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  1. I get that BBQ Molasses profile your talking about as well in the San Cristobal EP & La Fuerza Also like the red wine\cherry profile of the Romeo's Another profile I really liked was the fruity and floral flavors of the La Gloria Cubana No.1 & 4.
  2. Had a Bolivar tubes no.1 yesterday and it was the strongest Cuban cigar I've had in a while. Stronger than the Boli PCs, CJs BBFs I have.
  3. Great to see you back on the forum Hope things are better now
  4. The cheapest Cuban cigars that I like are Quintero Brevas and Favoritos
  5. Bought a recent box of Unicos and they are smoking great!! I really like the flavor profile of them. Nice review
  6. 2014 Coro 2014 Boli PCs 2015 BBF's 2013 Punch Punch 2014 Partagas PP2's 2014 or were they 2015 H. Upmann Sir Winston. 2014 Boli Royal Coronas 2014 Montecristo No.2 2013 San Cristobal La Fuerza 2014 Partagas Presidente
  7. I like the Rafael Gonzalas petite coronas for a mild but flavorful cigar.
  8. One of my favorites in the H. Upmann line up Really like the size and the flavor profile they have
  9. ksblazer

    Favorite hot sauce?

    Pain is Good Jamaican Style Hot Sauce Secret Aardvark Habanero hot sauce
  10. Lately I have had more Romeo Y Julieta's than any other marca. So they get my vote.
  11. My favorite is the Bolivar Coronas JR That said I like quite a few of the smaller cigars. Boli PC's Rafeal Gonzalas PC's Party Shorts San Cristobal El Principe Montecristo No/5 2nd tier choices are: Romeo Y Julieta Mille Fleur's Partagas Mille Fleurs Quintero Brevas & Favoritos H.Upmann Regalias
  12. Two come to mind Vegas Robaina Famoso from 2015. I have always felt these were one of the best cigars when "on" and very underated. It was like smoking a black forest cake. Romeo Y Julieta Exhibition No.4 from 2013. These are aging well and this one tasted like a chocolate cherry with the cherry liquid inside.
  13. Another vote for the San Cristobal La Fuerza If you like the El Principe, I'm sure you will enjoy the La Fuerza as well. At least I do

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