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  1. So if plume is just mould, as it now appears to be - does this mean we should actually lower our humidity in our humidors as the entire set of advice regarding temperature and humidity is all about, essentially - manufacturing plume, right?
  2. Fascinated by the mould report thread, I'm now super keen to find out how and why cigars age and either change completely or ripen like a nice wine or whiskey. What is the process that causes this to happen? I tend to smoke newer cigars, but that's simply because I'm not particularly well kitted out yet to age any, but I have had a few that are a good 4-5 years old, and in every case they've been much smoother experiences, less bitterness and generally a better flavour profile. Why is this?
  3. Ultimately what this research tells me is that storing cigars at 67% humidity, or higher - is simply not worth the effort. Why not store them around 60% where chance of any form of mould is much lower, or even lower if you have high temperatures?
  4. Yeah I found them via google but it seemed dead?
  5. I got started on cigar smoking while I was over in Europe, and finally getting back to it. Keen to meet other like-minded individuals in and around the Sydney area. On a related note, are there any lounges or cafes worth smoking at where people aren't going to snide at you?
  6. Right okay. Next question - they're in the US and don't seem to ship to Australia. Local alternative?
  7. Hmmm, these guys seem to make humidors anyways. Any thoughts on those?
  8. We're about to enter the warmer months now in Sydney and it's about time I get my fridge sorted out. Am looking for something that can hold a good 400-800 cigars, nothing too big, which I could modify easy enough. If it has built in humidifier that would be even better. Suggestions or advice?
  9. So this is the sitch... Basically I want a really nice corner in my kitchen that will have both wine and cigars. From the research I've done, I can get split-temperature fridges, but this is much more focused at the wine enthusiast, and has limitations (such as humidity control only available at cellaring temperatures - 12-14c). In the long-run, I think I'll need 2 separate, small wine fridges, one of which I could convert for cigar use, one stacked on top of the other. This would be a great piece for the kitchen and look amazing. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can accomplish all of this with 2 small units? I'd prefer that both units are the same model.
  10. Holy ****. I've got some stories, but none involving alcohol... more "class act" substances I will say this though.... you know you've found the edge of the universe when you're staring into a wormhole.
  11. My apologies - didn't think I'd be infringing on rules with that one. I guess my question was more regarding whether or not Australia is going to get them. The Vigia is just gorgeous, as Rye stated above - would love a box... or 3. haha
  12. I generally find pop music pretty crap, but I'm not ashamed to say that I quite like Justin Timberlake's Justified album, which was produced by Pharell. Great album, but sometimes embarassed to admit it, as I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with pop
  13. In all honesty - the H.Upmann half corona blew me away. Had no idea such a small cigar could have so much flavour! Hearing the same things about the partgas shorts. These are cigars (imho) made for people who want a quick fix (aka, smoke a lot!). That said, they're thoroughly enjoyable and have a ton of flavour
  14. Wondering if anyone knows of any sellers that have this in stock? Had one in Europe and they're a gorgeous cigar, thoroughly enjoyable. Would like to get a box
  15. I've had only a handful of Monte 2s, but they are by far one of my favourites. In fact Montecristo is fast becoming my "go to" brand. I've had a 2012, a 2009, a 2008 and a 2013. The 2012 was creamy, laced with honey.etc. and the 2008 was just smooth as silk, with a constant reminder of grass/hay, laden with this sweet undertones that I couldn't put a finger on. Along with the open master (which is quite mild) they're one of my absolute favourites.
  16. I honestly find even 40 RG a bit too small. 44 and up for me - with 50 being my favourite (robustos et. al)
  17. Looking at getting a decent afternoon smoke that may not have more than a year on it (from the box code). Was looking at the trinidad reyes but not sure how well these smoke with such little time? Any recommendations would be great - this is kinda for a special evening in the next few months, so no real time to age
  18. CCs just aren't as full on as NCs, period. What they lack in power they provide in complexity and balance, something I find new-world cigars just can't match, I dunno why. As for Montecristo 2 - I've had one (aged 7 years) that had hints of cream, honey, vanilla and more. Thoroughly enjoyable - whereas a newer one was much more grassy, aroma of hay.etc. Both were incredibly enjoyable, but obviously the aged one was spectacular
  19. Don't have a daily - I prefer to keep cigars for special occasions
  20. When it's warmer, I like pulling out a robusto (or similar format) and reading a book. With particularly nice cigars I tend to exlaim the occasional "wow!" and look up from my book. haha
  21. Personally I think the notions are a good one. I don't think people who are eating, who may not enjoy a smoke (I don't smoke cigarettes, only cigars) mean they can have their meals without being bothered. I honestly can't stand the smell of cigarettes and sometimes it's impossible to move away. It does, however - make it harder for us cigar smokers to enjoy a good cigar at a nice venue. I'll happily pay that cost however, considering it will have a positive effect on the rest of society, with less people being negatively affected by the health cost (and less taxpayer coffers being used in that fashion). I've been to dedicated venues for smokers in europe, as well - and I have to say that it's a lot, lot worse. I end up leaving with sore eyes and a sore throat. I'd much rather go for a walk or find a bar that allows you to smoke outside (most places still allow this). Last but not least - I reckon you'll start seeing establishments who are dedicated to these passions paying for licenses to provide the luxury to its consumers.
  22. The Montecristo Open Masters are pretty dull and lifeless new, but give them 5-6 years and they are just phenomenal. Massive hits of honey, vanilla, even a little caramel. Gorgeous, but when they're young, there's just nothing there.
  23. Excuse my ignorance - could you guys expand on those, remove the acronyms if possible? hehe

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