambitions.
  7. I like the 2008 Monte Sublime, then the Monte 520 and the Grand Edmundo is way in the rears.
  8. Where in Tas? Am a Tassie now in WA, USA. Go home every other year to visit the family. Grew up Burnie, edumacated in Hobart, family now lives devonport/latrobe.
  9. these are great smokes, have just a box but smoked two this month and were 94+
  10. Love these cigars - have a dozen boxes hidden away ... will be one of the greats.
  11. Por Larranga Magnifico (original release) RA Phoenicia (original 30 release) Edmundo Dante (original release)
  12. Remove them from the vacumm pack. I had one package vacuum packed and for some reason USPS didnt inform me they had arrived and it wasnt until a week later i got the second notice. When i picked them up there was a lot of condensation (USPS had them in a hot room?) in the plastic and when I openned the cigars they were ruined.
  13. I found a box in my humi of 2005 - Punch Edición Regional Suiza Regional Robusto - same year. Forgot i had them til last night - any ideas if they in the same ballpark as this other Swiss RE of the same year?

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