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  1. KGM

    VR DA with a Partagas Band

    Thanks Fuzz, that band looks a match. Too bad I don't see a VR example. Is a festival band like that something that would normally be faked? I think the cigar itself and the VR band looks OK, although a crappy pic.
  2. My brother picked me up a few cigars from a shop in Paris recently, one of which I didn't recognize. It's a Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro, but it has a Partagas anniversary label? Can anyone tell me anything about it?
  3. I used to run 2 155qt coolers (also from Walmart). 2lbs of 65rh beads (was actually about 63) per humidor and ended up spritzing with water once every 6 months. ( 2 fridge fans each. ( Trays glued together fit perfectly, with the top ones rotated and resting on the cooler lip. Price has gone up (
  4. lol Not humidified, he thinks that meant the cigars were originally wrapped in cellophane.
  5. KGM

    Johnny O's

    Bought 2 LC samplers last spring. The price was reasonable. Have not tried the WF or the EL. I found the Laguito to be extremely tight, basically unsmokeable. Which was depressing because the few puffs I did get tasted fantastic. Have 3 left still, and am worried about the similarly skinny Extras. Fortunately the Flying Pigs and the Shorts have been wonderful. Finished off the last of my Robustos yesterday, and they will be missed. Will probably let the rest sit until Spring. Tempted to order some WF.
  6. Love my Xikar. My VX and Xi2 are basically collecting dust though, as I use my Xikar scissors for everything.
  7. I just want to point out that the author is incorrect in regards to not being able to resolve this. It is very simple to adjust the flame level with these lighters. Just remove the metal sheath, lift the lever, rotate lever left or right to increase/decrease gas, reseat lever on gear, slide metal sheath back on and enjoy.
  8. Hmmm. Tapatalk doesn't seem to be doing to well on the upgrade.
  9. Just thought I'd weigh in on the lighters if anyone is having issues like I did. I live at 5,700' elevation, so this may be a contributing factor. I ordered two. Opened the first and filled with Xikar. Lighter would only light one out every 10 times. If that. When it did, it would stay lit for almost a second after releasing the lever, hissing butane for even longer. Opened the second one and loaded with Colibri fuel (both fuels are triple refined). Same exact problems. Yes, I did purge both units before filling. I opened the lighters back up, removed the metal clasp on the inner "fuel cell", and adjusted the flame control an extra half turn down by lifting the control knob above the gear wheel and rotating right (without rotating the flame control gear). Then reseated the knob on the wheel and rotated all the way left. Then reattached the metal clasp and reinserted into the lighter. This resolved all my issues with both lighters. They now light 9 out 10 times (the one time it doesn't light, it does the second try). They both now go out as soon as I release the lever. No more escaping butane either. I am super pleased I bought two of these. I do a lot of short flights, so one of these will be permanently store with my travel gear while the other will enter my regular lighter rotation. Can't wait to test it's cold weather reliability where most of my other single/double torches fail.
  10. Way to take one for the team Di!
  11. Just smoked an Epi2 from May 14 and found it to be awfully bland. Hopefully Tinkerbelle visits my humidor.
  12. Grabbed this from r/spacex. Love the name.

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